TO:       Thomas E. McCarthy, Foreman

          San Diego County Grand Jury

          Hall of Justice, M/S C40

          330 W. Broadway, Suite 477

          San Diego 92101-3830



FROM:     People of California ex rel.

          Paul Andrew Mitchell

          Private Attorney General and Plaintiff

          Superior Court of California #GIC807057


DATE:     June 18, 2004 A.D.


SUBJECT:  Grand Jury File # 2003/04-070



Dear Mr. McCarthy:


I am writing to complain about your persistent silence in the matter of my complaint to the San Diego County Grand Jury.


In light of your silence, I will now require your prompt and honest answers to the following questions, because I have a right to know:


(1)           Why did you not reply in any manner to my reasonable request for confirmation of your identity, dated May 4, 2004 A.D.?


(2)           Why did you not reply in any manner to my earnest Request for Reconsideration, also dated May 4, 2004 A.D.?


(3)           Did you receive any counsel or other legal assistance from any unlicensed attorneys in the matter of my complaint?


(4)           Were you ever employed in a law enforcement capacity at any time in your career?


(5)           Did you ever execute a formal oath to support the Constitution for the United States of America?


(6)           Why does your letter dated April 30, 2004 clearly conflict with the grand jury’s jurisdiction as defined by California State statutes, and with its jurisdiction as described on the grand jury’s Internet website?


(7)           Were you ever a member of The State Bar of California or any other State Bar?


(8)           Are you aware of the standing court decisions holding that there are two (2) classes of citizens in America?


(9)           Grand jury candidates must be a citizens of which class, before they are eligible to serve?


(10)      Are you aware of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions holding that a jury is not a legal body if the juror eligibility statutes discriminate on the basis of class?


(11)      Were there any outside influences exerted upon you, upon the grand jury, or upon any counsels or assistants to the grand jury, during your consideration of my complaint?


(12)      Are you aware that a CITIZEN’S ARREST WARRANT has now been served upon Mr. Dale A. Drozd, employed by the United States District Court in Sacramento?


(13)      Are you aware of the State and federal statutes which penalize jury tampering, criminal copyright infringement, obstruction of justice, mail fraud, impersonation of a federal officer, witness retaliation, and racketeering?


(14)      Why did you accept, and not refuse, my U.S. Mail addressed specifically to Thomas Eamon McCarthy, Jr., if that is not your name?


(15)      Are you a citizen of the United States [sic]?



If I do not receive satisfactory answers to these questions before July 1, 2004 A.D., please be informed of my intent to institute judicial proceedings against you, and possibly also the panel of federal citizens now acting as the San Diego County Grand Jury in apparent violation of standing U.S. Supreme Court decisions in re: juror eligibility requirements.  See Topic “A” here:


I would appreciate your timely professional cooperation this time.



Sincerely yours,


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General and Plaintiff

Superior Court of California docket #GIC807057


All Rights Reserved without Prejudice (see UCCA 1207)


copies:  San Diego County Sheriffs, Attention: Sgt. Martinez

         other law enforcement personnel