TO: Whom It May and Should Concern


FROM: Paul Andrew Mitchell, Plaintiff

Superior Court of California #GIC807057


DATE: November 18, 2003 A.D.


SUBJECT: obstruction of correspondence at unauthorized location(s)





I moved to San Diego, California, in June of 2002 A.D. Since then, all mail issuing from my desk has originated in San Diego, California. All envelopes posted from my desk since that date have shown a return address in San Diego, California.


One or more of you have recently concocted the idiotic scheme of directing LEGAL MAIL to a medical office in Oakland, California. Personnel in that medical office are not authorized to receive or to forward any of my U.S. Mail.


I have also completed and mailed several notices to all post offices where I have received mail at any time during the past several years, notifying those post offices of my current mailing location.




Accordingly, and particularly of anyone who already knew, or should have known, my current mailing location, formal demand is hereby made of you properly to post all LEGAL MAIL to my current mailing location immediately and without any further delays including but not limited to all LEGAL MAIL posted since June 2002 A.D. to the medical offices at 350 30th Street, Suite 444, in Oakland, California 94609-3426.


Refusal to cooperate with this reasonable NOTICE AND DEMAND will give me probable cause formally to charge all responsible parties with obstruction of correspondence and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.


Thank you for your immediate cooperation.



Sincerely yours,


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell, Plaintiff

Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner, Inc. et al.

Superior Court of California, #GIC807057