Dear Governor:


We are writing to make your good offices aware of the Supreme Law Firmís Proposed Policies and Procedures to Commence Recall of All Federal Reserve Notes, and to lend our enthusiastic support.


On the Internet, please see:


Your Office can assist this effort in several major ways including but not limited to:


(1)     Requesting U.S. Senators and Representatives from your State to enact all Federal legislation necessary and proper for the smooth implementation of that recall program;


(2)     Establishing at least one new State Bank and authorizing any existing State Bank(s) to participate actively in that recall program;


(3)     Convening a working group of State Government and State Bank officials to formulate recommended policies for optimal economic utilization of each $240 Million cash deposit;and,


(4)     Demonstrating all leadership required to advocate and enact all additional State laws deemed necessary and proper for the smooth implementation of that recall program.


We look forward to hearing from your State Government officers who may wish to contact us for further information, and to ask any lingering questions that arise from the above, and from the attached documents.


We will do our very best to supply the requested information and to answer all such questions, as soon as possible.


Thank you very much for your professional consideration and active involvement, Governor.



Sincerely yours,


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Citizen of [State]


All Rights Reserved (cf. UCC 1-308)


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†† Hon. Larry R. Felix, Director

Office of the Director

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