TO:       Teresa Giordano, Sole Proprietor

          Quality Paralegal Services

          40960 California Oaks Road, Box 281

          Murrieta 92562



FROM:     Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

          Private Attorney General


DATE:     June 1, 2002 A.D.


SUBJECT:  Theft of Professional Services

          under false and fraudulent pretenses; docket numbers:

          #SA CV 02-0382 GLT(ANx), #CR 00-00372 DDP (USDC/L.A.)


This is my INVOICE for professional services rendered and accepted, during the period between March 21, 2002 A.D. and May 28, 2002 A.D.


I can prove that you willfully defrauded me, beginning March 21, 2002 A.D., by falsely and repeatedly claiming that you could not pay me for my professional services.  On the basis of your false and fraudulent pretenses, I consented to work pro bono on one of your legal cases ‑‑ quashing a SUBPOENA TO TESTIFY BEFORE GRAND JURY (see civil docket).


My consent was also predicated in part on conditions which no longer existed after I was forced to leave Lynne Meredith’s offices in Sunset Beach on short notice, as a stipulation of her release from federal detention one week after you and she were both arrested.  I was then denied the $500 Mark Keller offered to me ‑‑ for vacating in 72 hours.


You then maneuvered me into a position in which I was again forced, under duress and against my will, to accept partial payments in kind, in the form of office supplies, postage, food and rent, and certain unspecified “gifts” you later confiscated (e.g. a bike).  You also breached our verbal agreement that I would be a guest in your house for a period not to exceed two weeks, beginning April 20, 2002 A.D., because it is unethical for Counsel to live with a client.  You also defamed me in front of co-workers Darcy and Erica, after I expressed my intent to invoice you;  but, invoicing you is my fundamental Right.


Accordingly, the following INVOICE itemizes my labor and good faith estimates of all expenses you incurred due to my being a guest in your house and my working on your behalf at a small desk in your office:


Quantity    Description                                Total

--------    ---------------------------------------    ----------

5 weeks     professional labor at min. of 20 hrs./week

            = 100 hrs. @ $150.00/hour (published rate)

            also includes 2 fund-raising projects      $15,000.00


5 weeks     use of 2 computers with a specialized

            legal database relevant to your cases          n/c


            SUBTOTAL:                                  $15,000.00



Quantity    Description                                Total

--------    ---------------------------------------    ----------

5 weeks     office space:  ~$900 per month / 3 workers

            =  $300 / 4  =  $75 per week x 5 weeks     (   375.00)


1 each      new EBS bicycle for commuting to work      (   160.00)


3 cases     xerographic paper @ $25.00 (Office Depot)  (    75.00)


5 weeks     room rental in your house in Murrieta:

            5 weeks @ $500 per month (500/4) x 5       (   625.00)


5 weeks     food expenses estimated at $15 per day:

            5 weeks x 7 days x $15  =                  (   525.00)


1 month     room rental and security deposit (5/25/02)

            at private single family unit in Wildomar  (   700.00)


1 each      cash advance (so very generous)            (    40.00)


1,000 ea.   client mailing to advertise book offer:

            ~1,000 pieces @ $0.34 postage =            (   340.00)


1 each      toner cartridge for HP LaserJet 4100       (   175.00)


1 each      professional retainer (4 quarters @ $0.25) (     1.00)


            TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:                          $11,984.00



My terms are TOTAL AMOUNT DUE immediately upon receipt of INVOICE.



Sincerely yours,


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General and Federal Witness

18 U.S.C. 1512, 1513, 1964(a)


U.S. Mail:


         c/o Forwarding Agent at:

         350 – 30th Street, Suite 444

         Oakland 94609-3426



copies:  Mr. and Mrs. Mike Marshall


         Temecula Police Department

         Attention:  Officer Lee

         28410 Old Town Front Street, #105

         Temecula 92591