TO:                  My Loyal and Supportive Friends


DATE:             May 7, 2002 A.D.


You may or may not know about the indictment against Lynne Meredith et al.  Quality Paralegal Services has been affected by these allegations;  however, we are aggressively pursuing these issues with Counsel provided by the Supreme Law Firm.


We have received numerous requests for the latest information about the lawsuits involving Lynne Meredith, We the People, and other parties to that litigation, both civil and criminal.


For your information, the Supreme Law Firm has intervened on behalf of the United States (federal government), using special procedures available to a Private Attorney General under the federal criminal statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964 (civil RICO remedies).  See Internet URL:


We are very pleased to announce an agreement with the Supreme Law Firm to provide regular status reports via electronic mail (“email”) and Internet browsers.  For over six years now, the Supreme Law Firm has managed a huge electronic law library called the Supreme Law Library.  This is a free public domain resource available at Internet URL:


In addition to this Library, the SupremeLaw email group and message archive are also available at for a modest subscription fee.  This archive already has over 2,200 private messages ‑‑ on a wide range of topics ‑‑ that are available to SupremeLaw subscribers only.  The moderator posts regular news updates to this archive.  All subscribers can post questions or messages, and each posted message is also emailed automatically to all subscribers.


We encourage you to subscribe to this SupremeLaw email discussion group and message archive.  The following Internet URL provides all the pertinent details for pre‑paying the modest subscription fee ($20.00 for 6 months and $35.00 for 12 months):


The revenue from these fees will help us defray the extra expenses we incur from the extraordinary burdens created by all this litigation.  For example, there is a large number of parties who must be served with each and every pleading.


Thank you, once again, for your continuing support.  We are committed to restoring liberty and justice throughout America, and we are delighted to know that you have chosen to support us in this monumental struggle, in every way possible.  By helping us, you are helping yourselves too!


Sincerely yours,


/s/ Teresa Giordano


Teresa Giordano, Sui Juris

Citizen of California