For all routine shipments,

please use UPS, FedEx or DHL

to our SHIP TO address:


Paul A. Mitchell

c/o Lake Union Mail

117 East Louisa Street

Seattle 98102-3203



Their website is:


Please email a tracking number to us,

so we can both track your shipment.

Our email addresses are:


email:  (preferred)

email:    (backup)



If you prefer U.S. Mail, we recommend two envelopes:

address the outer envelope to “Lake Union Mail”

(see above), and address the inner envelope to

“Paul A. Mitchell c/o Lake Union Mail”.

This will maximize our privacy.


(A 9x12” envelope fits well inside a 10x13” envelope.)


Because of persistent personnel problems

at the USPS, we cannot take any responsibility

for lost, stolen, damaged or missing U.S. Mail,

regardless of its contents or class.



Thank you for your consideration!



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