U.S. Senate Finance Committee Read Testimony From the IRS Hearings
Blatant Propaganda! The new IRS building in Washington, D.C. has sculptures in Stalinesque modern style Photos
Jolly Tax All about the Federal Reserve, Taxes, Money Is Unreal, The Torture of Congressman Hansen by the Feds, The Missing 13th Amendment
Beliefs "Fifteen commonly held beliefs that most Americans believe true to facts" Separate belief from reality
The Federal Zone The Real Purpose of the IRS Ever wondered why the IRS and the Federal Reserve were created almost at the same time?
Mark-and-Tina-Terry A new and succinct description of the actual status of the I.R.S.
The Cooper File Extensive research has revealed that the IRS is an offshore trust that manipulates the legal system with bribery! Courtesy of Supreme Law Library
The Beginning of the Internal Revenue Service Has no basis in Law
Memoirs of a Tax Protestor He's still at Large!
Karl's Battle with the IRS
Tax Truth 4 U
IRS DEFENSIVE PROCEDURES Tips on how not to be ensnared!
Meadors Public Notice of IRS Origin  It incorporated in Puerto Rico Note! Meadors was recently jailed in Oklahoma for 16 months as "a menace to society"
TaxProphet Hot Topics - February 1996 Read before embarking on a tax protest-rebutted by the Other Side (Next)
The Other Side Rebutts the TaxProphet. Some new thoughts to chew on
Income Taxes Page Stop the IRS!
IRS Freedom Researchers across the country have broken the Internal Revenue Code 
U.S. Tax Code On-Line 
By The I.R.S. Book
IRS is DEAD -May it die a noisy death!
Catalog of Income Tax Related Documents Facsimilies of the Actual Documents
Tax Protest FTP Multiple Format Texts for Downloading 
Let's All Get A Magic Bullet & Shoot Ourselves in the Foot, Huh? Refreshing View
Allodial Title Land Patents: Description
Tax Freedom Network
Sovereignty Pure Trusts Protect Your Assets 
Anguilla As An Offshore Financial Center 
Taxes Try the Turk and Caicos Islands
Anguilla - Offshore and Online! A Pure Taxhaven!
Trusts and Anguilla - Webster & Dyrud 
Boston Tea Party-Next Generation "spare your children a lifetime of Social Security taxation!"
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