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Statement of Purpose
Promote honesty in government, expose corruption, teach individuals lawful means of remedy and recourse when faced with government abuse. CBG is a non-profit community based information sharing and resource group open to all persons. 
Why Should I Be Concerned? 
A Quick  Course
Free Trade? For Whom?
It may sound good, but, like the proverbial "free lunch," Free Trade isnít free. 
Everything But the News
"There is no such thing, at this date ... in America as an independent press"
What Constitution?
Are you one of the many who will refuse to believe our government could possibly be as corrupt as this article implies.
Fed Up with the Fed
Few know that the Federal Reserve is not a U.S. government agency but a privately owned banking system.
Citizens for Better Government  
Provides a forum for information exchange in the following areas: 
  • Constitutional limits on Government
  • Suggestions regarding possible legal recourse and remedy for individuals abused by Government
  • Uncensored sources of international, national, and local news
  • Information about laws for individuals seeking income and asset protection
  • Educating individuals as to their Constitutional rights and how to legally defend them
  • Politically active means and legal tactics to make government officials, agencies, and bureaucrats stay within Constitutional limits of authority
  • Resources include legal information, books, forms, laws, research, and audio/video library of 200+ tapes.
moreR a m b l i n g s . . .
History, Essays, and News Developments With Spin Added
By The Elected Spokesman For The North Central Florida Regional Militia
newFerris's Fomentations 
Essays, Open Letters, and Satires by Christopher C. Ferris. Told From the Heart
All About the Second Amendment: Your Natural Right To Defend Yourself
Live Free Or Die:
How Many More Carl Dregas Lie Waiting
Story of Abuse By the Omnipotent State
Congress Deals a Severe Blow
to Americans
Letter to The Gainesville Sun
Federal Reserve Corporation
Remarks By Rep. Louis T. McFadden
Looting America for Foreigners
Who Is Maurice Strong?
Secretary General of Rio Earth Conference
Is An International Man of Mystery
Sustainable Development
Where Did the Concept Originate?
Full Details Have Not Been Disclosed
What You Should Ask 
About Sustainable Development
For Local "Consensus" Meetings
Convention on Biological Diversity Treaty: USA Map
GIF of Wildlands Project Areas
Convention on Biological Diversity Treaty: Florida Map
Large GIF of Wildlands Project Areas
Learn the Truth About 
Sustainable Development
Letter Published in The Gainesville Sun 
Flag of Peace
Big Enough To Print
Title 4 USC 1
Who's Life Is It?
The Government's, Of Course
Letter to The Gainesville Sun 
No U.N. Flag Over Gainesville
for U.N. Day!
Petition to City Commission 
Modern Militias 
Militia Spokesman Describes The Historic Precedents 
Blueprint of the Republic 
Before you fix it, know how it works 
What is Federal Jurisdiction?
What the Founders Intended 
Do You Know 
Who Owns Your Car? 
Really Know? 
The Emerging American Gulag 
America's New Slave Business 
Juror Sentenced for Contempt Update! 
Hasn't been done in 300 years
Goodbye, good riddance
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says it all! 
Cry From Australia 
Warning Americans what the NWO 
Gun Grabbers Want To Do Here! 
The Right of Juries 
to Judge the Laws
The Mother of All Liberty 
 Connect the Dots 
Long Beach Naval Base: Mirrored 
National State Sovereignty Coalition 
Have You Been 
Which Flag Is Which? 
The Rockefeller Syndicate
An Australian View- With a Suggested Reading List 
The Trial That Invented Liberty
The Origin of Our Bill of Rights 
Billions for Bankers 
Debt for the People 
The Money-Control Over America 
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