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If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen.

Samuel Adams


Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course other may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.

Patrick Henry

Speech in the Virginia Convention March 23, 1775


Updated May 01, 1997
New Oath of Office for Despotic Government Officials

New Items Added

Missing 13th Amendment evidence found

I have in my possession the Revised Statutes of Virginia [2 volumes] of 1819 and contained within Volume I is the Constitution of the United States with the MISSING 13th AMENDMENT. Also other interesting data included to verify that this book is true and correct. Certified copies will be available soon.

citizen of the United States of America

Here is documentation that proves that prior to the civil war and even today, the naturalized people are "citizens of the United States of America." This is an extremely important issue and is being missed by the patriots. More will be forthcoming on this important subject. See The Fall of the United States of America.

Petition for Redress of Grievances

This Petition was mailed out on January 11, 1997 certified restricted delivery [176 of them]. The legislators should have this on their first day in Juneau on the 13th. All legislators, commissioners, judges, magistrates, governor, lt. governor and others in Alaska are getting this Petition. This is also being sent to the State of Alaska and Federal Grand Jury with additional information!!!! We would like for them to guess what the additional information is. This will be made public in due time along portfolios as our documentation of certain legislators, etc. expands. This is round one of our peaceful and lawful battle. The Declaration of Rights and much, much more will be out Feb 1, 1997 timeframe! We are going to get a lawful government in Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!

Human subjects
wanted for testing of
CHEMICAL or BIOLOGICAL agents without your permission.

Yes, it is true and here is the DIRECT evidence from USC 50 §1520. What unknown agents would you like tested on you without your permission: Aids related, Cancer related, WHAT? Yep, sleep well tonight in the Alaska territory, as the ALASKA DISTRICT of BABYLON THE GREAT has great things in mine for us and its FREE and all for someone elses' benefit. What a deal!!! Remember, the family that tests together, can suffer and die together!
P.S. They do notify local civilian officials 30 days before the testing, but of course they are under no obligation tell the "human subjects" and it would be hard to justify, not the mention the PR and reelection problems.

Alaska has three (3) constitutions

Yes, it is true. Alaska has three constitutions at least at a minimum. Amazing, the State of Alaska home page does not have the "Constitution of the State of Alaska" - Only a misnomer [Alaska Constitution], on the Lt. Governor's home page. As we have a territorial government, the "Alaska State Legislature" has it's own home page, and guess what - only the "Alaska Constitution." Where are the amendments? They are not needed as the State is Changing the original Constitution of the State of Alaska. It is "revised", instead of being amended. Yep, that's Tony the longshanks and the nobles at work. Sad, but true.

1) Constitution of the State of Alaska (1956 -1962)
2) Alaska Constitution (never been seen before with this name) (1959 - present)
3) Alaska State Constitution (1963 - present)

Legislative Branch

The Legislature of the State of Alaska with the unlimited powers of Constitution of the State of Alaska, legislated for ITSELF, the Legislative Branch with ITS OWN POWERS. This is the territorial legislature. See the Petition for Redress of Grievances for more info.

Schweitzer - Montana Freemen 1997

E-mail from Freedom Center. Feds FORCEFULLY take fingerprints of Freemen on January 16, 1997
New superseding Indictments. But not to worry, the first ones were for fun. The government, per the newspaper, predicts that trials can begin as early as 1998. Yep, there is that speedy trial for ya! Isn't FRAUD great! Superseding document 1. Superseding document 2.

Be a Voter and Kill The Constitution of the United States. Do you Vote? You think it is patriotic, right! It is our duty to vote, right! If you do vote as a "registered voter", would you believe you are killing the Constitution of the United States. The government offered me a Elective Franchise of the UNITED STATES. I accepted and I got new benefits. What was not disclosed was that I would have to abandon my Citizenship to my State [my country]. What happened to the Citizen of the State? Did he die? What happened is that Congress in 1866 on April 6, declared me a "citizen of the UNITED STATES" and revoked for me my Citizenship of the my State and until I declare that statement false, I am not a "Citizen of my State". Therefore, until you reject the government Elective Franchise of the UNITED STATES and establish the Elective Franchise of your STATE by an oath of allegiance and become once again a Citizen of your State [elector], and a citizen of the United States nunc pro tunc., you and me will never win. We are doing it to ourselves folks. Be VERY CAREFUL WITH AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BENEFITS OF THE CORPORATION. THINK BEFORE DOING IT AND CHECK THE WORDING VERY CAREFULLY! AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE IS VERY POWERFUL!

Dred Scott v Standford is a must read to understand the Constitution of the United States. This case still stands. I highly recommend reading it for a much clearer understanding of many words. I am not a racist or some other name you may choose to attach to me. Only with the truth will we win.

1873 and 1878 Revised Statutes. This is absolute TREASON. Read it in plain English. They are converting us from Citizens of the State and Electors and citizens of the United States nunc pro tunc to a corporate citizen of the United States.

Rules of the United States Court of International Trade is our "Common Law" court and it was found by LeRoy Schweitzer and Dan Petersen. Use caution as Article I (legislative court) rules and Article III (common law) are intermingled. This can be found in USC Title 28 appendix. I would highly recommend getting the unannotated Title 28 and Title 18 ($66 ea).Rules of Common Law are also in the Supreme Court Rules.

Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone. This is a must read to help to understand the body politic and how it differs from the corporations (mortmain). Chapter 18 of Volume 1 on "Corporations" is included in its entirety.

There is no longer any doubt, the State of Colorado is a agent of the Federal Government. Public Welfare, chapter 5, 1936. Just found by Dr Schroder of Campo, Colorado.

Michael G. New - Homecoming Rally in Texas on July 28, 1996. Will we not stand with those of courage and honor? How does the President and Congress answer to this? Treason? "I loathe the military", yes, ye shall know the them by their works!


The State That Never Was
State of the United States of America - yes! [federal]
One of the United States of America - No!
One of the several States - No!
Alaska territory - yes!

There is no Separation of Powers in Alaska. The Executive Branch [Tony, the Long Shanks] is directly linked to the Judicial Branch.

A Citizen of the State of Alaska is not allowed to vote in Alaska. Sound unbelievable? How would you like to vote in REAL candidates for ALL the political offices? Look here

How to install a Corporate government in a State. Constitution of USA gone! Look here

Direct Link to NWO [Council of State Government] - UNBELIEVABLE!! Found in Alaska Statutes. Look here

Think you have a lawful state? Flag and Seal of the State of Alaska Look here

$1,000.00 REWARD - CASH

for Governor Tony Knowles and Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer's signatures

Cigarettes tell us a lot - State vs. Territory! Look here

Territory of Alaska Pictures in 1962 after we were deemed a State in 1959. Look here

Resolutions in 1967 - run two governments with one Legislature Look here

Silver Eagle above the flag of Alaska. - should be a spear. Eagle reserved for the flag of the USA. A look into future for you other [s]tates as you catch up to Alaska. Look here

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