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U.S.A. Republic The 14th Amendment

The Time is Now   US citizenship to state Citizenship

Sovereign Citizenship Explained  

The Citizen's Forum
Dual Citizenship FAQ

Understanding Zip Codes and federal jurisdiction.

Americans for Constitutional Integrity

Constitution: Fact or Fiction

Constitution Society: Get an education on the Constitution

                                    example: Was the 16th really ratified?

Committee to Restore the Constitution

Would the real 13th Amendment please step forward?

The Fund for Constitutional Government

Nation of Hawaii Ratifies New Constitution  January 16th, 1995

How dead is the Bill of Rights?

The United Confederate States of America

The Constitution Notebook Program

The Traitor Within The Gates : Online Book

The Federal Reserve : public information provided by the Federal Reserve

Money in North American History

So you think your money is lawful?

Liberty for Some  :documents and political opinion

Freedom Lawyers of America

What is Common Law?

F.E.A.R. Forfeiture Endangers Americans Rights

Asset protection and becoming judgement proof.

Abuses of the B.A.T.F.

History of Jury Nullification

Bad Judges, and what to do about them.

Legal Justice Reform Network

Citizens Reform Forum
Federal Jurisdiction within the States
Ignition Point  News about Freedom

Patrick Henry Foundation for Common Law Studies

The United States Printing Office

FEDWORLD  Several government resources and links

Historical Documents : An extensive listing

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act

The Library of Congress

THOMAS U.S. House of Representatives

United Nations home page

The U.S. House of Representatives : Resources

The White House :the Presidential Palace

Right Way L.A.W. Web Resources

The United States General Accounting Office

Barristers Information Service, Oregon Lawyers.

American Legacy Network

C.A.T.S. : Citizens for an Alternative Tax System

History of the 16th Amendment

The Federal Zone : Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue *****

Let's Stop IRS taxpayer abuse now

Larry Becraft, Attorney at Law and true Patriot

Abolish the Income Tax

Solutions! Group : The two minute seminar on Taxes and You

Irwin Schiff Home Page

Taxpayers Revolution  

The Tax Freedom Network take the steps to free yourself

The Death of Income Taxes
Memoirs of a Tax Protester
Tax Abolition Network
Tax Truth 4 U
Your Imcome Tax is Voluntary
Karl's Lawsuit Against the I.R.S.
Harold's Home Page
IRS Defense
Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns... online book
Senate Committee hearings on the I.R.S. (transcripts)

A Report on Tax Exempt Wages & Salaries

American Freedom Coalition: The War Powers Act

Ask Jefferson: Archive of Jefferson's writings

Political Corrections: Distress Call

The Freeman publication:  Ideas on Liberty

Frog Farm  Patriot information archives

From Revolution to Reconstruction: American history resources

NWO: Supression of Technology

The New American: A publication of American Opinion, Inc.

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Town Hall The New Conservative World

The CATO Institute : Advancing Civil Society

How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

The New American

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The Pennsylvania Crier  preservation of Rights and intended gov't.

Louisiana Unorganized Militias


The Rise of the Militias

E Pluribus Unum  from the Ohio Militia

Republic of Texas a Republic is re-born.

Restoring America

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The Land of Liberty

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DixieNet Heritage, not hate.

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