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This section is devoted primarily for letting you get an inside look at those who write to the American Independence Movement to express their views. Since it is not instructive to have positive comments, I have elected primarily to present differing opinions and my responses to them. Every now and then you might see some positive stuff but you need to know the FALSE ARGUMENTS OF OUR ENEMY, the LOGICAL FALLACIES they use and the misstatements of facts used to try to trip us up, distract us, etc.. Here we go!

You are a loser!!!!!

We live in a great country that offers each of us great opportunities. We have lived with peace and prosperity. Every day I offer thanks for being blessed with our society that allows us to raise our children without fear of civil wars, food shortages, and widespred disease.

You are a loser!!!!!

Dear Sir:

I don't mean to be rude but --

Where have you been?

I have removed your name from my list (definitely not a SAFAN member). However, I feel compelled to make several points which I

"double dog dare you to prove wrong!":

(The Triple Dog Dare Is Rarely Used)

1. I probably am a loser but I am, at least, on the winning team.

2. Why don't you ask your children a few questions about this country. You will probably find that they don't have a clue about the basics. This is not the America you grew up in. The federal government NOW is more like the U.S.S.R. than what the Constitution intended. In fact, the Communist Manifesto is the closest document to the way the united States is being run (yes that is the correct capitalization).

3. Glad you don't have to worry about wars? The SAME people who brought you the Civil War, the War of 1812, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam are about to bring you World War III. They planned everything since WW I in the 1860's.

4. Am I a loser because I say you should stop paying extortion? The federal governenment has committed massive fraud on a scale so unbelievable that no movie company would find it credible enough to produce! The fact is, the 16th amendment was never ratified, even if it were it didn't change a thing, "income" is NOT wages and salaries and only the people living in DC or the territories were ever subject to it to start with. Your money does not go to pay for government programs -- other taxes do that -- it goes to pay FRAUDULENT INTEREST TO A FRAUDULENT PRIVATELY OWNED BANK WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN AUDITED. The IRS doesn't even tell you the correct form to fill out (its NOT the 1040)! They don't even legally have the right to seize property. They use extortion on us and if they don't get enough they come in and OPENLY STEAL anything else they want.

5. Want to bring the "war" closer to home? There are now SEVERAL MILLION FOREIGN TROUPS in this country. Urban assault raids are being conducted by joint military / police units in major cities across the country in direct violation of the Constitution. Innocent American Citizens are being killed every day by fully armed thugs who break into homes at 2:00 in the morning, shoot first and ask questions later. Many of these have been killed half asleep in their beds because 20 ARMED MEN WITH GUNS BLAZING were sent in as a result of a false tip.

6. Got a great government? There are hundreds of scandal pages on the Web on Bill Clinton alone. Bob Barr - R GA is now preparing impeachment papers charging Bill Clinton with a host of charges including TREASON. It may well be that the majority of Congress ends up coming up on the same charges. In fact, by omission, every single member of Congress has participated in a plan to defraud and enslave the American People. Of course, they will probably claim to have had their heads in the sand too.

7. Got a great framework for the country? The Constitution has been SUSPENDED since 1933. The Bill Of Rights today is a JOKE. Why is your government concerned about people burning the flag when today the FLAG STANDS FOR NOTHING except betrayal. You should read the NEW Declaration Of Independence. You should read the New Constitution written for America. You should read the de facto contract with American Serfs (I mean Citizens).

8. Leaders with CHARACTER? You should find out about the Illuminati, the Luciferian Conspiracy, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the real goals of the United Nations, etc. All this information is available freely on the Web to anyone with an open mind.

9. Great opportunities? The middle class is being crushed to death by the Conspirators who are forcing the merger of all small companies into larger ones. There is only "apparent competition" in most major industries because the leading players all have interlocking directorates! There are many industries today in which it is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to even enter the market, much less compete. The National ID law is attempting to make it law that you have to have a National ID and that you can not be hired without having your potential employer scan your card and get an OK from Big Brother.

10. A great country? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This country has turned into a police state. I may be a loser but I am one loser who KNOWS that I am putting my LIFE ON THE LINE to speak out and try to make a difference. Is that what you call freedom of speech?

11. A country who hires people to spy on Citizens and encourage them to break laws is not a very honorable country. Neither is a country who traffics drugs to raise money for causes they can't reveal to the American public. Neither is a country which props up dictatorships in the name of fighting Communism in one part of the world while SUPPORTING COMMUNISM in another. Neither is a country which helps blow up a federal building so they can crack down on the militias.

12. Peace? Ask the people at Waco. Ask the people at Ruby Ridge. Ask the people in Oklahoma City. Ask the thousands if not millions of Citizens rotting in jails because they were not a part of the "official drug dealer's ring". The only way to have peace in this country today is to be a sheep and take whatever the government dishes out. There is no peace for people who want freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. There is a wonderful retired lady in Tennesee who helped start an organization to put an end to federal abuses. When we have to call Patriots out of retirement as our LAST LINE OF DEFENSE, is this peace?

13. Food shortages? All that has to happen for us to have food shortages of unimagined levels is for Bill Clinton to declare (he can do it by himself) a national emergency. He might even get help in actually staging an emergency for us. Then he can put Executive Orders into effect which allow him to SEIZE ALL FOOD, ALL FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION, ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, etc.. It also effectively allows him to SEIZE all the people by forcing them into work details and shipping them all over the country, even separating children from their parents when in the best interest of the "STATE". Try explaining that one to your children!

14. Did I upset you with all that "God / Devil" stuff? You don't believe Satan is a real being with real powers who is working with his private army and the most powerful people on the face of the earth to make the earth his kingdom? You don't believe the ultimate goal is to have every LIVE human worshiping Satan? Well that's OK. It really doesn't matter what you believe any more than it matters what I believe. HOWEVER, THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH BELIEVE IT! That's what's important!

15. To Whom do you offer thanks? Could it be the God of Abraham? If it is, I think you should stop talking and START LISTENING. I may be wrong but I believe that I am IN GOD'S WILL and am acting at His Instruction. I pray daily for guidance. If I am wrong, then I am also completely delusional. Of course, as you said twice, I am a loser.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. If you can prove me factually wrong on any of these issues, please let me know. If you are even mildly interested in searching for the truth, click Here to get started!


Terry W. Stough

(770) 641-9042

I have to disagree with you. We can't ever get people to agree who or what God is, nor can we even get them all on the same page. Two things split people more than anything else. One is Politics, and the other is Relegion.

Sorry, but I think that it is going to take bullets. Remember that of all the wars ever fought, most were because of one mans beliefe trying to be pushed on another.

I do wish you were right, but Jesus is going to have to unite the people, he is the only one I know that has to power.

We don't have to agree on who God is. We only have to agree on who the enemy is. We have to also agree that the Conspiracy is and always has been run by a small group whose power comes from propaganda, threats, etc.. They can not stand the LIGHT.

Why in the world would you want to have a battle involving you and people who believe like you do and the Conspiracy and all the power they have under their control. Why not get the People to wake up and get on the right side? Why kill people who have been deceived into believing they are on the right side?

Why would you not want to FIRST get everyone you can on OUR side and then deal with the rest who refuse to listen to TRUTH?



It is now 3:15 AM. I did get a little sleep but I am up again! I just now checked my messages and found that you had called. You can reach me most of the time at the number you called, especially this week. If I don't answer, I will call you back.

With regard to your being hesitant to talk over the phone, let me again state that our Movement has to be totally in the open. If what you want to talk about is RIGHT, then you should be willing to shout it from the highest building! * (If it is WRONG. I don't even want to hear it!) Examples: I believe 100% that stopping the payment of extortion money you don't even owe under the law is not only RIGHT it is the only Patriotic thing to do. I believe that challenging every federal requirement is not only your RIGHT but your RESPONSIBILITY TO FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Having said that, let me also tell you that by now, you can rest assured that 100% of my communications in all forms are being intercepted. The Conspiracy is looking for ANYTHING they can use against us. You should feel the same way about your communications! But please bear in mind in all things you do and say:

If It's RIGHT,

It Can Stand The LIGHT!

(That sounds like a Jessie Jackson quote!)

Again, what we WANT is the LIGHT. We want it to shine so brightly that there is no place for EVIL to hide. The Conspirators are like the mythical vampires. They have to do their work under cover of darkness. The LIGHT destroys them!

Look where God has led us so far! I have been lead to push not for people to join together and sing patriotic songs, etc. or stock up on weapons, but to write "IN YOUR FACE", BLUNT and TO THE POINT letters, etc. to Congress (We can't afford for them to miss the point!). My last letter, etc. probably used the "T-Word" (Treason - did you get the "Committee To Impeach" E-Mail yesterday sent by one of our "correspondents"? If not I can forward it to you) dozens of times. What happens? After I send the letter, I get the "Committee To Impeach" E-Mail and it says repeats the fact that Bob Barr R-GA is preparing impeachment papers for Clinton and that the MAJORITY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MAY BE GUILTY. Unfortunately, I don't think the Democrats have a monopoly on treason by a long shot!

Imagine the members of Congress who are trying to get Barr to "cool his jets" getting hundreds or (I pray) thousands of E-Mails, faxes and letters from their constituents which say ".....Treason ..... Treason ..... Treason ..... Treason..... Treason .....Treason .....". Would you be just a bit nervous if you had taken ANY PART IN THE CONSPIRACY and looking for a way to save your assets? (Do you see how important this "IN YOUR FACE" communication is?! ! You have sent your faxes, etc. haven't you? If not, when do you plan to do it? What about those of you who are getting a copy of this response?

We can send these "IN YOUR FACE" letters, etc. without any reservation because they contain IRREFUTABLE FACTS (If you read them carefully, the reader is never ACCUSED of anything. They are just told the facts and asked questions. The only cold hard fact about TREASON is that "SOMEBODY IS GUILTY" because TREASON has definitely occurred!)

Thanks for letting me be of help.

By the way, making the decision to take a stand is the really HARD part. Once you have said With The Power And Guidance Of God, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death", it's a GREAT RELIEF! Then you know that as long as you do your best and do what you prayerfully know is RIGHT, the rest is in God's hands You have to know that if this means that you are persecuted in any way for any reason, you will be rewarded 1,000 fold at a time when THE REWARDS LAST FOREVER! That reminds me of a quote by a famous artist. I can't remember which one. In his later years, he had extremely painful arthritis. Every brush stroke was agony. But he continued to paint. Asked why he would paint despite the pain, he said:

The pain is temporary.

The beauty lasts forever!.

I look forward to working with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Brother In Christ,

Terry W. Stough

(770) 641-9042

* On the subject of "shouting from the highest building", God gave me a "Vampire Killer" of an idea during the sleep I got last night! If you are from the South, do you remember the signs "See Rock City"? The owners of Rock City built it "on a shoestring" and had very little money for advertising. What they did was to offer to paint the roofs of barns for farmers for "FREE" if they would just let them put the words "See Rock City" on the roof. As a result, for a very small cost, they got THOUSANDS of HUGE signs advertising their attraction.

Could we not do the same? Why not give it a try! Here are some ideas:


Stop All


Abuses NOW!



Let My

People Go!



Give Us Liberty -



Give Back




Resist The




What Kind Of

Country Are You

Leaving To

Your Children?



The United Nations

Wants Everything!

Stop Them Now!







Bill Of Rights?


Where's The




Whose Side

Is Congress On?



Do it! Send Pictures!


The tax that is collected does not go to pay for laws that are passed by congress, but does go to remove excess money in the economy to prevent what happened in the continental Congress when there was too much money in the economy and it became worthless. Each time that taxes are not payed there is an increased amount of money in the economy pushing us closer to the" Not worh a continental"
My response to this is as follows:

Please reconsider your position.  Why is there too much money in the economy in the first place?   I would submit to you that the following are the reasons:

1.  Government spends more than it takes in.  They are encouraged to do so by the Conspiracy who profits from the debt and achieves greater control.

That's the whole list.

If millions of Americans stop paying taxes they have to also demand that the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on unconstitutional programs comes to an abrupt halt.
I would not hesitate for a second to say that if the economy goes in the dumps during our battle, the fault lies squarely at the feet of the Conspiracy.  They control the money and they can put ever how much they want into circulation.

I have already prepared myself for these kinds of falsehoods from the Conspiracy.  What they would have us believe is that ANYTHING WE DO is counterproductive.  Well I won't buy it.  I would rather go through a DEPRESSION (caused by the Conspiracy trying to keep us under their control) and emerge FREE than to have a great economy right up until the time the tanks roll into town.

Don't believe the disinformation they are passing out.  They want to blame the problems on the Patriots when they are the cause them ALL.

Non Carborundum Illegitimi!


Terry W. Stough

Subject: A Test The LAPD, The FBI, and the CIA are all trying to prove that they are the best at apprehending criminals. The President decides to give them a test. He releases a rabbit into a forest and has each of them try to catch it. The CIA goes in. They place animal informants throughout the forest. They question all plant and mineral witnesses. After three months of extensive investigations they conclude that rabbits do not exist. Then the FBI goes in. After two weeks with no leads they burn the forest, killing everything in it, including the rabbit, and they make no apologies. The rabbit had it coming. Then the LAPD goes in. They come out two hours later with a badly beaten raccoon. The raccoon is yelling: "Okay! Okay! I'm a rabbit! I'm a rabbit!"
How could I respond to THAT wisdom!

The fourteenth amendment was ratified without a quorum of congress. If this is so how does the Supreme Court use it as a tool to require the states to obey their rule. Maybe because they have a bigger stick. The war between the states in 1861 was fought over Liberty not slavery. If you believe otherwise then you are believing the spin that the Socialists want you to believe. It is part of their divide and conquer program.

Dear Terry, My reaction to this is that the Federal Reserve NOTES issued in this country are not worth "a continental' now. It matters little how much or how little of it is out there, it is all worthless and is not 'money'. I totally fail to understand any of the senders statements. Excuse me for saying this but the writer seems to missing a few 'links' in my opinion. I want to thank you for putting into solid wording my thoughts. I request your permission to add your page as a link on my Web Page. If you go there please read Grannys two cents worth. That is my statement. You are in my prayers and I agree with you that your statement of how to fight this battle is the only way. Guns will not do it for the reasons you have mentioned. I fight against any infringment of the 2nd Amendment but I also understand that is not how I must fight the war. It is, as I always state to all that will listen, necessary to bring each battle to the base line. It is a spiritual war and each of us better be sure we have chosen to fight on the side of God Almighty and not on Lucifers. Every piece of legislation can be reduced to that base line. It is just that few, very few, are willing to do that.

You are a loser!!!!! We live in a great country that offers each of us great opportunities. We have lived with peace and prosperity. Every day I offer thanks for being blessed with our society that allows us to raise our children without fear of civil wars, food shortages, and widespred disease. You are a loser!!!!!

You are a loser!!!!! We live in a great country that offers each of us great opportunities. We have lived with peace and prosperity. Every day I offer thanks for being blessed with our society that allows us to raise our children without fear of civil wars, food shortages, and widespred disease. You are a loser!!!!!

I have to disagree with you. We can't ever get people to agree who or what God is, nor can we even get them all on the same page. Two things split people more than anything else. One is Politics, and the other is Relegion. Sorry, but I think that it is going to take bullets. Remember that of all the wars ever fought, most were because of one mans beliefe trying to be pushed on another. I do wish you were right, but Jesus is going to have to unite the people, he is the only one I know that has to power.

We don't need to reach far back into another century to find proof that the People are sovereign. In a Department of Justice manual revised in the year 1990 (Document No. M-230), the meaning of American Citizenship was described with these eloquent and moving words by the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization: "You are no longer a subject of a government!" The Meaning of American Citizenship Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Today you have become a citizen of the United States of America. You are no longer an Englishman, a Frenchman, an Italian, a Pole. Neither are you a hyphenated-American -- a Polish-American, an Italian-American. You are no longer a subject of a government. Henceforth, you are an integral part of this Government -- a free man -- a Citizen of the United States of America. This citizenship, which has been solemnly conferred on you, is a thing of the spirit -- not of the flesh. When you took the oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, you claimed for yourself the God-given unalienable rights which that sacred document sets forth as the natural right of all men. You have made sacrifices to reach this desired goal. We, your fellow citizens, realize this, and the warmth of our welcome to you is increased proportionately. However, we would tincture it with friendly caution. As you have learned during these years of preparation, this great honor carries with it the duty to work for and make secure this longed-for and eagerly-sought status. Government under our Constitution makes American citizenship the highest privilege and at the same time the greatest responsibility of any citizenship in the world. The important rights that are now yours and the duties and responsibilities attendant thereon are set forth elsewhere in this manual. It is hoped that they will serve as a constant reminder that only by continuing to study and learn about your new country, its ideals, achievements, and goals, and by everlastingly working at your citizenship can you enjoy its fruits and assure their preservation for generations to follow. May you find in this Nation the fulfillment of your dreams of peace and security, and may America, in turn, never find you wanting in your new and proud role of Citizen of the United States. [Basic Guide to Naturalization and Citizenship] [Immigration and Naturalization Service] [U.S. Department of Justice] [page 265, emphasis added] [As quoted in "The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue," electronic seventh edition, Chapter 11: Sovereignty]

Admitting that didn't know your name until yesterday, it is still my pleasure to see my mailbox choked with your material. :-) The "voluntary contributions" post woke me up, this one is dead on, and "Letting Right See the Light" is another gem. Thanks. Where are you? Here is a request: jam the best of these concepts into a thousand words or less, so I can include you in this month's Freedom House newsletter, and include a snail mail for a complimentary issue. Would you? Could you? Also, we need to discuss voluntary non-compliance. Your post is the first on the subject that satisfies the moral, legal, and responsible requirements for a 20th century "tea party." Quite honestly, I was praying Saturday and yesterday for God to send an idea for an equivalent. Lo and behold, your post showed up from another friend as "a good idea." (I must have mass deleted the original SAFAN copy.)

Why is it no one replies when I run newspaper ads offering 100 pounds of money to each person who just describes the money that government spends? Why would I make such an offer? Well, the Fed says their system "works only with credit". I can send a photocopy of the Fed's statement to 100 patriots and 95 to 99 of them would still believe that government spends money. Everybody wants money but nobody will describe the money that government spends if I offer 1000 pounds of it to them. Government is omnipotent because its victims will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for checks that transfer ownership of absolutely nothing. Worse yet, anybody who effectively resists communism will be ridiculed and punished by the parents, siblings and survivors of those 108,000 Americans who died in Korea and Vietnam under the pretext of "halting communist expansion" ---while lawyers and lawyer-judges were enforcing all ten planks of Marx's Communist Manifesto HERE in the USA.. "My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6 Pat How long could the New World Odor last if all Libertarians, all Birchers OR all members of the NRA could show why the New World Odor needs babies and retirees dead? Their spokesman, Robert McNamara said: "There are many ways to make the death rate increase" Americans must be disarmed before too many learn why any sure cure for cancer must be suppressed.

After reading this, I am of the impression that you live in a bubble. There are several reasons that people are concerned about others eavesdropping on conversations, not even considering the moral and privacy issues, among them being: 1. one or more individuals may be discussing something illegal of unlawful, 2. one or more individuals may be discussing material of a sensitive nature, 3. one or more individuals may be discussing matters of strategy, which if revealed, could compromise a lawful and legal act. In this case a response. Basically, "turning up your hand of cards" before you are willing to play them. Only a fool would broadcast their legal and lawful strategy to the opposition!

Do you mind if I tell some others about your web page? This is the best way I know how to get the word out....Nice talkiing to you. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.....Scott

I guessed that you are talking about the American Resistance Movement? I feel that many of us tried to work "too closely" with the system - and that is the reason we did not succeed. We really DID NOT get in their face and SPLATTER IT ALL out in the open. I don't believe that I would have written the letter to the President in such strong language even 6 months ago, but I realize now that we have gained NOTHING by being nice to them - and asking POLITELY that they do something!!! Just charge them with TREASON and move on. I know that is the kind of fellow you are and always has been. I am not going to give up simply because I KNOW who is going to win in the end - and I most certainly don't want to fold and join the WRONG SIDE of this battle. I know which side I belong on - and that is the way it's going to be until the end. You know it is a battle between Good and Evil - or better put the Almighty God of Heaven (always put this on the end) and Satan (the God of this Earth .for now). That is the ONLY choice we have....and ALL of us is going to have to make it QUICK.

Terry - Don is a great patriot out in Stockton, CA. He just tells it the way he sees it. He has been working a long time at this - and I think your postings have encouraged him and others to keep pushing!!!!

COPY OF E-MAIL FORWARDED TO ME TO WHICH I DID NOT RESPOND: I am glad that some have woke up. Problem is, that they are all starting down the same road that alot of us have already walked. We have gone that direction already, and look at where it has gotten us today. Klintonski and her hubby in office for 4 more, with bore Gore at her side. Criminals running the cabinet, mouth pieces talking overseas for him, and making lots of deals, without OUR approval. Government getting larger and larger, aid for persons who REALLY REALLY need it being cut back. Out taxes going out of control, our schools teaching crap and UN/NWO socialism, our cops going to jail, while criminals are sueing the cops. Illegal aliens ignoring our boarders, and then sueing the agents for trying to protect the borders, not to mention that now the Border Patrol is taking fire from across the border, individualism is being taught as bad, and socialism (ie, working together as one) is good. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. Folks, our military is being giving to other nations, our cops going to jail, or murderers are not being put to death. The military is begining to be used againt its citizens. The police uniforms are starting to resemble the old Nazi SS uniforms, and they look more like soldiers than police. Kids have no freedom of speech in school. People are loosing their freedom or speech around the nation. Gun control, tabaccoo control, Enviromental control, air quality control, smog checks, finger printing, eyeball reading, finger prints mandatory on Calif. drivers license, and on and on. I hate to say it folks, and I don't want to be know as a rebel rouser, or one of the hated militia types, or a racist, or right winger, or whatever label anyone wants to put on me. The fact of the matter is, we are all walking over the same ground, again and again and again.......and where has it gotten us?? NO WHERE !!!! We are worse off now, then we were 5 years ago. We have tighter controls on us now than ever before. We have more restricting laws than ever before. And some say we are winning the battle ???? If you believe that, then I have some great gold mines in Mexico that I would love to sell you, CHEAP !!! The point is, we are not winning anything. And we won't either, until someone, somewhere gets the balls to stand up and say, "OK, we are not going to win, unless we are willing to put our lives on the line"! And folks, thats the size of it. Unless we stand up, with of guns, as one, ready to fight and die if need be, then we will never regain the Constitution. And we eill be forced to live as slaves under this tyrannical government. You think not??? Look at the military. They are at the lowest levels since prior the WWII. Wonder why? The stock market is going higher and higher, like crazy? What do you think will happen if it falls? A computer will stop it from hitting bottom, and keep millions of people who just went broke form rioting. I think not. Wake up people. Don't any of you have the guts to stand like our forefather before us? If they saw us now, they would line us up and shoot us as cowards. Do you have a back bone? Or instead is there a yellow streek running up your back? Yes, I said it. It is time to overthrow this tyrannical government. Plain and simple. Get your weapons, gather you fellow patriots, friends, family members, neighbors, and who ever else has the guts to stand, and lets take this country back by force. I don't want to fight, and I sure don't want to die, but there comes a time, when reality has to be faced. You best face it now. You can lie to yourself all you want, but you will not win in the polictical arena, you can't, you don't have the money, power, backing, and the deck is stacked against you. Why waste your time walking the same path, so many have waked before? Why waste the effort. Put forth an effort to regain this country. Put all you mind, body and soul into the fight. Put up or shut up. I don't have the answers, but I can at least read between the lines. We are loosing. Plain and simple. We can't win this battle of politians, we don't have the money or power. What we do have, is the second amendment. And the purpose that the second amendment was put in there, was for reasons just as this. Just like today. When a government turn tyrannical, and does not represent the people, then its up to us to overthrow that fovernment and start anew. Read the papers that this nation was founded under. Pray to God for guidence, and then do it. Gather up, unite, fight, and be victorious.

Terry, Here's one in your neck of the woods. > > From : > > > >Neal Boortz is a talk-radio announcer here in the Atlanta, GA >area, and he's also a practicing attorney. His politics are >self-admitted Libertarian. > >Thought this would be good to send out US wide. Covington, GA >is a little town east of Atlanta where the City Council has lost >their minds, as well as the citizens for allowing this. > >I would urge you to visit the Neal boortz web site to prove it >to yourself, then spread this message as far and as wide as you >can. > >Roger Cravens >Atlanta, GA >------------------------------------------------------------------ >>Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 17:18:41 -0400 >>From: nocompromise >>X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.0 (Win95; U) >>To: >>Subject: HERE IT IS - off Neal Boortz's website >> >>NEALZ NUZE >> >> Wednesday, June 11, 1997 >> >>AND NOW ... A VISIT FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT! >> >>Callers alerted me to this one yesterday. The City of Covington has >>decided that it would be a nifty idea >>if they had all of their inspectors make inspections of every single >>home, whether rented or owned, in >>Covington. The notices have gone out! Residents are instructed to call >>the inspection department (The >>Inspector General?) and make an appointment to have government >>inspectors enter their home to search >>through whatever they deem appropriate. They are supposed to be looking >>for violations of the housing >>code. Any evidence of criminal activity can be used against the >>homeowner. >> >>This is an outrage. Doesn't our Declaration of Independence say >>something about King George sending >>hoardes of his officials into our homes? This is an attack on the >>sanctity of the American home. If the >>City of Covington had some evidence of, or reason to believe that there >>is some illegal activity going on in >>a residence, or that conditions in that residence present a health or >>safety threat to the community, then >>let them go present their case to a Judge and get a warrant. Putting it >>bluntly ... wholesale inspections >>of homes like this reek of totalitarianism. Storm Troopers marching down >>the street, entering the homes, >>looking for reasons to haul people off. >> >>Oh ... and what happens if you decide you don't want the Covington >>government inspectors in your >>home? If you don't call and make an appointment for your inspection, >>they will set one for you and tell >>you to be there. If they show up and can't get in, they will go to court >>and get a court order permitting >>them to break your door down if necessary. >> >>By the way ....our Supreme Court doesn't seem to find anything wrong >>with this. >> > > Thought you would be interested. The problem, all over the country, has infected the local levels as well.

Terry, I agree with most all of your actions regarding fighting the enemy and am corresponding with local, state and federal officials regarding this all of the time. Piercing the electonic and procedural shells/defenses that our elected representatives have built around themselves is a difficult thing to do. In most cases, they do not want to hear. Those that do however, can make tremendous differences. My major exception to your efforts regards the issue of the 2nd Amendment and how active people should be in that regard. I believe that the 2nd amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights for the following reasons : 1. To keep over intrusive government from ever thinking of subjugating the citizenry. That's the entire list. Self defense and hunting were taken for granted then. I believe this was inspired and that it has worked. I believe that it is one of the only things standing between us and tyranny at this moment. Therefore, I believe we must educate citizens to this reality and urge them to maintain an adequate supply of weapons and ammunition (according to the dictates of their own hearts as to what is appropriate in this regard). I want Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. to know that there are tens of millions of Americans armed and willing to fight for the liberties in armed confrontation should it come to that ... and I pray it does not. But, if I am honest with myself and you, my own personal belief is that it almost unavoidable will, and I am looking to God in Heaven to miraculously help us avoid it, or to miraculously assist us when the time comes. Either case requires that we do all of the other things you are suggesting now, such that we will be worthy of His blessings in either case. So, I do take issue with your statements that we can not raise an army large enough. By urging folks to be aware of the final defense the 2nd amendment represents, and by urging them to quietly prepare in that regard, we create a silent, latent army which can arise should the circumstances warrrant it. The fact is, with tens of millions armed and willing to lay down their all for liberty, no army created can conquer them ... in addition, with efforts like Vampire Killer 2000, the enemy KNOWS that large portions of the regular armed forces, and even larger portions of the National Guard WILL NOT go along with their plans, but will fight them with the same technologies and advances that they intend to use. This is exacltey what occurred when our founders took on the British, the most powerful aremd forces of the day. From outward appearances, those founders should not have had a chance, but with God's help and their faith, they carried the day. I hope this does not offend you. I do believe that if the enemy thought for a moment that we would only use words and legislation adn other such attempts alone, that we would be under martial law and total tyranny by tomorrow morning. Let's not play this down, but make it apparent in as unobtrusive and calm a way as possible. I am not urging specific action in this regard, just obvious preparedness.

Terry, I am honored that I was one of the 9 you choice to send this to. By coincidence, I think not, I just started a campaign of my own today, and due to your timely message was able to include your work. Please check out I was planning on printing out 36+ docs in one package just to give out and I still might, in time. I do like your idea and question sheet better. It will be more effective getting them to answer the questions for themselves then to tell them anything, as you say. I have three groups of people I have access to that I plan to distribute this info to. more later....

TERRY: attention!!! "they" could bother You with psychotronics...causing You to sleep too little...causing You also disordered behaviors...until they get You ready.....for a psychiatric clinic... I have that experience..... when I was working on ITEC - 1 in the black forest, Germany 1978..... and this sort of wave immission ( Psychotronics) can also come from not only terrestrial criminal beeings( organic intelligent and / or maschine intelligent ones) the best weapon yet is: take Your time:the time weapon and live the best rhytmic life, I observe allready that You dont receive phone calls...when You dine... jesterday ...rather all this weekend we had a sort of psycotronic-attac-immission attac here...causing my wife to have treated me the worst...subconsciently I noticed immedeatly, that it must have been a dirty tricks psychotronics smuggled evidently in here...I put offline the main-security-handles of our electric-home-system......we had no electricity for a couple of hours here... but we had also no war here,no more electric power for the psychotronics-generators......when we dined with candle-light there was peace again among us,sudden peace because of lack of wave-immission which bothered us before..........please re-write that story and teach it to all AMERICA....and learn how not only the yellow- rests-of- communists want to destroy our families..... not only by drogue, also by psychotronic-weapons...ask general thomas bearden, huntsville,alabama or wherever he works meanwhile.... to give newer better lessions to all our home-planet and its crews...if they probably dont permit him to use the TV NETS, contact thomas Bearden to use the internet as teaching medium. And please do develop cheapest MASS-Wave - Immission-DETECTORS and ALARM-SYSTEMS ( for instance for psychotronics-attacs) and with wave-immission-data- data-storage(to serve juridically as proof)) systems to equip the world against criminals with also such tools....TERRY, please take a bit of Your time for a even briefest answer to this mail-to learn if You really could receive it.

Terry, Good response. It is true that the IRS is used by the Fed to control the money supply. That way the Fed always has to print more and reaps great profits in the process. The Conspiracy PLANS to bring down our economy, but they plan to do it on their terms. When they do, and the money becomes worthless and no one can buy food or fuel, they will step forward and control people with the food and fuel that the black FEMA funds have been stockpiling for twenty+ years. I do not doubt that our economy will probably fall either way and it will be the cause of much suffering, and probably warfare. But, if we can upset their time table, we upset their apple cart and allow room for those who cherish liberty to carry the day, relying on the arm of Him who is mighty to save. For this reason, your efforts are valuable to liberty lovers, and a threat to the enemy. As it takes off, watch your six.

Very much appreciate your work and your energy. Have you seen Frank Brady's site at: ? You may want to contact him and develop a common strategy. There are a number of excellent sites which share your message.

Subj: Dumbing down cops official U. S. policy Date: 97-06-24 08:43:49 EDT From: (Cynthia) To: JUSTICE DEPARTMENT WANTS "DUMBED DOWN" COPS The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has been pressuring police forces across the country to abandon "cognitive" entrance exams, which test for basic reading, writing, memory and reasoning skills. The Department argues that such tests are illegal because they exclude too many minorities from police ranks. Cognitive test supporters say the tests are needed to assure that officers have the mental skills to make quick decisions about everything from the constitutional rights of suspects to the use of deadly force. * As of 1993, some 83 percent of large city and county police forces used cognitive tests in hiring -- but that may be about to change. * After years of pressure from the Justice Department, Nassau County, N.Y., agreed to replace its cognitive-based entrance exam with one that was based on personality -- in which applicants had to score only as well as the bottom 1 (one) percent of current police officers on a reading exam. * Critics charge that the whole effort to achieve "diversity" in police ranks is leading to such absurdities as recruiting on street corners in the poorest neighborhoods, rather than going to the top black colleges for new people. Justice Department bureaucrats also hopped on officials in Suffolk County, N.Y., claiming that its test allowed too few minorities to get police jobs. It charged that if the test were race neutral, top scorers would have included 249 more new blacks, 170 more Hispanics and 447 fewer whites. Police officials in other areas of the country are also feeling heat from Justice's civil rights crusaders, critics report. * The Louisiana State Police was forced to water-down its cognitive tests to the point where that portion was "minuscule," leaving the test "no better than chance," according to experts. * However the city of Torrance, Cal., fought back after being sued by Justice for not abandoning its cognitive tests and refusing demands that it set up a multi-million dollar fund to compensate alleged victims of its test -- with the result that it won its case, but Justice is now appealing the decision. One test development company points out that trials are often decided on the basis of the arresting officer's written report or oral testimony, which is "pure, unadulterated mental ability." Source: David A. Price, "Dumbing Down the Police Force," Investor's Business Daily, June 13, 1997.

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA ------------------------------------------------------------------- Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/6-6 23-Jun-97 ------------------------------------------------------------------- A Corporate CEO: End Corporate Welfare, Income Tax * * * America: A Cash Cow for Islamic Terrorists * * * Long Reach of American "Justice:" World's Policeman or Pirate? * * * Murder Conviction Upheld Though Victims Are Alive! * * * Some Refugees Starving in Serbia * * * A CORPORATE CEO: END CORPORATE WELFARE, INCOME TAX CUPERTINO, CA - Americans who resent paying income taxes so that our socialist government can then use them against the peoples' interests, or hand them out to rich multinational companies as corporate welfare, have just got some unlikely allies. T.J. Rodgers, the flamboyant chief executive of Cypress Semiconductor, and 61 other top Silicon Valley executives, signed their names to an ad entitled, "Declaration of Independence: End Corporate Welfare." The ad ran in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) earlier this month. And today (June 23), the Journal also published Rodgers' OpEd piece, "America's Corporations Should Swear Off Port." As the title suggests, Rodgers argues against government handouts to companies which make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. Not just because it is a waste of taxpayers' money. But also because such subsidies make the recipient companies WEAKER competitors. And he backs it up with examples, both from the U.S. and the Japanese computer industry. But what the article's headline obscures is the second major issue which Rodgers raises - taxing of personal incomes of Americans, which the Cypress' CEO seems to think is unconstitutional. "The first Americans hated taxes; the Constitution limited government and, originally, banned levies on personal income," he writes. Indeed, the U.S. Constitution ceased being what it was envisaged to be by the Founding Fathers, when in 1913 Congress approved the taxation of personal incomes. And in December of the same year, the international bankers completed the all-important round two of their hijacking of America, when Congress approved the privately-controlled central bank - the Federal Reserve Board. For 137 years (1776-1913), American presidents had resisted the pressure from international bankers to do onto the U.S. what they had already done in Europe - cease control of governments by financial means. For 137 years, American presidents had acted in the interests of the people. Until the international bankers dug up and dusted off an obscure Ivy League school president (Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat), put him in the pin-striped suit, and split the Republican vote by backing Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive Party against the incumbent Republican President William Howard Taft (who said he would veto the bill creating the central bank). Shades of Ross Perot's splitting the Republican vote to effectively help a socialist-minded Democrat (Bill Clinton) elected to the White House? You betcha! Like Clinton in 1992, Wilson was elected President in 1912 with less than 50% of the popular vote (42%). Meanwhile, "it is immoral and un-American for the government to tax working people, who struggle to make ends meet, to subsidize corporations (or anything else)," Rodgers also said in his Wall Street Journal piece. "Eliminating corporate welfare is a moral imperative," he adds. "We should not be asking senior citizens and the poor to tighten their belts while our government actually subsidizes the sale of American chardonnay to the French." Indeed. If the above lines weren't written by a corporate CEO, one might have thought they were ideas of a social worker. But Rodgers' motive is not entirely altruistic. "Taxing the rich to fund poorly conceived government programs is self-destructive: It does nothing more than take money and investment decisions away from proven moneymakers and job producers and give them to Washington amateurs," he says. No wonder, therefore, that the American Dream is being eroded. Since 1976 annual GDP growth per capita (expressed as a 20-year rolling average) has steadily declined, to 1.5% from 2.5%, Rodgers points out. Why? In part because federal, state and local taxes now consume a whopping 35% of our national output, Rodgers argues. Current peacetime spending is higher than the 29% peak during World War I! A typical argument FOR corporate welfare is that Japan and Europe subsidize their corporations, so the U.S. should do the same in order to remain competitive. But the facts prove this rationalization false, Rodgers says. Japan's chip market share peaked at 53% in 1986, but has fallen to below 30% this year. Meanwhile, the U.S. is now back in first place with more than 50% market share. In conclusion, Rodgers writes: "Let's be frank: The choice to take money from citizens to pursue the government's 'good ideas' is socialism pure and simple, which has been consistently destructive to the economies of those countries that have pursued it. America has moved 35% of the way from its no-tax origins toward the 100% wealth control of the Soviet Union." ----------------------------------------------------- AMERICA: A CASH COW FOR ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WASHINGTON - When A.C. Nielsen, the nation's largest coupon redemption company, hired a private investigator to track $400 million in annual industry losses to fraud, a surprise awaited. Among the culprits were Palestinian merchants who redeemed coupons for products never purchased, then sent $100 million of that cash back to the Middle East. Who benefited from that money? At least two of the major coupon fraud groups were headed by terrorists, the Nielsen's investigator, Ben Jacobson, told the Associated Press on May 25. In St. Louis, he says, the ringleader was Zein Isa, a U.S. commander of the Abu Nidal Organization, a group responsible for terrorist attacks that killed or injured 900 people in 20 nations. Isa has been indicted for terrorist activities and convicted of murder. In Brooklyn, Jacobson found a phony coupon redemption center run by Mahumud Abouhalima - now serving 240 years in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. "Before the bombing, we couldn't get the U.S. attorney's office interested," Jacobson said. "After the bombing, they just wanted us to keep our mouths shut." --- Ed. Why shut up? Because our government doesn't want to hurt the poor Muslim terrorists' feelings? Or so that the FBI's role in the WTC bombing wouldn't come out in the wash? Whatever the case, the Feds' intimidation evidently didn't work. As it also failed in case of the McVeigh grand juror, Hoppy Heidelberg (see TIM GW Bulletin 97/6-4, 6/16/97). Both Jacobson and Heidelberg talked. ----------------------------------------------------- LONG REACH OF AMERICAN "JUSTICE:" WORLD'S POLICEMAN OR A PIRATE? PHOENIX - If government agents break the law in pursuit of justice, are they committing a crime? Should they be prosecuted? In theory, yes! In practice, it seems, no... At least not in the Clinton/Reno Justice Department. PAKISTAN -------- Consider the international kidnapping of the suspect in the murder of C.I.A. employees, for example, which the FBI committed in Pakistan. Just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, June 15, five FBI agents sneaked into a hostel in Afghanistan, where Afghan informants had told them they would find Mir Amal Kansi, the New York Times reported on June 19. Kansi is the suspect in a deadly 1993 shooting outside CIA headquarters. Later, after a grueling overland trip through Pakistan to an air base at an undisclosed location, the agents and their captive boarded an American military aircraft, painted in camouflage markings, with an American flag on the tail. On Wednesday, June 18, the 33-year-old Pakistani with a graduate degree in English was brought before a judge in Fairfax County in the Virginia suburbs of Washington. He was ordered held without bond by a judge in the shooting deaths of Lansing Bennett, a doctor, and Frank Darling, a communications engineer, both CIA employees, on the morning of Jan. 25, 1993. That's the story. And now, consider some ramifications. The "F" in the FBI stands for "Federal," meaning U.S. domestic law enforcement. What were the U.S. Federal agents doing in a foreign country? Did the Pakistani government invite them there? Furthermore, even in the U.S., the law enforcement officers are supposed to have a court order before barging through someone's doors. Did they have it? Did they have a Pakistani court order? Based on the angry reactions in Pakistan, which today's New York Times reported, it seems that the answers to all of the above questions is "no." If so, what distinguishes these Federal agents from the criminals they are pursuing? Several of Pakistan' leading newspapers picked up on this type of reasoning. Their editorials over the past weekend demanded that the government explain why it waived Pakistani law to allow Kansi to be flown out of the country hurriedly on an American military plane, according to the New York Times. "Terrorism and those who perpetrate acts of terror are anathema to all countries," The News, an English-language daily published in Lahore, said Sunday (June 22). But "any person sought by a foreign power, no matter what his crime, must have the right to expect normal extradition proceedings before being whisked away from his homeland." In Washington, U.S. officials have refused to give details of the operation that captured Kansi, saying President Clinton had ordered the silence so as not to break faith with the foreign governments that had assisted. This left unclear where exactly Kansi was captured. But accounts in Pakistan have confirmed that he was picked up at a hotel in Dera Ghazi Khan, a city in the interior of Pakistan. Local residents have said the raiding party arrived aboard Pakistani military helicopters and used four-wheel-drive vehicles belonging to the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. The American military plane that carried Kansi to Washington remained at Islamabad airport for 48 hours longer. But Pakistani officials have acknowledged that no attempt was made to bring Kansi before a court or to give him legal counsel, the New York Times said. The pattern was similar to that followed on several other occasions in recent years. In this case and others involving Pakistanis wanted for drug smuggling and in the case of Ramzi Yousef, who was flown to the United States to face charges of having masterminded the World Trade Center bombing, some Pakistani officials have pointed to ambiguities in the country's extradition laws. In other words, the U.S. Federal government is setting itself up above the law! No wonder that one prominent Pakistani, Hamid Gul, a retired army general who is a former director of Pakistan's military intelligence agency, has said he will challenge the government's action in the Supreme Court in Pakistan. GERMANY, DENMARK ---------------- Sometimes, the abuse takes place in reverse from the Pakistani example. Sometimes, the U.S. Federal government uses foreign laws to circumvent restrictions which the U.S. legislation places upon it. The FBI shares information on the international travels of American citizens with the police in foreign countries, for example. So American citizens who have done nothing illegal under the laws of the United States; who have, in fact, done nothing except exercise their right to free speech in this country, can be arrested in countries, said Dr. William Pierce, in his recent broadcast on the American Dissident Voices Online Radio. As a case in point, Dr. Pierce cites the arrest by the German secret police of American citizens Hans Schmidt and Gerhard Lauck. "Mr.Schmidt publishes a newsletter in the United States which often is critical of the current German government and its policies," Dr. Pierce said. "When he traveled to Germany last year to visit his elderly mother he was seized at the airport by the German secret police. Mr. Lauck was arrested while in Denmark, extradited to Germany, put on trial for publishing Politically Incorrect materials in the United States, and is now serving a four-year sentence in a German prison. In both of these cases, not only did the Clinton government assist the German police in arresting these two U.S. citizens, but it made no protest when they were prosecuted for perfectly legal activities which they had carried out entirely in the United States." CAMBODIA, CANADA ---------------- And then there is Pol Pot in Cambodia. The man responsible for the Khmer Rouge killings in Cambodia certainly deserves to be put on trial - by his own people, the victims of his crimes. Yet, the United States has asked Canada to be the key partner in an extraordinary effort to take Pol Pot out of Cambodia, the New York Times reported June 23. Why Canada? Because only Canada and Denmark have laws that would permit them to request such an extradition, the U.S. officials said. So on Saturday (June 21), Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, asked the Canadian foreign minister, Lloyd Axworthy, to request the extradition of Pol Pot under Canada's law against genocide, according to government officials. But so what if Canada or Denmark have such laws? What business is it of Canada's or Denmark's to meddle in an internal affair of another country? More importantly, what business is it of the U.S. government to act as the world's policeman? ASSAULT ON NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY ------------------------------- Let us give you some clues about that. Pol Pot is "to face an international tribunal for crimes against humanity," the New York Times also reported on June 23. On the ABC News program "This Week," Albright said on Sunday (June 22), that "we will be seeking to make sure that there is international justice carried out against this major war criminal." In other words, the Clinton administration globalists want to use the Cambodian case as yet another excuse to elevate the U.N.-sponsored Kangaroo courts above the judicial systems of sovereign nations. Their Cambodian fig leaf is a supposed risk of violence if Pol Pot were to be tried in his home country. The first post World War II instance in which the U.N. established a supra-national court was the Hague Tribunal set up to prosecute alleged war crimes in Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The plan being worked out now for Cambodia would include extraditing Pol Pot to Canada as a temporary measure until an international tribunal is convened that could try him under the international Genocide Convention. Of chief concern to the U.S. officials is China, however, the primary backer of the Khmer Rouge since the 1960s. Beijing could block any U.N. tribunal against Pol Pot in the U.N. Security Council. So stand by for more concessions to China, as the Clinton government tries to buy its acquiescence? Just what we needed, right, as Congress gets set to vote on China's MFN status... SUMMARY ---------------- Meanwhile, the picture which emerges from the above examples of the long reach of the American "justice" is frightening. The Clinton government is becoming an international judicial pariah; a legal juggernaut on the loose, brazenly usurping the authority of national judicial systems. In the old days, that would be called piracy at high seas. Now, this march toward a One World authoritarian rule is being hailed by the Clinton globalists as "progressive." It is not. It is George Orwell's Big Brother arriving on the scene a decade or so later than the famous British author had predicted in his book "1984." And that is the reason the American people must stop this juggernaut before it consumes them, too. ----------------------------------------------------- MURDER CONVICTION UPHELD THOUGH VICTIMS ARE ALIVE SARAJEVO - If you ever thought the U.S. justice system needed an overhaul, wait till you find out how the Muslim justice works in Bosnia. Lest you forget, the Bosnian Muslims are Bill Clinton's and Madeleine Albright's friends and protégés. In our TIM GW Bulletin 97-03, 3/11/97, we told you about Kasim and Asim Blekic, two Muslims who were found to be alive even though Sretko Damjanovic, a Serb, was convicted in a 1993 trial of supposedly murdering. Damjanovic was sentenced to death, but the sentence has not been carried out. Well, the Bosnian Muslim judicial farce continues. Reuter reported on June 15, that the Sarajevo appeals court has rejected Damjanovic lawyer's retrial motion as "unfounded." --- Ed. Guess this decision gives a new dimension to the term - "brazen abuse of justice." ----------------------------------------------------- SOME REFUGEES ARE STARVING IN SERBIA BELGRADE - Representatives of an organization representing the 700,000 mainly ethnic Serb refugees in federal Yugoslavia say the refugees' social and economic situation is bad and growing worse, Nasa Borba reported on 10 June, according to an RFE/RL dispatch. Problems include death by starvation among the elderly and infirm. The activists note that both the government and the opposition alike ignore the refugees, and that "the most hated person" among those who fled Croatia and Bosnia is Bratislava Morina, Serbia's chief official in charge of refugees.. ----------------------------------------------------- -- Bob Djurdjevic TRUTH IN MEDIA Phoenix, Arizona e-mail: LINKS: Forbes Column McVeigh Verdict Column Annex Research Home Page

From: Rick Ainsworth Florida Delegate Third Continental Congress Subject: Delegates from YOUR state needed. Fellow Patriot: The purpose of this email is to solicit your participation in the efforts nationwide to restore the freedoms and liberties that were once guaranteed by our Constitution. The Third Continental Congress (3CC) is laying the groundwork for a truly constitutional based government. WE are NOT calling for a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the Constitution. WE are NOT racists. WE Welcome all patriots without regard for color, religion, race, or sex. A Patriot is a Patriot and WE Welcome ALL who are Patriots and wish to stop the rush towards the One World Government or as they call it today, the "Global Community". Who is the Third Continental Congress ? WE are made up of primarily Christian men and women from all over this once great land who cannot sit by and watch our freedoms erode away one by one. There is more than enough evidence to convince all Americans regardless of educational background that what is happening to us is not only wrong but illegal......constitutionally speaking. WE have an opportunity to do something to change this rush to tyranny. WE have an opportunity to insure our children do not live in a world/country that patriotism is a bad word...or an illegal act. I ask you to visit our web site and see for yourself: WE need volunteers from your state to help.....WE cannot do it alone...WE need you. Please consider joining our cause and fight for freedom. I will be more than happy to converse with you further regarding your participation. WE hope to be able to conduct as much business as possible via the Internet, through secure chat sites and with email. However WE do have face to face meetings approx. twice a year. Our next meeting: Session Three will be held in Independence, Missouri on July 12-14, Saturday through Monday....adjourning Monday afternoon. I look forward to talking to you further regarding your participation in this historical event in the existence of this country. WE MUST DO SOMETHING...... PS: We would like to set up a judiciary, and would like participation from the common law activists. Sincerely, Rick Ainsworth, KF4MS (904) 668-7492 (evenings)

We should be as wise as a fox in our discussions. Their is risk that we can not ignore, but to say nothing invites greater risk. So we say what we must, forthrightly and directly, and we say it at the right time and in the right places. This requires us to be wise, spriritually wise ... which requires us of course to live in conformity (as we possible can) with God's laws. The enemy knows this, and is of course a major reason for the assault on morality, the family, the sanctity of life, and traditional Christian values, ... along with the economic, political, military and other assaults we face. I.m going to send (email) you an article I received recently and will be publishing on my site. It includes many quotes from our enemies where they document many of their plans. Again, keep up the good work. Sometime we will have to talk about how far you go in creating laws to control individual actions. Clearly, the fewer the better. Also, you can not legislate morality. But we do in effect do that when we make murder illegal ... so then, should abortion be illegal? (I feel yes) ... or sodomy? (and I am talking homosexual relationships or beastiality here. ...again, I feel yes, because of all that unavoidably goes with these particular lifestyles.). Sodomy, defined as I have above, has been around since Old Testament days. Surely these "acts" predated the laws passed against it in the colonies and later the states. Drugs are an interesting dilema ... if they effect an individual's ability to keep from infringing on others, there should clearly be some "fences" established. Similarly, I believe if a community comes together and votes to not allow zoning for, say a XXX rated Porn Bookstore or Video store in their town, they should have every right to do so ... in doing so though, they are in effect legislating morality within the confines of their town. What say you? My biggest issue is when the federal government seeks to impose these. It is not their place in the Constitution. I believe these types of actions should be properly left to the states and/or the people. That way, on small differences (say smoking laws or alcohol) people can decide which state or community best suits their tastes, or they can become involved and try to institute republican change. I believe a moral people can establish equitable laws in this regard. The bottom line on most of these is the moral character of "we the people". If we are a people of high moral character, then the issues will clearly be "in the closet" and not even contempleated by society as a whole. At the same time, you will always have new people coming into the society and the limits should be well understood. Oh well, more later. Keep the Faith and keep working!

In reading many US military and UN documents describing the future motives and reasons for warfare worldwide, it is predicted that water (scarcity) will be one of the main causes for many future wars, severe dissension and numerous fatalities. In the article below, we see depicted clearly one of the ways the engineering of those wars, dissension and fatalities, will occur in the US also. Angie >>From: (by way of mel's fern ) >>Subject: piml] "N.J. Militia Sees Biosphere Threat" >>Errors-To: >>X-bmw: Black Marble Wombat Version 5.1 Galstar Secure Hack >> >> >> >>"N.J. Militia Sees Biosphere Threat" >> >> So reads a front page headline of the Asbury Park Press, Saturday, >>May 11, 1997. Despite the fact that N.J. Militiamen attended the Pinelands >>Commission meeting, the story dealt with property rights. But 'militia' >>headlines sell newspapers. >> The Press reported: "When the New Jersey Pinelands was one of >>the first places in North America to be recognized as an international >>'biosphere reserve' in 1983, conservationists hailed it as an example of >>U.S. leadership in worldwide environmental protection". As we stated in >>an earlier issue of our Newsletter, there's 17 trillion gallons of fresh water >>under the Pinelands. It's the largest fresh water aqua reserve in the world, >>enough to cover the entire state of N.J. with 10 feet of water. We oppose >>the UN "water grab". >> "Essentially, regionalism and the biosphere are working hand in >> break down the power of the counties, where the power >>of the people rests", said Earl Dickey, a spokesman for the N.J. Militia. >>The Press reported that Pinelands property owners have difficulty obtaining >>building permits--from the Commission--for their property, which is, after >>all, classified as an "ecosystem of world-renowned importance", >>according to the UN. >> There was something unusual at this particular Pinelands Commission >>meeting: the presence of two N.J. State Troopers, with batons. When >>someone asked why State Troopers were present, one of the members >>on the Commission said he wanted to know also. The Chairman answered >>that he invited them, at which the Commissioners argued amongst them- >>selves over the Troopers' presence. Some one stood up and said, "I know >>these State Troopers; they're friends of mine and I know why they're >>here--they're here to arrest him!",pointing to Dickey. But he was not >>arrested, there was no reason to do so. Dickey, a combat Marine in >>Vietnam, said afterwards, "After fighting in a war, getting arrested >>doesn't scare me". >> Several times Pinelands residents asked if any members of the Com- >>mission had any affiliation with the UN. The response was tantamount >>to standing on the shore line of Easter Island--stone faces and stone >>silence. >> >>================================================== >>Reprinted from: New Jersey Militia Newsletter, P.O. Box 10176, >>Trenton, NJ 08650. E-mail address: >>================================================== >>FREE MIKE KEMP!! >>see >>==================================================

Here's a miracle. A U.S. Congressman telling it >like it is. Is anyone familiar with the Hon. Jacob >Thorkelson's voting record? Pass it on please. >You might forward it to your State legislators. They >might believe it coming from a colleague of sorts. >Jackie Patru - CDR >--------------------------------------------------------------------- >Sender: >>From: Bill Mercer >>Subject: ComLaw> Cong. Thorkelson-More Blasts from the Past >> >>Time and time again we have been warned....... >> >>U. S. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, >>JUNE 26, 1939 >>HON. JACOB THORKELSON OF MONTANA: >>Shall Constitutional Government Prevail? >> >>MR. SPEAKER, it is my desire to call attention to an article which was >>published in the Pathfinder of June 24, on page 15, which to me clearly >>revealed the character of those who own or manage the paper. True to >>their stripes, and similar to all Communists, the editors of the >>Pathfinder evidently disapprove when Members of Congress respect their >>oath of obligation. These editors are no doubt of the variety which >>prefers the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to the Constitution >>of the United States. I am rather amused when this obnoxious tribe >>begins to spit its communistic venom for it can only end, as it has >>before, in endless wandering. >> >>It is the first time the Communist Defamation League has made a personal >>attack upon me, and 1 hope it will be the last time, for I want to be >>charitable. Thousands of real patriotic Americans in all classes of >>society are very well aware that character destruction or "smearing" is >>a Communist stock in trade, but the cloak is now worn and frayed. The >>gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Sabath) is quoted in this paper as having said: >> >>"The gentleman from Montana has time and again stuffed the Record with >>column after column of material generally of a highly obnoxious and >>bigoted nature. At the same time, while the extended remarks were never >>made on the floor of this House, they appear as having been actually >>spoken here.... I will object to any intolerant and ridiculous >>dissertations calculated to promote prejudice and class hatred." >> >>I shall refrain from criticizing the most venerable gentleman from >>Illinois, for he is only his master's voice, wailing in the wilderness >>of communism. When the venerable gentleman blows warm, he glorifies the >>President. When he blows cold, he reviles an ex-President, Mr. Hoover. >>This, I observe, is the extent of the venerable gentleman's >>statesmanship. >> >>In replying to the Pathfinder's observations on cost for inserts in the >>Congressional Record, I can say such expense will be a mere bagatelle as >>compared to the cost of internal strife and revolution which is now >>contemplated and financed by the same people who financed the World War, >>the Russian revolution, and the Spanish revolution. As a matter of fact, >>if every Member in Congress would stand forth in the >>protection of the constitutional rights of the people, communism and its >>allied creed would find no place in the United States. >> >>I am, however, delighted to find that the writer of the article in the >>Pathfinder compares me with General Moseley, for the general is, indeed, >>a stanch American and so recognized in the United States Army, in which >>he served with distinction. He is also recognized as a loyal American by >>Congress, for he has been decorated twice for distinguished service to >>the country. His clarification of an issue before the Dies Committee >>again entitles him to further national distinction for his service to >>the Nation. >> >>The venerable gentleman's objection did not prevent my remarks from >>being placed in the Record, as the Pathfinder's article implies, for my >>remarks will be found in the issue of June 19,, and I shall ask the >>editorial staff of the Pathfinder to read them. >> >>I am not upset about the international press, as implied in this >>article, except in its abject submission to the rulers of the invisible >>government, and in its betrayal of the people whom it is supposed to >>serve with truth. >> >>I am not looking for, neither do I desire mention in any publication of >>the international subsidized press, or in the Pathfinder, and it is >>indeed unfortunate that it took the liberty of mentioning me in the >>manner it did, for it has now classified itself. >> >>I can only say that the press is using good judgment in remaining silent >>upon patriotic activities, a quality which the Pathfinder should >>observe, for unjust criticism might entail danger. When 120,000,000 >>people discover how they have been sold down the river by those who >>swore to preserve, protect, and defend their rights and liberties, it is >>possible that reprisals may result. >> >>I also note in the June 26 Times-Herald that The Washington >>Merry-Go-Round labels myself and two others "Nazis." This is not >>strange, for when anyone speaks on the constitutional rights of the >>people and opposes communism one of the wailing prophets sticks out his >>head and shouts "Nazi!" >> >>The capitalistic barons who are financing the Red activities in the >>United States may believe that their agents have a stranglehold on >>American labor, but they might find themselves mistaken in that, for as >>I know labor, they are staunch and patriotic American citizens. During >>my campaign, when I talked on communism and on constitutional >>government, the greatest appreciation was expressed, not by the "white >>collar" group, but by the real workers, or the men that I, as a doctor >>of medicine, called upon in their private homes. It was these men who >>said, "We heard you over the radio. When are you to speak again?" And it >>was these people who expressed their firm belief in the Constitution of >>the United States. It was our so called professors and educators who >>were slightly pink or even red in their expressions. It is this same >>group of professors, economists, and educators that are now attempting >>to run the sovietized Government of the United States, and their lack of >>ability is clearly evident in the condition in which we find ourselves >>today. >> >>When the American working people realize that they are used as stooges >>by the money changers, and the international Communists who are now >>promoting and paying for the cost of such activities in the United >>States, I am sure that they will wash their hands of this deadly >>communistic poison, and rally to the colors' as all patriotic citizens >>of course will do. >> >>The plan to sovietize the United States should be clear to everyone, for >>it is now coming to the front in its true light. Congress has been an >>instrumental aid in bringing this thing about by bestowing greater and >>greater powers on one man. He, having the power to appoint and place >>anyone he chooses in key positions in the governmental departments and >>forces, may, of course, provide people upon whom he can depend to >>support him in consummation of whatever plan he has in mind. There is an >>advantage in having good Communists in key positions, and I do not deny >>that this is a part of the Soviet plan. It should be clear to all. If >>the Government intended to adhere to the Constitution, Congress >>would not be requested to mutilate the document by bestowing power on >>individuals contrary to what is set forth in the Constitution itself. >>There is no purpose or reason for breaking constitutional government >>down unless it is to be replaced by some other form, and the people >>should ask themselves just what the President intends to do. >> >>Conversion of our Government can easily take place without the public's >>being aware of such intrigue, and this is particularly true when those >>who are supposed to represent the people fail to maintain the commanding >>power of Congress itself. I am now dealing with cold facts, and I >>challenge Congress to prove that we are not departing from sound >>constitutional principles. If the President of the United States had the >>interest of the people at heart, why did he allow the money changers to >>take charge of all the gold and establish ownership of it? If the >>President had the interest of the United States and the welfare of the >>people at heart, why does he not order the Army, Navy, and the F. B. I. >>Intelligence Services to bring in and apprehend all Communists and those >>who are advocating destruction of our Government? Is it to the interest >>of the United States to allow military secrets to be revealed to foreign >>nations, particularly to the Soviet Union? Is it to the interest of the >>Nation to destroy business and replace it with Federal-owned >>corporations similar to many of those now operating contrary to the >>Constitution itself? Is it to the interest of the people that we >>maintain the Export and Import Bank? Is this all for the general welfare >>of the people, or is it for the general welfare of those who are >>anticipating taking charge of the Government? >> >>Is it for the general welfare of the United States to loan money to >>South America where it is already indebted to us, to be used in >>competition with our own agriculture and manufacturing industries? Is it >>for the general welfare of the people to import agricultural products >>when the same can be produced in the United States? Is it for the >>general welfare to destroy our own agriculture and balance international >>trade by the sale of war machinery? Does unsound and unsecured >>hocus-pocus money bring about business confidence; and are excessive >>taxes an aid to business? >> >>These are questions that someone - maybe the Pathfinder - can answer. >> >>If the President is interested in sound constitutional government, it >>may be well for him to follow the Constitution, because he has assumed >>the same obligation that I and other Members of Congress have assumed. I >>am trying to live up to mine. Let the others do the same, and >>the people and the Nation will be well protected. >> >>We must have a premise or fundamental basis from which we may set our >>course. In the United States it is the Constitution, and we must use >>this as it was given to us - namely, as a point of departure. >>Sovietizing this instrument, as has been done in the past, can only lead >>us >>off the course, and the plight we are in today is sufficient evidence to >>anyone that there are breakers to the lee of us.

I'm not sure if you've seen this. A friend sent it to me and thought I'd pass it along. Nancy The Center for Democracy and Technology /____/ Volume 3, Number 8 >---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > A briefing on public policy issues affecting civil liberties online >---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > CDT POLICY POST Volume 3, Number 8 June 19, 1997 > > CONTENTS: (1) Senate Commerce Committee Approves Domestic Key Recovery Bill > (2) How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe > (3) About CDT, contacting us > > ** This document may be redistributed freely with this banner intact ** > Excerpts may be re-posted with permission of > ** This document looks best when viewed in COURIER font ** >----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >(1) SENATE COMMERCE COMMITTEE APPROVES DOMESTIC KEY-RECOVERY BILL > >The Senate Commerce Committee today approved the McCain-Kerrey "Secure >Public Networks Act" (S. 909) - a bill which for the first time would >impose domestic restrictions on the ability of Americans to protect their >privacy and security in their own homes. > >CDT believes that S. 909 represents a grave threat to privacy and security >on the Internet. The bill all but mandates domestic key recovery and key >escrow encryption to provide guaranteed government access to private >communications and stored files. The bill would also codify into law the >56-bit limit on encryption exports, link certificate authorities to >key-recovery, and create 15 new crimes relating to encryption. > >S. 909 now replaces Pro-CODE in the Senate. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT), >the lead author of Pro-CODE, mounted a last-ditch campaign to block the >key-recovery provisions of the McCain-Kerrey bill. His effort lost on a >vote of 12 - 8 (votes are listed below) > >CDT believes that S. 909, if passed into law, would amount a full scale >assault on your ability to protect your privacy and security on the >Internet. > >The bill would create a ubiquitous global key-recovery infrastructure - an >untested idea which 11 of the world's leading cryptographers have said >"will result in substantial sacrifices in security and cost to the end >user. Building a secure infrastructure of the breathtaking scale and >complexity demanded by [the government's] requirements is far beyond the >experience and current competency of the field." > >Though McCain offered his bill as a compromise between the Clinton >Administration's position and Congressional efforts to reform US Encryption >policy, in reality S. 909 closely mirrors draft legislation proposed by the >Clinton Administration earlier this year. > >Specifically, the McCain-Kerrey bill would: > > * Compel Americans to Use Government-Approved Key Recovery Systems > * Make Key Recovery a Condition Of Participation in E-Commerce > * Allow Government Carte Blanche Access to Sensitive Encryption Keys > Without a Court Order > * Create New Opportunities for Cybercrimes > * Codify a low 56-bit Key Length Limit on Encryption Exports > * Create Broad New Criminal Penalties for the Use of Encryption > >The full text of the bill, along with a detailed analysis of S. 909, an >analysis of the constitutional issues raised by the key-recovery >provisions, and the amendments (when available) is available online at >

FIX AND PUT IN 6/25 Fwd: ACTION ITEM: Clinton and UN.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

> >The decision below from the Supreme Court has the MOST DANGEROUS >IMPLICATIONS OF ANY TO COME OUT OF THE SUPREME COURT IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS. >URGENT THAT YOU CROSS-POST EVERYWHERE. > >Our service provider tampered with our service and upon complaint, changed >the password to my account (SO MY MAIL IS STILL GOING TO P-C-NET.NET, I >can't read it, but apparently THEY can. They also cut off AL but actually >turned his account off. (Please read following message for details on that). > >However, that means AEN NEWS is down, so this message is only reaching >people on my list. PLEASE WIDELY FORWARD THIS AND POST IT TO NEWSGROUPS >EVERYWHERE. > >The Supreme Court Case says that a CIVIL proceeding can be brought to >MENTALLY COMMIT someone said to be "dangerous to himself or others," with NO >proof being offered whatsoever of any harm to anyone else, NO criminal >charge being filed, NOTHING. > >Mental commitments are for AS LONG AS THE DOCTORS SAY TO KEEP YOU -- there >is NO DEFINITE SENTENCE. > >How many patriots has this already been done to and been tried on? NOW THEY >HAVE CARTE BLANCHE, PEOPLE! > >Note, too, that in civil cases, as opposed to a criminal prosecution for a >crime, the standard of proof isn't "beyond a reasonable doubt," but that >there must only be a showing by a "preponderance of the evidence." > >This is a GHASTLY, GHASTLY ruling. This is EXACTLY the technique that was >used to send Alexander Soljenitzen and thousands of dissidents off for >"mental commitment" in the Communist Soviet Union. > >(They, of course, have used a case involving a very sick deviant person, to >set precedent, but now that the precedent says what it says, the gloves are >off and they will be taking out people on "civil commitments" left and >right. Watch.) > > > >========================================== > >KANSAS v. HENDRICKS > >certiorari to the supreme court of kansas > >No. 95-1649. Argued December 10, 1996 -- Decided June 23, 1997 > >============================================== >[n.*] > >Kansas' Sexually Violent Predator Act establishes procedures for >the civil commitment of persons who, due to a "mental >abnormality" or a "personality disorder," are likely to engage in >"predatory acts of sexual violence." Kansas filed a petition >under the Act in state court to commit respondent (and cross >petitioner) Hendricks, who had a long history of sexually >molesting children and was scheduled for release from prison. The >court reserved ruling on Hendricks' challenge to the Act's >constitutionality, but granted his request for a jury trial. >After Hendricks testified that he agreed with the state >physician's diagnosis that he suffers from pedophilia and is not >cured and that he continues to harbor sexual desires for children >that he cannot control when he gets "stressed out," the jury >determined that he was a sexually violent predator. Finding that >pedophilia qualifies as a mental abnormality under the Act, the >court ordered him committed. On appeal, the State Supreme Court >invalidated the Act on the ground that the precommitment >condition of a "mental abnormality" did not satisfy what it >perceived to be the "substantive" due process requirement that >involuntary civil commitment must be predicated on a "mental >illness" finding. It did not address Hendricks' ex post-facto and >double jeopardy claims. > >Held: > >1. The Act's definition of "mental abnormality" satisfies >"substantive" due process requirements. An individual's >constitutionally protected liberty interest in avoiding physical >restraint may be overridden even in the civil context. Jacobson >v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, 26. This Court has consistently >upheld involuntary commitment statutes that detain people who are >unable to control their behavior and thereby pose a danger to the >public health and safety, provided the confinement takes place >pursuant to proper procedures and evidentiary standards. Foucha >v. Louisiana, 504 U.S. 71, 80. The Act unambiguously requires a >precommitment finding of dangerousness either to one's self or to >others, and links that finding to a determination that the person >suffers from a "mental abnormality" or "personality disorder." >Generally, this Court has sustained a commitment statute if it >couples proof of dangerousness with proof of some additional >factor, such as a "mental illness" or "mental abnormality," see, >e.g., Heller v. Doe, 509 U.S. 312, 314-315, for these additional >requirements serve to limit confinement to those who suffer from >a volitional impairment rendering them dangerous beyond their >control. The Act sets forth comparable criteria with its >precommitment requirement of "mental abnormality" or "personality >disorder." Contrary to Hendricks' argument, this Court has never >required States to adopt any particular nomenclature in drafting >civil commitment statutes and leaves to the States the task of >defining terms of a medical nature that have legal significance. >Cf. Jones v. United States, 463 U.S. 354, 365, n. 13. The >legislature is therefore not required to use the specific term >"mental illness" and is free to adopt any similar term. Pp. 8-13. > >2. The Act does not violate the Constitution's double jeopardy >prohibition or its ban on ex post-facto lawmaking. Pp. 13-24. > >(a) The Act does not establish criminal proceedings, and >involuntary confinement under it is not punishment. The >categorization of a particular proceeding as civil or criminal is >a question of statutory construction. Allen v. Illinois, 478 U.S. >364, 368. Nothing on the face of the Act suggests that the Kansas >Legislature sought to create anything other than a civil >commitment scheme. That manifest intent will be rejected only if >Hendricks provides the clearest proof that the scheme is so >punitive in purpose or effect as to negate Kansas' intention to >deem it civil. United States v. Ward, 448 U.S. 242, 248-249. He >has failed to satisfy this heavy burden. Commitment under the Act >does not implicate either of the two primary objectives of >criminal punishment: retribution or deterrence. Its purpose is >not retributive: It does not affix culpability for prior criminal >conduct, but uses such conduct solely for evidentiary purposes; >it does not make criminal conviction a prerequisite for >commitment; and it lacks a scienter requirement, an important >element in distinguishing criminal and civil statutes. Nor can >the Act be said to act as a deterrent, since persons with a >mental abnormality or personality disorder are unlikely to be >deterred by the threat of confinement. The conditions >surroundingconfinement--essentially the same as conditions for >any civilly committed patient--do not suggest a punitive purpose. >Although the commitment scheme here involves an affirmative >restraint, such restraint of the dangerously mentally ill has >been historically regarded as a legitimate nonpunitive objective. >Cf. United States v. Salerno, 481 U.S. 739, 747. The >confinement's potentially indefinite duration is linked, not to >any punitive objective, but to the purpose of holding a person >until his mental abnormality no longer causes him to be a threat >to others. He is thus permitted immediate release upon a showing >that he is no longer dangerous, and the longest he can be >detained pursuant to a single judicial proceeding is one year. >The State's use of procedural safeguards applicable in criminal >trials does not itself turn the proceedings into criminal >prosecutions. Allen, supra, at 372. Finally, the Act is not >necessarily punitive if it fails to offer treatment where >treatment for a condition is not possible, or if treatment, >though possible, is merely an ancillary, rather than an >overriding, state concern. The conclusion that the Act is >nonpunitive removes an essential prerequisite for both Hendricks' >double jeopardy and ex post-facto claims. Pp. 13-21. > >(b) Hendricks' confinement does not amount to a second >prosecution and punishment for the offense for which he was >convicted. Because the Act is civil in nature, its commitment >proceedings do not constitute a second prosecution. Cf. Jones, >supra. As this commitment is not tantamount to punishment, the >detention does not violate the Double Jeopardy Clause, even >though it follows a prison term. Baxstrom v. Herold, 383 U.S. >107. Hendricks' argument that, even if the Act survives the >"multiple punishments" test, it fails the "same elements" test of >Blockburger v. United States, 284 U.S. 299, is rejected, since >that test does not apply outside of the successive prosecution >context. Pp. 22-23. > >(c) Hendricks' ex post-facto claim is similarly flawed. The Ex >Post-Facto Clause pertains exclusively to penal statutes. >California Dept. of Corrections v. Morales, 514 U.S. 499, 505. >Since the Act is not punishment, its application does not raise >ex post-facto concerns. Moreover, the Act clearly does not have >retroactive effect. It does not criminalize conduct legal before >its enactment or deprive Hendricks of any defense that was >available to him at the time of his crimes. Pp. 23-24. > >259 Kan. 246, 912 P. 2d 129, reversed.

Just wanted to share a phone number with you, it is 1-800-363-3732. Now, what this number will do for you, is get you a copy of : Sustain- able America, A New Concensus Report of the President's Council on Sustainable Development. This battle is taking place at present in the city of Ocala, Fl. The troops there are attacking this venue at every City and County Council meeting. They are making the general population aware of what is taking place. There will be more information forthcoming in the very near future. But please *****, get this number out there for all to call. You will find the reading extremely interesting. Thank you *****, for not only this request, but for all the hard work you have done for so many.

Terry, How I got on your list is not important. I'm there. What you said in this last transmission is valid. One strong point in your favor: You know the English language. You write as one should. That's good. I'll hang around for more. To explain me: I am a Christain (Biblical). I am an American Patriot (Constitutional). I am a Conversationalist (Literally - not a Limbaugh clone!) I am a good ole boy from the "Red-neck Riviera" down around Panama City, Florida. I am a 30 year Military Retiree, and I am Employed today. I have seen just about everything one may see in 58 years....Literally! I have, dare I say it? Integrity! When you and I converse, we can dispense with the iconoclastic B.S. Let's just call a spade, a spade. Works for me. I have a couple of friends who come close to the mold I mentioned. If I include them as cc: addressees, know they're trustworthy and very intelligent. Let the dialogue continue...!

Subj: List of References FYI U.S. Constitution Full-text government documents GPO Legislation Information Access Full text of the Congressional Record [SEARCH] 1995, 1996 and 1997 Federal Register [SEARCH] THOMAS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Worldwide U.S. State Department [Home Page] Oceana Law - Index of Treaties FED LAW - Federal Statutes and Regulations U.S. Laws and Regulations U.S. Code FindLaw Table of Contents UN Charter UN Plan for Global Control United Nations and International Issues [Henry Lamb] Our Global Neighborhood [full text] World Constitution and Parliament Association [ORGANIZATION FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT] IUCN - World Conservation Union [search] Earth Summit - Rio + 5 Liberty Matters [much on Biosphere Reserves, Heritage sites, etc.] Convention on Biological Diversity U.S. Biosphere Reserves Directory [U.S. State Dept] Biosphere Reserve Directory [UNESCO] Land Between the Lakes Biosphere Reserve [Tennessee and Kentucky] Kentucky Coalition for Property Rights with a Map of Existing and Proposed Biospheres and Wildlands for the Central Appalachian Mountains)" [NOTE: Try if above web address doesn't bring up map] Map of World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves in the United States Map of Simulated Reserves and Corridors Depicting Requirements of the Convention on Biological Diversity A Source for Maps of the Areas Covetted by UNESCO is: Environmental Perspectives, Inc UNESCO -MAB (Biospere Reserves & Networks) USA U.S. Man & the Biosphere (MAB) Program UNESCO -MAB (FAQ on Biosphere Reserves) THE Statutory Framework of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves ICE: MAB Fauna Database Online Query System$webdbc.exe/MABFauna/Reserves/select/&/mab/Country.h tx?&d_BioResCoun=United&States+of+America World Heritage/Biosphere Reserve List World Heritage List UNESCO Biospheres World Heritage Treaty [UNESCO] Who's Who of World Heritage About the World Heritage World Heritage Information Network National Park Service Legislative and Congressional Affairs [site map] [index] [World Heritage hearings] SEARCH - National Park Service Information National Park Service testimony [includes links to SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL HERITAGE CORRIDOR ACT text, etc.] South Carolina - National Park Service units American Heritage Rivers web site President's Council on Sustainable Development Joint Center on Sustainability [Conference of Mayors] Hazel Henderson website [information on sustainability] Border 21 [U.S. - Mexico border] NAFTA ============ South Carolina information copied from the U.S. State Department website. 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Bogle Biosphere Reserve Coordinator: Richard A. Clark Address: Congaree Swamp National Monument 200 Caroline Sims Road Hopkins, SC 29061 Tel.: (803) 776-4396 Fax.: (803) 783-4241 E-mail: Internet Home Page:

Part 6, GOV'T Spraying US Population ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the free airwaves of the People's Pacifica Radio Network station WBAI-FM (99.5) 505 Eighth Ave., 19th Fl. New York, NY 10018 (212) 279-0707 NARRATOR: The true nature of the U.S. Army's [chemical and biological warfare] testing on [unsuspecting American populaces] was first revealed to the World in a book entitled "CLOUDS OF SECRECY", written by Prof. Leonard Cole of Rutgers University [New Jersey]. PROF. LEONARD COLE: The purpose of the tests, really, was to see how well these materials would spread, and whether an enemy who could attack with chemical or biological agents could then be successful in causing serious damage, illness, and perhaps, death to Minneapolis residents. The truth is that the zinc cadmium sulfide that the U.S. Army was spraying was, itself, a toxic material, though surely not as toxic as an actual nerve or gas warfare or biological warfare agent would have been. NARRATOR: One of the sites which was targetted with the spraying was the Clinton Elementary School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the former students, Diane Gorny, recalls being scanned with a fluoroscope. DIANE GORNY: When we came in from the playground, they would march us to the music room, where there was a guy sitting in a chair with (if my memory serves me correctly) what was a long fluorescent tube, of yellow or green in color, and they would pass it over our bodies (with our clothes on, of course); and we had no idea what they were looking for. But we really didn't care. Fourth-graders really didn't care. NARRATOR: It was only recently that Diane Gorny found out that she and her schoolmates were being used as guinea pigs in a military experiment. This news has been disturbing. And some have been outraged, like Joyce Carlson, a student of the Clinton Elementary School, in 1953. Carlson remembers seeing vehicles, with placards on them, reading: "Test Cars." She also remembers going through some type of metal detector at school. Joyce Carlson, who suffers from respiratory problems today, is angry! She says she cannot understand why those responsible at the time allowed children to be in danger. [JD: More accurately, they both allowed and perpetrated injury upon these children.] JOYCE CARLSON: I feel that the people who were in power -- the city officials, the school officials, the nurses, and the [U.S. Army] people who did this testing .... oh, I can't believe they did this! How could they allow this to happen? They didn't even ask questions. I JUST HOPE THAT THESE KINDS OF THINGS ARE NOT HAPPENING TODAY! ~~ TO BE CONTINUED ~~ * * * * * * * * * * * * * "HAPPENING TODAY" in 1997: ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** ****************** Established in 1876 ********************* ******** ******** ******** T H E H A R R I S O N D A I L Y T I M E S ******** ******** ******** ******************** HARRISON, ARKANSAS ********************** ********************************************************************** ******************** February 5, 1997 ********************** ********************************************************************** **** PAGE ONE **** **** ________________________________________________________ **** **** N O A N S W E R S O N I L L N E S S: **** **** S C H O O L T H U R S D A Y **** **** -------------------------------------------------------- **** **** **** **** _________ By Kevan E. Mathis of The Times Staff ________ **** **** **** **** JASPER -- Six days after some type of mystery illness **** **** struck down at least thirty-five people at Jasper School, **** **** sending them to the hospital, parents, students, school **** **** personnel and state health officials are no closer to the **** **** answer now than they were then. **** **** Many of the parents interviewed agree that the school **** **** or health officials will never be able to properly **** **** convince them that the school is safe to go back to, **** **** especially since they cannot identify the origin of the **** **** maladay. **** **** Most of the parents contacted said that hospital **** **** officials, school personnel and health workers all seem to **** **** be trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation. **** **** Jasper eighth-grader Ryan Clayborn said Tuesday that **** **** his mother and stepfather, Kathy and Merle Houston, were **** **** not going to allow him to go back to school at all until **** **** they are 100 percent convinced that the school is safe. **** **** Ryan and the Houstons, who live next door to the Jasper **** **** School, said that they were very much afraid. **** **** "The school, the health department and the hospital are **** **** not telling us some things," said Mrs. Houston. "They're **** **** hiding some things, and we deserve to know the truth." **** **** Mrs. Houston said she was angry because no one came to **** **** her house and warned her about the obvious danger, even **** **** after the children came down with the mysterious illness. **** **** "Why in the world didn't they knock on my door and tell **** **** me that it would probably be better to leave until they **** **** found out what made everybody sick?" she asked. **** **** All members of the family agreed that their terrier dog, **** **** who was kept outside at the time of the incident, also **** **** became ill. **** **** "Our dog was lifeless, sleepy, refused to eat or drink, **** **** and kept moaning and rolling over and over," said Ryan. **** **** "We had to give him a bath, and he seemed to feel better **** **** the next day." **** **** Some parents discussed enrolling their children in **** **** other nearby schools, like Deer, Western Grove, or **** **** Mt. Judea. **** **** Some family members of one of the first children **** **** stricken with the illness last Friday also described **** **** symptons. Eric Smith's parents, Melissa and Terry Smith **** **** of Dogpatch, said that they each contracted the same **** **** symptoms that Eric had. **** **** + + + + + **** ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** *----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----* -CITE- 50 USC [U.S. Code], Sec. 1520 -EXPCITE- TITLE 50 - WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE CHAPTER 32 - CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM -HEAD- Sec. 1520: Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials -STATUTE- (a) Not later than thirty days after final approval within the Department of Defense of plans for any experiment or study to be conducted by the Department of Defense, whether directly or under contract, involving the use of human subjects for the testing of chemical or biological agents, the Secretary of Defense shall supply the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives with a full accounting of such plans for such experiment or study, and such experiment or study may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date such accounting is received by such committees. (b)(1) The Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian populations unless local civilian officials in the area in which the test or experiment is to be conducted are notified in advance of such test or experiment, and such test or experiment may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date of such notification. (2) Paragraph (1) shall apply to tests and experiments conducted by Department of Defense personnel and tests and experiments conducted on behalf of the Department of Defense by contractors. -SOURCE- Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334; In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 91, page 334, you will find Public Law 95-79. Public Law 97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1882. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 96, page 1882, you will find Public Law 97-375. ~~ TO BE CONTINUED ~~ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * To receive an episode of these many series in your e-mail box each weekday, just send an e-mail message with the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the "Subject" line, to My postings to Usenet are often blocked by cancelbot censors. Therefore, I am depending on you to post this vital information to many thousands of concerned Usenet citizens. Alert the people. I urge you also to post this information to computer bulletin boards and mailing lists, as well as posting hardcopies on bulletin boards in campus halls, churches, supermarkets, laundromats, etc. -- any place where concerned citizens can read this vital information. Our people's need for Paul Reveres and Ben Franklins is as urgent today as it was 222 years ago. John DiNardo ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// | If we seriously listen to this God within us [conscience, if you will], | | we usually find ourselves being urged to take the more difficult path, | | the path of more effort rather than less. | | .... Each and every one of us, more or less frequently, will hold | | back from this work .... Like every one of our ancestors before us, | | we are all lazy. So original sin does exist; it is our laziness. | | | | M. Scott Peck | | THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED | /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Wisconsin teen gets probation for getting underage girlfriend pregnant PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. (June 24, 1997 1:56 p.m. EDT) -- A teen-ager convicted of sexual assault of a child for getting his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant was sentenced to two years' probation Tuesday, one day before their baby was due. Kevin Gillson, who was charged even though he said he wanted to marry his girlfriend, get a job and raise their child, had faced up to 40 years in prison. Some jurors have said they regretted their decision to convict Gillson, but felt they had no choice because they said that although his girlfriend testified the sex was consensual, longstanding Wisconsin law says no one under age 16 can consent to a sexual relationship. Unless the state's sexual assault laws are changed retroactively, the conviction will require Gillson to register with his local police as a sex offender. He must provide a DNA sample and is barred from doing such things as coaching youth baseball. Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Tom R. Wolfgram ordered Gillson to perform 100 hours of community service, get counseling and "use your best efforts" to complete high school or get an equivalency degree. He also lifted an order that Gillson not see his girlfriend. District Attorney Sandy Williams didn't recommend prison time and said Tuesday that both the girlfriend and her mother had asked that Gillson not be sent to prison. Gillson has been free on bail since the April 17 conviction. While the case was pending, Gillson and his girlfriend attended marriage counseling, and Gillson quit school to take a job with benefits so his family wouldn't start out on welfare, said his minister, the Rev. George Jorenby of the United Church of Christ in Saukville. The community of 10,000 people 30 miles north of Milwaukee had rallied around Gillson. Before Tuesday's sentencing, more than 20 supporters gathered outside court, some carrying picket signs reading "A father is a terrible thing to lose." Among those at the courthouse was Amy Hoile, one of the jurors who regretted convicting Gillson. "We didn't realize we had a right to judge the application of the law," she said. At least seven jurors signed a letter asking Gov. Tommy Thompson to pardon Gillson, Ms. Hoile said. "It's a poor application of the law," Ms. Hoile said. "This kid is not a sexual offender." She said she and other jurors feel they were given no alternative but to convict, and would have acquitted Gillson had they known they could interpret the statute. The governor's office has said it would be inappropriate to consider a pardon until after sentencing, but Gillson's case prompted Thompson to form a task force to review the state's criminal code.


Is Governor Engler's Administration subsidizing Divorce & Domestic Violence proliferation? Due to changes and amendments in the Domestic Violence and Divorce Laws in Michigan, the proliferation of Ex-Parte Orders that the MiBarAsn and Courts support, and the abuse of federal, state and local funds by Domestic Violence Shelters seemingly more interested in staffing and salary increases than the truth the appearance is that Governor Engler has transformed the domestic violence and divorce operations in Michigan into a kind of racketeering. All any woman (men are largely excluded and vilified) has to due is merely allege domestic violence, presenting no facts, evidence nor even filing a complaint and she is wisked into a world of First Steps and Domestic Violence Projects chicanery providing her with free legal counsel, free housing, free child care, and a rabid community set up with pre-formatted letters and protests to beat down anyone who questions this seeming misuse of funds. If the subsidized lady is running out of time at one shelter she is just moved to another and a 30 day clock starts all over again. This includes housing women who are themselves convicted abusers. All of the free food, rooms, services and legal help is subsidized by tax money and, worse, the legal help even defends the woman in matters totally unrelated to violence, divorce or items remotely related to why she is supposed to be there. This is alarmist? Check out the story of Lisa Marie Pemberton-Ditzhazy as being profiled by Ivan Helfman of the Michigan Community News in Wayne, Michigan and the Detroit News 27 April article, page one, Metro Section - " Dad accuses..." by Becky Beaupre. And feature this. Mrs. Ditzhazy, who is supposed to be attending classes in her new location like: Women in Sobriety, Drug Abuse intervention, and Domestic Violence Counseling for abusers -- and who says thus she can't apply for jobs Mon-Wed and Fri because of the at location training and counseling - was nonetheless at a location where she has frequently obtained drugs on 17Jun97. Wonder what the Mackinaw Center has to say about all this. oh... and also According to the Michigan Family Independence Agency's Child Protective Services, Office of Prevention Programs, money and contracts for counseling children and providing family support "was screwed up during this last budget cycle and all of the contracts were voided so there's no programs to help you children recover from the traumas they been subjected to over the last 60 days -- but there should be money in the new budget cycle, after September 30th." Hmmm - and where did the money that was screwed up go? 24June Statement of two Prevention Officers sent to do intake for kids who were kidnapped and traumatized by lawyer subsidized by Engler programs who Ex-Parte Orders were apparently obtained through misrepresentation and were reversed.

HOW DID YOUR REPRESENTATIVE VOTE ON MFN? (see below) We applaud the 93 Democrats and 79 Republicans who voted (YES) for America and against MFN Most Favored Nation status for China!!! To the 112 Democrats and 147 Republicans who voted 'NO'... that is, 'no' withholding of China MFN Your vote told China to Continue "Normal" Business as Usual..... Continue Nuclear proliferation, Continue arming our enemies, Continue sneaking AK47's into our cities, Continue using our $50+ Billion dollar trade deficit to fund the Communist Military, Continue Chinese religious persecution, Continue to imprison freedom activists, Continue slave labor camps, Continue to bribe our government officials. Continue to lease our closed Military bases, Continue to buy up our factories, Continue to take our jobs, Continue to bring your agents to our shores and... Continue to grow into a major Communist threat to all Free People!!! Question: In light of the above, how can Republican Leaders hold Bill Clinton accountable for aiding the Chinese Communists or giving them Special Privilege for Covert Campaign Payments? To those Representatives who follow their Clinton-like Republican Leadership, in opposition to the will of 67% of the American people, Where is your courage? Would you have supported trade with Nazi Germany in hopes that Capitalism and Industrialization would have reformed that Tyrant? Representatives who place Party over Country risk their own re-election in November '98. Let us not forget to hold them accountable! Nick Ivanovich, National Coordinator, NATIONAL STATE SOVEREIGNTY COALITION "Information/Action, Of, By and For the People" $$$$$$$$$$$$ "BUY AMERICAN" $$$$$$$$$$$$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII "BOYCOTT CHINA --- IMPEACH CLINTON" IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Roll Call for China Trade Measure > > (June 24, 4:04 pm) > > The 259-173 roll call Tuesday by which the House rejected a measure > that would have disapproved President Clinton's decision to extend > most-favored-nation trade status to China. > > A "yes" vote is a vote to disapprove MFN extension. > > Voting yes were 93 Democrats, 79 Republicans and one independent. > Voting no were 112 Democrats and 147 Republicans. > > X denotes those not voting. There are no vacancies in the 435-member House. > > ALABAMA= > > Republicans - Aderholt, Y; Bachus, N; Callahan, N; Everett, Y; Riley, > Y. > > Democrats - Cramer, N; Hilliard, Y. > > ALASKA= > > Republicans - Young, N. > > ARIZONA= > > Republicans - Hayworth, N; Kolbe, N; Salmon, N; Shadegg, N; Stump, N. > > Democrats - Pastor, N. > > ARKANSAS= > > Republicans - Dickey, Y; Hutchinson, N. > > Democrats - Berry, N; Snyder, N. > > CALIFORNIA= > > Republicans - Bilbray, N; Bono, Y; Calvert, N; Campbell, N; Cox, X; > Cunningham, N; Doolittle, Y; Dreier, N; Gallegly, N; Herger, N; Horn, > Y; Hunter, Y; Kim, N; Lewis, N; McKeon, N; Packard, N; Pombo, Y; > Radanovich, N; Riggs, N; Rogan, Y; Rohrabacher, Y; Royce, Y; Thomas, > N. > > Democrats - Becerra, N; Berman, Y; Brown, N; Capps, N; Condit, Y; > Dellums, Y; Dixon, N; Dooley, N; Eshoo, N; Farr, N; Fazio, N; Filner, > N; Harman, N; Lantos, Y; Lofgren, N; Martinez, N; Matsui, N; > Millender-McDonald, N; Miller, Y; Pelosi, Y; Roybal-Allard, N; > Sanchez, Y; Sherman, N; Stark, Y; Tauscher, N; Torres, Y; Waters, Y; > Waxman, Y; Woolsey, Y. > > COLORADO= > > Republicans - Hefley, Y; McInnis, Y; Schaefer, Dan, N; Schaffer, Bob, > Y. > > Democrats - DeGette, N; Skaggs, N. > > CONNECTICUT= > > Republicans - Johnson, N; Shays, N. > > Democrats - DeLauro, Y; Gejdenson, Y; Kennelly, N; Maloney, Y. > > DELAWARE= > > Republicans - Castle, N. > > FLORIDA= > > Republicans - Bilirakis, N; Canady, N; Diaz-Balart, Y; Foley, N; > Fowler, Y; Goss, N; McCollum, N; Mica, N; Miller, N; Ros-Lehtinen, Y; > Scarborough, Y; Shaw, N; Stearns, Y; Weldon, Y; Young, N. > > Democrats - Boyd, N; Brown, N; Davis, N; Deutsch, N; Hastings, Y; > Meek, N; Thurman, N; Wexler, Y. > > GEORGIA= > > Republicans - Barr, Y; Chambliss, Y; Collins, Y; Deal, Y; Gingrich, N; > Kingston, Y; Linder, N; Norwood, Y. > > Democrats - Bishop, Y; Lewis, Y; McKinney, Y. > > HAWAII= > > Democrats - Abercrombie, Y; Mink, Y. > > IDAHO= > > Republicans - Chenoweth, Y; Crapo, Y. > > ILLINOIS= > > Republicans - Crane, N; Ewing, N; Fawell, N; Hastert, N; Hyde, Y; > LaHood, N; Manzullo, N; Porter, N; Shimkus, N; Weller, N. > > Democrats - Blagojevich, N; Costello, Y; Davis, Y; Evans, Y; > Gutierrez, Y; Jackson, Y; Lipinski, Y; Poshard, N; Rush, N; Yates, X. > > INDIANA= > > Republicans - Burton, Y; Buyer, N; Hostettler, Y; McIntosh, N; Pease, > N; Souder, Y. > > Democrats - Carson, Y; Hamilton, N; Roemer, N; Visclosky, Y. > > IOWA= > > Republicans - Ganske, Y; Latham, N; Leach, N; Nussle, N. > > Democrats - Boswell, N. > > KANSAS= > > Republicans - Moran, N; Ryun, N; Snowbarger, N; Tiahrt, Y. > > KENTUCKY= > > Republicans - Bunning, Y; Lewis, Y; Northup, N; Rogers, Y; Whitfield, > N. > > Democrats - Baesler, N. > > LOUISIANA= > > Republicans - Baker, N; Cooksey, N; Livingston, N; McCrery, N; Tauzin, > N. > > Democrats - Jefferson, N; John, N. > > MAINE= > > Democrats - Allen, N; Baldacci, N. > > MARYLAND= > > Republicans - Bartlett, Y; Ehrlich, Y; Gilchrest, N; Morella, N. > > Democrats - Cardin, Y; Cummings, Y; Hoyer, Y; Wynn, Y. > > MASSACHUSETTS= > > Democrats - Delahunt, Y; Frank, Y; Kennedy, Y; Markey, Y; McGovern, N; > Meehan, N; Moakley, N; Neal, N; Olver, Y; Tierney, Y. > > MICHIGAN= > > Republicans - Camp, N; Ehlers, N; Hoekstra, N; Knollenberg, N; Smith, > Y; Upton, Y. > > Democrats - Barcia, Y; Bonior, Y; Conyers, N; Dingell, N; Kildee, Y; > Kilpatrick, Y; Levin, N; Rivers, Y; Stabenow, N; Stupak, Y. > > MINNESOTA= > > Republicans - Gutknecht, N; Ramstad, N. > > Democrats - Luther, N; Minge, N; Oberstar, N; Peterson, N; Sabo, Y; > Vento, Y. > > MISSISSIPPI= > > Republicans - Parker, Y; Pickering, Y; Wicker, N. > > Democrats - Taylor, Y; Thompson, Y. > > MISSOURI= > > Republicans - Blunt, Y; Emerson, N; Hulshof, N; Talent, N. > > Democrats - Clay, Y; Danner, Y; Gephardt, Y; McCarthy, N; Skelton, N. > > MONTANA= > > Republicans - Hill, N. > > NEBRASKA= > > Republicans - Barrett, N; Bereuter, N; Christensen, N. > > NEVADA= > > Republicans - Ensign, Y; Gibbons, Y. > > NEW HAMPSHIRE= > > Republicans - Bass, N; Sununu, N. > > NEW JERSEY= > > Republicans - Franks, N; Frelinghuysen, N; LoBiondo, Y; Pappas, Y; > Roukema, N; Saxton, N; Smith, Y. > > Democrats - Andrews, N; Menendez, Y; Pallone, Y; Pascrell, Y; Payne, > Y; Rothman, Y. > > NEW MEXICO= > > Republicans - Redmond, N; Schiff, X; Skeen, N. > > NEW YORK= > > Republicans - Boehlert, N; Forbes, Y; Gilman, Y; Houghton, N; Kelly, > N; King, Y; Lazio, N; McHugh, N; Molinari, Y; Paxon, Y; Quinn, N; > Solomon, Y; Walsh, N. > > Democrats - Ackerman, N; Engel, Y; Flake, N; Hinchey, Y; LaFalce, N; > Lowey, N; Maloney, N; Manton, N; McCarthy, Y; McNulty, N; Nadler, Y; > Owens, Y; Rangel, N; Schumer, N; Serrano, N; Slaughter, N; Towns, N; > Velazquez, Y. > > NORTH CAROLINA= > > Republicans - Ballenger, N; Burr, Y; Coble, N; Jones, Y; Myrick, Y; > Taylor, N. > > Democrats - Clayton, Y; Etheridge, N; Hefner, Y; McIntyre, Y; Price, > N; Watt, Y. > > NORTH DAKOTA= > > Democrats - Pomeroy, N. > > OHIO= > > Republicans - Boehner, N; Chabot, N; Gillmor, Y; Hobson, Y; Kasich, Y; > LaTourette, N; Ney, N; Oxley, N; Portman, N; Pryce, N; Regula, N. > > Democrats - Brown, Y; Hall, Y; Kaptur, Y; Kucinich, Y; Sawyer, N; > Stokes, Y; Strickland, Y; Traficant, Y. > > OKLAHOMA= > > Republicans - Coburn, Y; Istook, N; Largent, N; Lucas, N; Watkins, N; > Watts, Y. > > OREGON= > > Republicans - Smith, N. > > Democrats - Blumenauer, N; DeFazio, Y; Furse, N; Hooley, N. > > PENNSYLVANIA= > > Republicans - English, N; Fox, N; Gekas, N; Goodling, Y; Greenwood, N; > McDade, N; Peterson, N; Pitts, N; Shuster, N; Weldon, N. > > Democrats - Borski, Y; Coyne, Y; Doyle, N; Fattah, N; Foglietta, N; > Holden, N; Kanjorski, N; Klink, Y; Mascara, Y; McHale, N; Murtha, N. > > RHODE ISLAND= > > Democrats - Kennedy, Y; Weygand, Y. > > SOUTH CAROLINA= > > Republicans - Graham, Y; Inglis, Y; Sanford, Y; Spence, Y. > > Democrats - Clyburn, Y; Spratt, Y. > > SOUTH DAKOTA= > > Republicans - Thune, N. > > TENNESSEE= > > Republicans - Bryant, N; Duncan, Y; Hilleary, Y; Jenkins, N; Wamp, Y. > > Democrats - Clement, N; Ford, N; Gordon, Y; Tanner, N. > > TEXAS= > > Republicans - Archer, N; Armey, N; Barton, Y; Bonilla, N; Brady, N; > Combest, N; DeLay, N; Granger, N; Johnson, Sam, N; Paul, N; Sessions, > N; Smith, N; Thornberry, N. > > Democrats - Bentsen, N; Doggett, N; Edwards, N; Frost, N; Gonzalez, Y; > Green, N; Hall, N; Hinojosa, N; Jackson-Lee, N; Johnson, E. B., N; > Lampson, N; Ortiz, N; Reyes, N; Rodriguez, N; Sandlin, N; Stenholm, N; > Turner, N. > > UTAH= > > Republicans - Cannon, N; Cook, Y; Hansen, N. > > VERMONT= > > Others - Sanders, Y. > > VIRGINIA= > > Republicans - Bateman, N; Bliley, N; Davis, N; Goodlatte, N; Wolf, Y. > > Democrats - Boucher, N; Goode, Y; Moran, N; Pickett, N; Scott, Y; > Sisisky, Y. > > WASHINGTON= > > Republicans - Dunn, N; Hastings, N; Metcalf, N; Nethercutt, N; Smith, > Linda, Y; White, N. > > Democrats - Dicks, N; McDermott, N; Smith, Adam, N. > > WEST VIRGINIA= > > Democrats - Mollohan, Y; Rahall, Y; Wise, N. > > WISCONSIN= > > Republicans - Klug, Y; Neumann, N; Petri, N; Sensenbrenner, Y. > > Democrats - Barrett, N; Johnson, N; Kind, N; Kleczka, N; Obey, Y. > > WYOMING= > > Republicans - Cubin, Y.

Thnx. I have no other name for dissemination. Those who know, know. Those who don't, don't care. I am a well-watched rascal on the local political and militia scenes. My main thrust is the ability to enunciate facts, analyze theories, and draw rational conclusions. At most junctures, my proclamations follow conservative/libertarian philosophies. I am always a burr under the saddles of socialists/communists/fascists and the "dominant media" contributors and spokespersons... Amazing, huh? If the situation warrants, and a theological position will be upheld through "thought association" by quoting the Authorized Version of 1611 (KJV), I usually quote the gist of things spiritual to amplify things secular. One must always consider Matthew 7: 6, and not cast one's pearls before swine. You being an intelligent and learned person will understand all this. Have a good evening... Look forward to a better tomorrow. After all, you can make that occur. I'll take better over worse anyday!

Just finished reading your site and am greatly impressed. Keep up the good work. A helpful addition. Not only does the federal reserve created money out of thin air and loan it to the government, they also do it to us. They called it mortgage loans, car loans and credit card loans but they are all essentially the same thing. The Truth is the banks that follow federal reserve rules do not loan any of their money or other depositors to us. They merely create "checkbook money" and then lie to us by calling it a loan. Mortgage loan payments, car loan payments, credit card payments are no different than income taxes, they are all extortion payments to the international bankers. A Brother In Christ

In 1769, Samuel Adams and some allies began publishing their "Journal of the Times" , which was soon published in newspapers all over the colonies. The objective was to report the misbehavior of the British troops. Perhaps it is time for the "Journal of the Times" to return. -- Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom "when the government is pointing its guns in the wrong direction!"

REFERRING TO Electronic Telegraph, Tuesday, 6/24/97, Issue 60 Entitled Belgian UN Troups Admit To "Roasting" Somali Boy >Dear Americans, thousands, if not millions of UN troops are in the US, supposedly for peacekeeping training at our various bases, among them Fort Polk LA. The London Sunday Telegraph article below brought back terrible memories, with a very sick feeling at my core. So, I felt it necessary to share my very grave concerns with you. Because of the passage of time, I had to review the details of the sorry history of the UN and its reign of terror in Katanga, which is just one country among many, terrorized by the UN, and backed by the US with your hard earned dollars. I felt compelled in light of impending serious danger here in the US, to remind or inform you (from my experience) what the UN truly is and for what reasons it actually exists. The events of Katanga happened over 30 years ago, when I was a mere child, and I quote heavily from M. Stanton Evans' '62 book, "The Fringe on Top." I hope, for your health and safety, you will take the time to read this brief history of just one UN reign of terror. Our turn with destiny is approaching rapidly, for we SHALL surely reap what we have sown, whether some of us wittingly or unwittingly. I was at a French boarding school in the Congo just before the terror struck, and my father drove me out in the nick of time. I remember well the hordes of bleeding Belgian and Black residents of the Congo streaming across the border into Uganda seeking refuge. Their faces pale and haunted by sheer terror and horror remains imprinted deep in my psyche and in my mind's eye. Note, the US did nothing to curb the reign of terror, its rogue elements in fact instigated it, along with its true ally, the Communist, Soviet barbarians. And as country after country (in the manner of Katanga) in Africa has fallen to Communist tyranny, the US stood by. According to AP currently the US has peacekeepers in 100 countries: what for and doing what? And the scores of foreign UN troops in the US--for what reasons? Angie C. > > >When the former Belgian colony, the Congo, gained its independence, June 30, 1960, the US backed a demand for centralized government, encompassing pro-Communist "neutralists," and anti-Communists. The US lent its support to CIA installed Premier, Patrice Lumumba, a Marxist and most brutal and sinister dictator. Throughout this period, the United Nations lent its support to Lumumba, protecting him and hindering the efforts of his various opponents. The US in turn gave its support to the U.N. Katanga, a vastly mineral rich region of the Congo, comprising some 2 million people, remained relatively stable and quiet. The peace loving, Christian, Moise Tshombe, viewing the anarchy of the Lumumba regime, withdrew from the Congolese state, and Katanga declared itself independent, with Tshombe as President. On June 1, 1961, the UN sent its troops into Katanga, as an effort to put that province under the rule of the central government of the Congo. On September 13, UN forces staged an all-out assault against Katanga's capital city, in the course of which they bombed hospitals and private homes, killed missionaries, doctors, nurses and Red Cross workers, black and white, and routinely violated agreements reached with Tshombe. The United States lent its full support to the United Nations action. In 1961, the Kennedy regime provided airplanes to fly supplies to the UN troops beleaguering Katanga, and paid the lion's share of the bill for men and supplies being used to kill missionaries, residents and devastate hospitals. Soviet ships on the Coast provided armaments covertly. That year, Kennedy overwhelmingly supported the authorization of an appropriation of $100 million by Congress to meet additional UN obligations incurred in the Katanga slaughter. After some of the worst atrocities in history, rapes and killings of white and black residents, bombings of civilian buildings and shattering the infrastructure of Katanga, the UN, with full US and Soviet support, shattered the anti-Communist nation of Katanga and spurred civil war throughout the Congo. Senator Thomas Dodd (D-Conn.) made a fact-finding mission to the Congo and summed it up this way in a speech to the Senate, September 8, 1961: "Under the guise of assisting the central government and reestablishing parliamentary rule, the UN... has been preparing the way, step by step, for a Communist take over in the Congo.... Within recent weeks, the UN has fostered the creation of a so-called coalition government, so heavily weighed in favor of ghe Communists, that, unless we do something to reverse the course of UN policy, the outcome is virtually a mathematical certainty... Katanga has 60% of the world supply of cobalt and vast mineral wealth of other kinds. The control of this mineral wealth is of the greatest importance to the free world. Among the various UN officials who served there was Gustavo Duran, former employee of the US State Department. Duran was UN Political Officer in the Congo from August 1960-61. Gustavo Duran is an alumnus of the Truman-Acheson State Department, and was the subject of charges by the late Senator Joseph McCarthy. A memorandum by James Shepley of Time magazine in the Congressional Record 11/14/51, described this UN official, "Duran is considered flatly to be MVD (Soviet secret police)." The Congo was renamed Zaire after the US installed the communist Mobutu Sese Seko as dictator and he devastated and oppressed the nation for 32 years. He refused to completely "privatize" read sell all of his nations' wealth to international bankers, so he had to go. The stories are not much different with other US stooges, like the Shah or Iran, Marcos of the Philippines, Noriega, and numerous other leaders of nations who while puppets, refused to tow the line absolutely. > >Today, Katanga is the province of Kivu in Eastern Zaire, precisely where in the last seven months the genocide of close to a million souls has occurred and continues. Another Marxist dictator, Kabila, has been installed, after the last one out-lived his usefullness. Today, 27 investment corporations and scores of Western gold companies are vying for Zaire's/Congo's (now renamed the Republic of the Congo) vast oil and mineral wealth, at the complete expense of its inhabitants. Africa's 53 nations will be divided into six regions and ruled by Western powers behind its corrupt African stooges.

EXECUTIVE ORDERS FOR The New World Order WHAT ARE EXECUTIVE ORDERS Executive Orders are laws established by United States presidents. These laws are not passed by the Congress, and create an end-run around the Constitution. These laws begin as Executive Orders which are simply printed in the Federal Register. After thirty days these orders become law and carry the full impact of any law passed by the United States Congress. These laws are unconstitutional because the Constitution does not afford any person the right to create laws by himself that negates the Constitution. To understand just how this could all come about you need to open your eyes, your mind and your heart. What we have discovered is quite scary, very much unconstitutional and in every sense, acts of treason against the United States of America. There are individuals in this world, within this country, and in our government who would like to rule the world, and they do believe that this is possible. They are, and have been working towards this goal for decades. Some of the individuals caught up in this endeavor have been our very own elected officials. These power hungry individuals have corrupted our government and are working on sabotaging our freedom by destroying the Constitution of the United States, in order to establish the "New World Order" (a.k.a. "Global Community"). To bring about this New World Order, and ultimately the single World Government, there are several things that must come about: All forms of government throughout the world must cease to function and thus the countries would become bankrupt. Because the Constitution is a document that safeguards the sovereignty of our nation, it must be destroyed. Because of the genuine threat of the American militia, the American people must be disarmed, and become addicted to the government hand-outs and thus become "sheeple." The American people have become so accustomed to their freedom and the constitutional safeguards afforded them, that they have paid little, if any attention, to what is and could be happening around them. The international establishment has planned this, and are working to use this weakness to erode our freedom and take control of the United States. * The Declaration of Interdependence, supported by several of our elected officials, moves the United States of America closer to the mandates of the United Nations Charter. * The U.S. has entered into many United Nations treaties (Genocide Treaty, Human Rights Treaty and Total Disarmament Treaty) that steal away our rights under the "Bill of Rights". Despite the noble titles of these treaties, the truth of the motives of the U.N. becomes self-evident under the most fundamental scrutiny. * The "War on Drugs" is the guise the Federal Government uses to legitimize the invoking of Martial Law tactics (under the Drug & Crime Emergency Act), while they continue to covertly import the drugs and weapons they claim to be fighting against. This guise conveniently facilitates the total disarmament of all weapons (public and private) as mandated by the United Nations. * Without the complicity of the Federal Government, crime of this magnitude could not exist. The Executive Orders, and other treasonous acts, establish the basis for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA has the power to completely rule over the American people any time the president should decide to declare Martial Law. If this should ever happen, the director of FEMA (an unelected official) has the authorization to enact all Executive Orders, giving him full dictatorial control over all the United States, its resources, and its people. Martial Law suspends all prior or existing laws, functions, systems and programs of civil government, and replaces them with a military system. These systems include the courts, mail, sanitation, aviation, firefighting, police, agricultural services, health, education and welfare. The American people and all their belongings become chattel of FEMA, and the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces will be in absolute control of our country. Laws that are made in secrecy are a threat to each of us, and must be rescinded if we are to remain a FREE people. The following presidential Executive Orders are written but not implemented and could be implemented at any time, suspending the Constitution of the United States and using FEMA to do it: 11051 - Provides the Office of Emergency Planning or FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) complete authorization to put the following orders into effect in times of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis. 10000 - Allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and to control all highways and seaports. 10995 - Seizure of all communications media in the United States. 10997 - Seizure of all electric power, fuels, and minerals, both public and private. 10998 - Seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private; all farms and farm equipment. 10999 - Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and waterways. 11000 - Seizure of all American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government has to. 11001 - Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private. 11002 - Empowers the Postmaster General to register all persons in the United States. 11003 - Seizure of all airports and aircraft. 11004 - Seizure of all housing and finance authorities, to establish Forced Relocation. Designates areas to be abandoned as "unsafe," establishes new locations for populations, relocates communities, builds new housing with public funds. 11005 - Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, both public and private. 11049 - Assigns emergency preparedness function to Federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a 15 year period. 11310 - Grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the president. 11921 - Allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency (FEPA) to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the president, Congress cannot review the action for six months. ---------------------------------------------------------- NOTE THAT IT COVERS EVERY CONCEIVABLE DOMESTIC CRISIS, BUT DOES NOT EVEN MENTION WAR OR NUCLEAR ATTACK. ______________________

Mystery solved It seems that when the good Lord was making the world, he called Man aside and bestowed upon him 20 years of normal sex life. Man was horrified, but the Creator refused to budge. Then the Lord called the monkey and gave him 20 years. "But I don't need 20 years," said the monkey. "Ten years is plenty." Man said, "May I have the other 10 years?" The monkey agreed. The Lord called on lion and gave him 20 years. He, too, wanted only 10. Again, Man spoke up. "May I have the other 10 years?" "Of course," said the lion. Then came the donkey, who was also given 20 years. Like the others, 10 years was enough for him. Man again asked for the spare 10 years, and he got them. This explains why Man has 20 years of normal sex life, 10 years of monkeying around, 10 years of lion about it and, 10 years of making a jackass out of himself.

At 12:48 AM 6/26/97 -0400, you wrote: > >Carol: > >I am impressed! That keyboard of yours must be smoking! > >Here is my comment and position on this whole diversion of attention from the >REAL, IMPORTANT ISSUES: > >Every week it seems that someone comes up with another proposed amendment. > They want to eliminate flag burning, they want a 20 page dissertation on >victim's rights, etc.. > >What is the *&^%&^*&^ point? Once you get people used to the idea of adding all of these "neat ideas" to the Constitution, then you call a convention to amend the Constitution to get them all done at once, Right ? Wrong. When they have their convention, the current Constitution WILL BE REPLACED, not amended. The precedent to do so was set in 1776. Remember where you heard it first. > >We already have a lot of amendments. > >Why don't we try reimplementing the First? For starters. > >Why don't we reemplement the Second and educate people as to its meaning and >the meaning of the phrase "shall not be infringed". That means >"unrestricted". No waiting periods, no fingerprints, no background checks, >etc.. Who in the world is stupid enough to think a law will keep a criminal >from getting weapon. Not quite on point but close enough, Charles Manson was >recently denied a parole hearing because he failed TWO DRUG TESTS IN A ROW - >in a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON! > >Why don't we consider that the 5th is a farse when wiretaps occur without >court order or based on lies and when you can be compelled to have medical >and other tests. If you really have the right against self incrimination >does that only apply to the air which makes your vocal cords vibrate? > >What about the REAL 13 >th Amendment? Under fairly reasonable interpretations, it is possible >to conclude that ANY action taken by Congress since before the Civil War is >a nullity. > >What about the fact that the 16th amendment was never ratified? That's not really relevant, because it doesn't do, or change, anything of substance. > >What about the fact that the IRS doesn't even exist! Except to collect revenue in DC and territories apparently. > >How about the fact that income tax and social securith REALLY ARE voluntary? No. Income tax is mandatory - WHERE ACTUALLY IMPOSED BY STATUTE. Employment taxes (not just SS) are voluntary. > >How about the fact that most federal agencies are clearly unconsitutional? It is only unconstitutional for the Federal gov't. to intrude into the lives of citizens in matters not authorized for such in the Constitution. It is not unconstitutional to study issues and evaluate facts and publish recommendations, they just cannot be enforced. So it not the agency itself that is unconstitutional, just their specific activities where such intrusion is committed. So, voluntary compliance ONLY for things like EPA, OSHA, etc. > >What about the fact that Clinton is clearly a dictator and you REALLY can't tell >the difference between the u.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. any more -- maybe we should just change the >name to U.S.S.A. - United Socialist States of America? They did in 1933, Did they forget to tell you ? > >Here is the BOTTOM LINE: If you took a realistic look at this country, would >you conclude that it's blueprint is: > > A. >The Constitution or > B. The Commu >nist Manifesto? > >Look at both and decide for yourself. No question - the Manifesto. > >A Couple Of Quick Examples: The Constitution prohibits the Federal Reserve >and our Founding Fathers were adamant about not having a central bank, >especially a privately held one. The Communist Manifesto Calls for it. >Which one won? > >The Constitution calls for uninfringed rights to keep and bear arms. This >means absolutely no limitations! The Communist Manifest advocates guns in >the hands of the "State" ONLY. Janet Reno said something to the effect the >other day with regard to gun control like "the ultimate goal is > >PROHIBITION > >Based on this goal, as spoken by the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES, > which blueprint is being used? > > >The BOTTOM BOTTOM Line: > > > We don't need any more amendments. > > We don't need any more unconstitutional laws. > >What we really need to do is clean up the unconstitutional mess we have now. > >Before we toss the Constitution, >or make more changes to it, >why don't we try living by it >as it was intended! Of course. > >What we might find is that there is no need for additional amendments because >the issues are either political grandstanding OR its none of the federal >government's business in the first place! > > > >Sincerely, > > >Terry W. Stough, Founder >American Resistance Movement

I agree that privatizing the education system would go a long way towards starting us back on the right track. There are still enough morally based people in this nation that good schools, at reasonable prices would be established and the results would speak for themselves and provide all the marketing required. Clearly, laws can only be enforced against those who break them, whatever the law. They should be enforced strongly and heavily. Swift consequences for the violation of any good law is the only way it can be maintained for those who would think to violate it. Law enforcement is a tool that is used 99% of the time after the fact, in other words, after the crime is committed. If it is a good law, the populace will support strong enforcement. If the law abiding, moral citizen must be intimidated into supporting a law (ie. IRS), then you can bet it is not a god law. Prevention is the ultimate cure, and, as you state, eduction is the key. The conspiracy is well aware of this, and that is why ourr education system is in such shambles. It also is why they have t intimidate the moral citizens into participating. Those are important keys to perception of good and bad laws. Great dialog with you Terry, I appreciate it.

> From: Vin Suprynowicz > > FROM MOUNTAIN MEDIA > > FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATED JULY 1, 1997 > > EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS "CLASSIC" COLUMN WAS ORIGINALLY FILED FOR > RELEASE > > ON JULY 3, 1995. IF USED, IT SHOULD BE SO IDENTIFIED > > THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz > > Some passages unlikely to be read in Washington this week > > > > What an inconvenient holiday the Fourth of July must seem to > Bill > > Clinton, who went to Michigan May 5, 1995 to warn that citizen > militias > > represent "the forces of organized destruction and evil" in America, > and > > that it is no longer permissible to "pretend" to love our country > while > > opposing its government. > > > > "How dare you suggest that we in the freest nation on earth live > in > > tyranny?" the president asked. > > > > On this date, of course, we celebrate the courage of men who > risked > > hanging to sign a certain document on July the Third, 1776, men like > > > Richard Henry Lee of Virginia and the young red-headed fellow who > signed > > just just beneath him, "Ths. Jefferson." But the words for which > they > > risked their lives were Jefferson's alone: "Whenever any Form of > Government > > becomes destructive of these Ends (securing the unalienable rights > with > > which men are endowed by their Creator), it is the Right of the > People to > > alter or abolish it." > > > > When Mr. Clinton said in East Lansing that, "There is no right to > kill > > people who are doing their duty," he was, of course, referring to > the > > tragic, wrongful deaths of unarmed women and children in Oklahoma > City. > > > > But we expect our presidents to voice principles beyond the > emotion of > > the moment. What, for instance, would Mr. Clinton have us do with > teen-ager > > Jim Monroe, who awakened a small group of government officials in > Trenton, > > N.J. from a sound sleep one winter day not so very long ago, charged > at > > them with a huge, machete-like weapon, and before they could even > pull on > > all their clothes, slashed a number of them to death? The dead men, > surely, > > were "only doing their duty," while young James was apparently under > the > > absurd delusion that the government they served was operating as > some > kind > > of "tyranny." > > > > The teen-ager Monroe's astonishing actions, of course, occurred > on > > Christmas Day, 1776, after he had crossed the icy Delaware with the > leader > > of this nation's "forces of destruction and evil," co-founder of the > > > Fairfax County Militia, a man who definitely loved his country but > despised > > his government, George Washington. > > > > And the young lieutenant's crime did not go unpunished -- his own > > sentence in the White House lasted a full eight years, from 1817 to > 1825. > > > > If Mr. Clinton hopes to remain as long, he might remember that the > > > aforementioned Richard Henry Lee wrote in 1788, "A militia, when > properly > > formed, are in fact the people themselves. ... To preserve liberty, > it is > > essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms." > > > > But he was a piker next to Mr. Jefferson, who wrote to Madison: "I > hold > > that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing." Later, > writing > to > > William S. Smith in 1787 -- six full years after the last Redcoat > departed > > Yorktown in disgrace -- Mr. Jefferson went further: "What country > can > > preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to > time > that > > the people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. > ... The > > tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood > of > > patriots and tyrants." > > > > Why is it that I doubt these passages will be among the readings > from > the > > Founders at the White House this Fourth of July? > > > > But the world is very different now from those days so long ago, > we're > > assured. > > > > Here is the most childlike of error of all, to assume that because > we > now > > have superhighways and personal computers, it must no longer be true > that > > the best defense of a free nation is an armed populace. Ask the > Afghans > > about that. Ask the North Vietnamese. Ask the Israelis, many of > whose > > grandparents so willingly gave up their arms to prove they were > > "law-abiding Germans" in 1938, whether they would turn over their > own > > rifles now to the Syrians, in exchange for smiling promises. > > > > "Americans have the habit of saying they're the freest nation in > the > > world," says Canadian tax scholar Charles Adams, author of the > current > > best-seller on the destructiveness of taxes through the ages, "but > they > > should say 'used to be.' America of all the Western nations is the > worst. > > No one else lets the government go through your bank records, no one > else > > makes you file a form when you hire a baby-sitter." > > > > "He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms > of > > Officers to harass our people, and eat out their Substance," wrote > Mr. > > Jefferson in 1776. Oh, nothing like today. > > > > The problem is not that our current government is less tyrannical > than > > King George's, which never jailed anyone for practicing medicine -- > or > > self-medication -- without a license, which never would have dreamed > of > > stacking juries by asking them in advance whether they agreed to > convict > if > > so ordered by the judge. > > > > No, I think Mary Wollstonecraft hit our problem on the head a > century > and > > a half ago, noting that men and women both "submit everywhere to > > oppression, where they have only to lift their heads to throw off > the > > yoke," licking the dust instead of asserting their birthright until, > "at > > last, they despise the freedom which they have not sufficient virtue > to > > struggle to obtain." > > > > Vin Suprynowicz is the assistant editorial page editor of the Las > Vegas > > Review-Journal. Readers may contact him via e-mail at > > > > *** > > > > > > Vin Suprynowicz, > > > > Voir Dire: A French term which means "jury stacking." > >

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REMARKS BY A "FULLY ARMED" ISRAELI ON GUN CONTROL" I just visited your home page and enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought you might be interested in knowing the gun situation here in Israel. In theory, we have very tought control laws. It takes quite a bit of time to get a license. BUT...every soldier is required to keep his gun with him, even while on leave. This means that every 19-21 year old girl and every 19-22 boy has an automatic rifle, with a minimum of two full clips, at all times. In addition, the same rules apply when you are in reserve duty. All men do 30 days a year reserves until they are 50, and they, too, carry M-16s. If you live in what is considered a dangerous area, like I do (along the Lebanese border) you are issued a M-16 which you keep at home (with 5 full clips). Some people, like myself, have special army duties that require additional firepower. I was deputy commander of an sniper unit (reserves) and had an FN sniper rifle. BUT -- despite all this, Israel has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world. On the rare occasion that a weapon is misused it is front page news. Sort of casts doubt on the wisdom of keeping citizens unarmed, doesn't it?

Subj: Fwd: Bio scientists argue authenticity of global warming-GOOD STUFF C* Date: 97-06-26 23:39:42 EDT From: Clido CC:, GACM5, CC: BCC: TWStough ----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: [Fwd: Ever more ways to censor / global warming] Date: 97-06-26 02:17:55 EDT From: (Pat Owens) Reply-to: To: CC:,,,,,, Return-Path: Received: from (med3.MINERVA.COM []) by (8.8.6/8.8.3) with SMTP id UAA24231 for ; Tue, 24 Jun 1997 20:41:10 -0500 (CDT) From: Message-Id: <> To: greg,,, Reply-To: Jack Perrine >From: jzp (Jack Perrine) Subject: Ever more ways to censor / global warming Cc:,,,,,,, Date: Tue, 24 Jun 97 18:40:28 PDT X-Mailer: Mail-it Version 1.30 Received: from by ; Tue, 24 Jun 1997 18:42 PDT Content-Type: text The first article is quite disgusting and quite self explanatory The second comes from very reputable people in the weather area and basically says: There is no proof for global warming Scientifically few think there is global warming or believe in the theories supporting it. However, politically there is an intense need for global warming and as far as the politicians are concerned the rule is: Don't bother us with facts.......we have our agenda to implement and we intend to do so with or without facts to support our position .....but what else is new. Jack A AA AAAA The A-Infos News Service AA AA AA AA INFOSINFOSINFOS AAAA AAAA AAAAA AAAAA Raids Against 'Interim' Autonomist Zine In Berlin On June 12, 1997, more than 500 police in Berlin carried out a series of raids aimed at criminalizing the weekly autonomist publication 'Interim'. State agents searched several houses in the Berlin districts of Friedrichshain, Neukolln, and Kreuzberg. Several individuals were charged with various felonies including "rewarding or supporting illegal actions". Police also raided several printing presses. A successful criminalization of the Interim would, in practical terms, be much more of a blow to the German radical-left than the recent state campaign against the underground publication Radikal, because whereas Radikal has only been sporadically published over the past few years, Interim has appeared *every week* since the late 1980s. Published as a forum for discussion for Berlin's radical-left autonome scene, the magazine has political relevance all across Germany, as it provides an anonymous forum for publishing communiques from militant action groups, mobilizations for demonstrations, and debates on politics and strategy. The following is a translation of a statement issued by Interim following the recent raids. --- "You Can't Ban A Concept" Statement From Interim Magazine - June 12, 1997 Interim has been published weekly for nine years. State surveillance, repression, and investigations have not stopped it from appearing. The 1995 Verfassungsschutzbericht' [annual report from Germany's Office to Protect the Constitution] stated that "a high degree of trust and discipline among the makers of the magazine" have prevented the authorities from being able to close it down. But now the powers that be feel they can do just that. Therefore, we'd like to say the following: 1. There is no permanent Interim editorial group, nor a fixed publishing location. The magazine is continually made and put together by different people. 2. If any papers were found anywhere during the police raids which also appeared in the Interim, that doesn't mean a thing. The Interim has a public mailing address, anyone can send us papers or documents, and as far as we know, it's not a crime to receive mail. 3. The cops dismantled printing presses, confiscated computers and files, filed charges against individuals. It's ridiculous to think that this will stop the Interim. Because the Interim is a communications CONCEPT: uncensored, according to the law, published according to its own rules in the interest of an anonymous exchange about theory and praxis of undogmatic left-radical politics. As long as the ruling powers are bent on destroying society, a radical resistance movement will be necessary, and it's not possible for a discussion of this necessity to take place within the boundaries of the laws of the powers that be. If Schonbohm [former General, now Interior Minister in Berlin] tries to stop our communication exchange by confiscations and arrests, he might just as well try to handcuff a mountain stream. If forced to operate entirely outside of legal boundaries, that's what we'll do, and there will always be people willing to make this communications concept possible and who can run it and diversify it. 4. We view the raids against part of the Interim's structures at this point in time as a flanking maneuver in the war which Schonbohm and Ladowski have declared. At a time when resistance to their cleansing policies is increasing - inner-city actions, university congresses, mobilizations by squatters, the homeless, and immigrants - the state wants to eliminate the forum by which all these forms of resistance can be linked together. Even if we aren't able to continue the discussion about our politics (our politicians??), one thing is clear: Schonbohm has declared war, and we will react. Repression breeds revolts. We promise that the next issue of the Interim will be published on time, with the theme of how we can go on the offensive against those who want to cleanse the city [before it becomes Germany's capital again]. All those who wish to participate in this discussion will find ways of getting their texts to the Interim. Interim - Weekly Berlin Info --- Interim On The Internet In order to do something about the criminalization of the Interim, Trend Online in Berlin has set up a Solidarity Homepage for the publication with news about the recent raids, and we at Arm The Spirit have set up a mirrorsite. This is to be seen as an expansion of the publication, not a substitute for it. Interim is a weekly hardcopy publication and plans to stay that way. Trend Online's Interim Solidarity Page: Arm The Spirit's Interim Mirror Site: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of material, including political prisoners, national liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings, research, and translation materials on our listserv called ATS-L. For more information, contact: Arm The Spirit P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A Toronto, Ontario M5W 1P7 Canada E-mail: WWW: ATS-L Archives: MRTA Solidarity Page: FTP: --> /pub/Politics/Arm.The.Spirit -----------------------------------------------------------------

>> Source: CSPN2 >> Date : 6-23-97 >> >> ALERT!!!!!!!! Last night Great Britain voted by a 2/3 majority to BAN >> ALL HANDGUNS. This includes even .22cal single shot handguns. You cannot >> even store them at the gun club! They are offering no compensation to >> the owners of the firearms, the gun clubs that will have to close >> because of it or even to their gold medal Olympic team that will no >> longer be able to compete. One speaker said that the rights of the >> public to be safe out weighed the minority of legal lawabiding citizens >> to own handguns, even for target practice. >> >> President Clinton is prasing Great Britain for this move. Are we next? >> Is this not what happened in Germany before WWII? Or Russia or countless >> other times in history so that citizens could not defend themselves? >> >> We need to be prepared for legal battle for our second amendment rights >> like you have never seen before. You can bet that as soon as the word >> spreads to all of the anti-gunners they are going to start screaming for >> the same thing here. We cannot let this be the end of our so called >> "minority" rights to own a firearm. >> >> Please send this to everyone that even remotely cares about their 2nd >> amendment rights.

I like your idea! I've got a better one. They have ignored the people for over 200 years, let's ignore them for the next 200! It couldn't be worse than it is now!

.... Again we have a slight difference of opinion. If the TENTH says that everything else is reserved to States, then why spend BILLIONS or TRILLIONS on recommendations? .... Yes I agree, but I think that sort of "looking into" can be put in the "general welfare" category. Remember, the States (and People) ask them to do it (look into it).

Hi~ First let me say that I am a female :D Now let me say that I feel that we are to be about the business of telling people about the "Good News".....however, Even Jesus gave clues to the "signs" of the times concerning his return to Earth. He told us to "watch". There are also prophecies that have been fulfilled and continue to be fulfilled at an alarming rate. I don't believe these things will happen up to a point and then stop, although that has been known to happen as with Daniel's 70th week (which 69 weeks of years happened and then was cut off). The NWO crowd now has their "chip" and an agenda to fullfill. They have grown to be powerful and will not permit any delays. They use drugs, anti-family laws, and anything else they can to subvert people into a wayward life, just so "They" can say..."See! You need a keeper and MORE laws"! As for it being heresy to try and "figure out" WHEN Jesus is returning....well, the Bible has already told will be at the Battle of Armageddon (unless you mean the Rapture). There are also timelines in the Bible that scholars are aware of, such as the Passover. The Passover is the Jewish celebration of what we Christians know as the Resurrection (this is NOT the holiday named Easter/Ishtar). There was a time to celebrate it and it means something to the timeline of events that will happen concerning the Antichrist. Just as does the Feast of Trumpets (the last trump) and the Feast of Tabernacles (the Rapture). It does tend to get very indepth, but it is worth looking at to see what you can see. "Study to show ourselves approved", you might say! :D ~Lu

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