Blazing Trails
If you are not paranoid... you are not paying attention!

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Predi$ident Clinton
Executive Oders
The Year 2000 Bug
New World Order
Candian/FBI agents into Drugs
Black Helicopters
The Murrah Bombing (OKCity)
Flight TWA 800

Things have gotten really seriously convoluted. To try to follow some of the conspiracies requires a substantial amount of dedication. Any one thread can lead to so many other threads, eventually, maybe they will come together into a complete tapestry that could scare the bejabbers out of you. Follow these links if you dare. Be Aware of what is going on around you. If you do not, you are merely Sheeple being led to slaughter.

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I sometimes refer to this as the World Manglement Team (WMT) in deference to Satya's reference to the World Management Team as discussed in the book Pleiadean Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow. It may not be a specific group under this name, but this covers whatever name they may go by. I suspect that it is above the Illuminati, the CFR, the Bilderburgers and all of the others that have come to Light in present times. Those members who are planning to build a one world government in disregard to the freedom and social good of the general world population; the leaders and proponents of the New World Order (at least as they would want it).

But at this time, I feel that they have realized that they "blew it" and that they will not succeed in their plans. The Earth is heading for ascension, and there is little that they are going to be able to do about it. They know this, and still they try to do "their thing" to get and keep as much power as they can. Unfortunately for them, power is not going to be the important measure in the age to come.

In a lecture that I attended in September, 1996, the power structure of this WMT was described as a pyramid. This is the typical symbol for this government, the All Seeing Eye as depicted on the back of the one dollar bill. The general population is represented as the lowest level of this pyramid. The layers above them are the various organizations, sub-governments, social groups and corporations that derive power and existence from the population. On top of them are the more senior organizations that draw power from the lower groups. And so on up to the higher apex. At this topmost level are the real people in charge. They pull the strings to get done whatever is on their agenda. The groups below them don't even know of their existence. Since in most cases the WMT has influence over both sides of an issue, they would win regardless of the outcome. Elections are covered this way. Why is it that only two parties ever get enough exposure to participate? It is because the WMT control the strings on both parties.

The advantage to this structure, for us, the people on the bottom, is that we are the base of the pyramid. All we have to do is stop giving our power to those above us. Without our support, the structure weakens and with enough of us "Dropping Out" the Power Pyramid collapses.

How do we go about walking away from the structure? The first thing we need to do is to acknowledge that we are responsible for our own power. We determine how we use it and whether we give it away to someone else. Then we take the time to look inside the pyramid and ask ourselves if we are part of the problem. Take responsibility for ourselves first. Find an area of stability where you feel right in living. Anchor yourself to this area to ensure security in your own presence.

Then we need to make others aware of this conspiracy, but we need to be sure that we are not spreading FEAR around as we do so. Fear is the weapon of the conspiracy, and if all we do is to spread fear, then we are adding power to the pyramid. By showing the truth behind the power structure and yet not falling into fear about it, we illuminate it. (How appropriate that WE illuminate the Illuminati!) By opening our hearts, our 4th chakra, we make a stronger connection to our higher selves, loosening the strings that the WMT has on us. Loosening their power over us. Fear evaporates and they can no longer control us through fear. Many have found this to be true, and now are spreading the information about many of the conspiracies in existence. At one point, it seems too fantastic to be true, but with more and more information coming into the open, we can see the threads of truth even within the dis-information stories. Give love to the WMT, to dilute the hate and fear that they generate. They have too much hate and fear themselves, and as long as they are in power, they derive more hate and fear from the layers of the pyramid under them. Love reduces their energy of fear and loosens their control over others in the pyramid.

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