by Frederick Mann
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Your Own Mind is Your Most Important Freedom Resource
For those who have not yet discovered that they are free - or for those who are convinced that they are not free - the biggest barrier to freedom lies in their own minds.

The most important resource that determines your degree of freedom is your own mind. In addition to the reports published by Terra Libra, there are two books you absolutely must study if you have not yet discovered that you are free and you yearn to be free:
(a) How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne (Avon Books, NY; 1973);
(b) The Discovery of Freedom: Man's Struggle Against Authority by Rose Wilder Lane (Arno Press & The New York Times, NY; 1972 - first published in 1943).

It will be worth your while to obtain and study the above two books. Try the following potential sources: (a) Used-book stores, (b) Libraries, (c) The organizations listed below, denoted as book suppliers.

There are two fundamentally different approaches to freedom:
(a) Attempt to persuade politicians to change the system in order to give us liberty;
(b) Discover that you are free by nature and acquire freedom technology to live free in an unfree world.

Both approaches involve education. In the first approach people attempt to educate others about the morality and merits of liberty. In the second approach people educate themselves about the practical knowledge, methods, and skills (freedom technology) for living free. The two approaches are mutually enhancing. There are many organizations practicing the first approach, and a few that emphasize the second. Terra Libra focuses on the second approach.

An outgrowth of the second approach is the creation of free institutions to serve the needs of the free. Terra Libra is such an institution. Financial services organizations that enable people to handle their finances without coercive interference are such institutions. Organizations that teach people how to legally protect their income and assets against government theft and robbery are other examples.

There is a natural evolution from the first approach to the second. While involved in the first approach you learn about liberty and how to educate others. After a while you may become dissatisfied with the results. Then you find out that you don't need to change the system in order to be free. You start thinking in terms of reorganizing your life to enjoy greater freedom. You discover that you are free by nature. You may link up with other free people. You may start a real free-enterprise business. Terra Libra seeks to accelerate this natural evolution.

A major shift in thinking is also involved. People applying the first approach tend to think that liberty is something given to them by others (politicians changing the system). People applying the second approach realize that they are free by nature and they develop their resourcefulness to overcome obstacles to freedom so they can live free in an unfree world. It is a shift in thinking from being outer-directed to being inner directed.

Terra Libra supports all approaches that expand freedom. We believe that our best chances to achieve a free world come from the combination of a wide range of different freedom-increasing activities.

Freedom Resource Organizations and Publications
There are several reasons to contact the organizations below:

If you contact any of these organizations, please let them know that you heard about them from Terra Libra. If you purchase anything from them, please ask them to send a commission to Terra Libra.

The fact that an individual, organization, or publication is listed here does not imply endorsement from Terra Libra. The Directory is for information only.

Freedom Technology Resource Guide

***** Please let me know of any organizations, groups, publications, etc. that should be added to the above.

Building Freedom
The following quote is from a letter by "A Friend of Thomas Paine" published in the June 1993 issue of The Voluntaryist:

Such a "personal defensive shield" has been developed. It is called freedom technology. It consists of the knowledge, methods, and skills for living free in an unfree world. However, you can't just buy the shield and use it. You have to discover who you are. You have to discover your freedom. You have to shift from being outer-directed to being inner-directed. You have to practice and develop your freedom. You need to develop the determination to live free, no matter what!

In this context, freedom is like a brain and a muscle. The brain needs to learn. The muscle needs to work. You need to actively beat the bureaucrats. Freedom in action! You shift from complaining about lack of freedom to actually living free

Selling Freedom for Profit
To some, the notion of selling freedom profitably might seem insulting. There are thousands of organizations that promote freedom. Together these organizations have millions of members and supporters. Generally, the supporters provide the money for the organizations to survive. Many supporters act as unpaid salespeople. Supporters are expected to sacrifice money, time, and effort to bring about freedom in the future.

In Terra Libra we advocate that individuals sell freedom for profit: a shift from self-sacrifice and altruism to enlightened self-interest or selfishness.

We have entered the information age. When you sell freedom, you essentially sell information. Bill Gates of Microsoft has become America's richest man essentially by selling information on how to make computers more effective. What we are trying to sell is essentially information on how humans can become more effective.

The difference between how effective humans can be and how effective they actually are, constitutes the potential market for our information. The potential market is huge.

Rush Limbaugh has become the world's most successful radio talk show host. His syndicated talk show is broadcast by nearly 600 radio stations. He also has a TV show. His book The Way Things Ought To Be has sold over two-and-a-half million copies. Limbaugh sells what we might call "limited conservative freedom." He advocates that people read Hayek. Limbaugh has become a millionaire many times over.

There are about 20 million Americans who attempt to make money through home-based businesses. About 15,000 new people join their ranks every week. A major proportion of this business involves selling information by mail. All kinds of methods have been developed to sell information profitably by mail.

Because of the nature of the business and the transactions, it is relatively easy - if you can create the business successfully - to operate it as a true free-enterprise business.

Report #TL13: How to Sell Freedom for Profit, tells you step-by-step how to start your own business, selling freedom. You can start in your spare time and eventually develop it into a full-time occupation.

Freedom from Illness, Psychological and Emotional Problems, and Death
Death can be regarded as the extreme opposite of freedom. Some of the organizations listed above are involved in developing the technology to overcome death and to achieve biological or physical immortality.

Illness reduces freedom. Report #TL09: How to Achieve Superhealth provides you with the most advanced health information we know of.

Psychological or emotional problems may reduce your freedom. The best technology we know of for increasing psychological and emotional freedom has been developed by Survival Services International. They have developed a technology called "Idenics," which is described in report #TL12: How to Achieve Emotional Control.

Freedom in Action!
"Freedom in action!" is the motto of Terra Libra. You can immediately start taking the actions to free yourself. What those actions need to be depends on the areas of your life where you want to increase your freedom... Terra Libra can provide you with information in the following areas:

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