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Learn how you can help bring about an explosion in economic activity in the real free-enterprise sector. FWO-type businesses operate outside coercive political-economic systems as far as practically possible. We create an alternative economy based on real free enterprise. We intend to out-compete people in tyrant-controlled economies. Those individuals who shift their economic activities into the real free-enterprise sector gain enormous competitive advantages.

Practical freedom
How to live as free as possible in an unfree world; how to outwit freedom violators.

Economic means to freedom
How freedom-lovers can increase their wealth and use their economic power to expand freedom.

Freedom business networking
Link up with freedom-oriented people and businesses; free website listing in Directory of Freedom Businesses.

Expert solutions support
Submit any problem to receive expert advice.

Language of freedom
How to use language to increase your own freedom and assist others to do thie same.

Health freedom
It would be advantageous for freedom-lovers to lead very healthy and very long lives.

Freedom psychology
Improving thinking skills and increasing intelligence; removing psychological and emotional barriers to freedom, success, wealth, and happiness.

Personal power & influence
It would be advantageous for freedom-lovers to lead very healthy and very long lives.


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The Sovereign Individual
The Sovereign Individual
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