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Check out these links to learn more about your constitutional rights as a person living in one of the 50 Sovereign states. Learn that the federal income tax may not apply to you! View the:
Bottom line and What is income? and Court decisions and info wow! good stuff.

NCBA Constitutional Taxation and Law Has some good articles...check it out! Look under publications

Irwin Schiff Home page : Some tax information and how to learn more, Excellent source of materials offered, including a book called "The Federal Mafia" Introduction

IRS Defense Defensive procedures and 5th amendment right. etc. Be sure to check Other links from this page also.

Tax-Freedom information : Perfect Tax Avoidance (download website in book form!) A Must visit!!

Download Free book! "Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns" by Bill Conklin

Lawfully!!! Stop Paying Income Taxes research and reports educating citizens about the "truth"

Details of the Law and Taxes A personal web page, including a book called "Liberty and Justice for Some" by Matt Erickson, Be sure view "on-line" version of book under "Reclaim your birthright" Also check out "Short subjects"

great info! How to STOP Paying Federal Income Tax - LEGALLY Follow the instructions from this link.
Sandra Cote's page and good Links
Boston Tea Party - Next Generation
Sovereign Christian Resource Center
Sovereign Rights Forum : Information on Sovereign rights
Citizens Book Store
The Federal Zone Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue
Title 26, Internal Revenue Code
Harold's page including links to other pages
For more information click on great book, "Vultures in Eagle's Clothing"
Where do individual taxes go?

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Updated 4-22-97.

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Please note that I am not a tax protestor! I will pay taxes that I am required to pay, however I have found that there are many taxes that I do not owe that I am paying. I wish to stop paying the "taxes" that are not required. I do not wish to waive ANY of my constitutionally protected rights or any other rights. (Amendments 9 and 10)