Citizen Action

When Hitler came for the Jews... I was not a Jew, therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned. Then, Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church and there was nobody left to be concerned.
Pastor Martin Niemoller, Congressional Record, October 14, 1968, vol. 114, p. 31636.
A ripple here, a ripple there.
Now there's something in the air.
A wave is building in the sea
As we play the game of history.

Jon Roland, Feb. 1998

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Treatises on civil action

  1. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Campaign for the Constitution
  2. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Common Sense, Thomas Paine. Gopher site: Wiretap
  3. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau. Gopher site: Wiretap

Activist links

  1. WebActive Guide to almost every known activist group with a presence on the WWW, regardless of their philosophy or agenda.
  2. Free Republic Popular meeting ground for activists, with many message boards and chat rooms.
  3. American Patriot Friends Network Extensive collection of materials on official corruption and abuse.
  4. Activist's Oasis Practical tools for activists of all kinds, many links.
  5. Independence Web Page Links to various patriot and militia-related files.
  6. Citizens for Leaders with Ethics & Accountability Now! (CLEAN) Investigate vote fraud. Have online photographic evidence of ballot altering.
  7. Citizens For A Fair Vote Count (CFVC) Clearing house for vote fraud investigations.
  8. Nation in Distress Documentation on abuses and remedies.
  9. Tax Freedom Documentation related to tax abuses and remedies.
  10. Hearthside/Freedom House Excellent collection of documents and links on freedom issues.
  11. E Pluribus Unum Working for liberty and justice.
  12. Patriot's Knowledge Base Extensive collection of documents and links from Robert K. Lewis.
  13. Paul Revere Network Links to many patriot organizations.
  14. We the People Foundation Oppose income tax as illegal.
  15. Freedom Above Fortune Site of Joseph Banister, former IRS CID agent who discovered the income tax is founded on lies, and resigned.
  16. Freedom Forum Gathering point for activists.
  17. Full Disclosure Glen L. Roberts' home page. Get a request form for your FBI file here. Offers a wise variety of publications on privacy, abuses, and other patriot issues.
  18. Restoring America Roger Taylor's archive of material on constitutional issues. Contains references and links to various constitutional political candidates. He also has a new book out. This is a new URL. Here is his old URL.
  19. Grapevine News News, articles and links on corruption and abuse.
  20. Sons of Liberty Patriot site with some good materials.
  21. The Patriot Page Extensive documentation. See especially the mysterious deaths associated with Bill Clinton.
  22. Bill of Attainder Project Oppose the many violations of the constitutional prohibition of bills of attainder.
  23. brussellsprouts The Mae Brussell Library and Collection.
  24. The OMEGA File By Branton. Presents what might be called a "standard model" of conspiracy theories.
  25. Due Process Network of investigators and paralegals who help in tax and banking matters.
  26. Government Accountability Project Fight government corruption.
  27. Cop v. CIA Mike Ruppert's investigations of CIA corruption and abuse, especially narcotics smuggling.
  28. The Police Complaint Center Attempts to expose abuses of power by local law enforcement.
  29. CopWatch Attempts to reduce or prevent abuses of power by local law enforcement.
  30. CopCrimes The most comprehensive web resource guide to police brutality and law enforcement corruption.
  31. No Bad Cops Reports by attorney and former deputy sheriff Peter Alan Kasler on his efforts to clean up local official corruption in California.
  32. Liberty's Educational Advocacy Forum Dr. Tavel's Self Help Legal Clinic.
  33. Advocates for Self-Government Libertarian site.
  34. Above Top Secret Uncovering government conspiracies.
  35. De-Central Intelligence Agency Revelations of high-level corruption, especially involvement of U.S. government agencies in the international narcotics trade.
  36. Armies of Repression Links to materials on abuses by governmental agencies, especially the FBI.
  37. American Patriot Network Formerly the Itus Group. Some good material on federal and state jurisdiction, the Buck Act, and authority for federal taxes.
  38. Veto the Governor For Californians, mainly about RKBA.
  39. Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (JAIL) Seeks to make the judiciary accountable.
  40. Sovereign Citizen Resource Center Argues that people are citizens of the states, not the United States; uses the term "common-law state" to designate this. Also argues people are exempt from all federal firearms licenses, and urges people to revoke their Social Security numbers and refrain from using Zip Codes.
  41. Citizen's Forum Argues that there is a difference between being a "US citizen" and a "state citizen." Also contains links to other sites.
  42. BEHOLD! Newsletter Material on citizenship issues. Includes an interesting but unsound legalistic analysis of the meaning and status of the 14th Amendment.
  43. International Action Center Founded by former U.S. Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark.
  44. Richard A. Viguerie's Conservative Headquarters.
  45. AwareAmerica Reports on investigations of high-level corruption.
  46. World Community Educational Society Their efforts to educate people about financial management, global banking, asset protection, private contractual trusts, and self-sufficiency have brought them official harassment.
  47. Minuteman Press Online
  48. Iam4Guns2 Survivalist Home Page
  49. Rmplstlskn's Web Site
  50. Sovereign's Web Page
  51. Sovereign Citizen Resource Center
  52. The Sovereign Patriot Group
  53. Minuteman Press On-Line Newsletter
  54. Boston Tea Party - Next Generation
  55. The FED Zone
  56. Encourages whistleblowers.
  57. America's Bulletin
  58. Sovereign's WWW Content Page
  59. The Armed Genius Kevin McGehee's Archive.
  60. Greater Things Scriptural approach to constitutional study.
  61. West El Paso Information Network
  62. Jefferson Party Archive published by Ralph Kermit, Winterrowd, containing much useful material.
  63. Free America Archive published by Harry Martin.
  64. F. Orlin Grabbe's Home Page Much material on official corruption and abuses.
  65. F. Orlin Grabbe's FTP Archive Much material on official corruption and abuses.
  66. John G. Otto's Archive Much material on official corruption and abuse.
  67. Barefoot's World Bob Hardison's archive of useful links.
  68. Patriots for a Constitutional America John Dulaney's archive on corruption and abuse.
  69. Right Side of the Web Much of interest here
  70. The Conservative Corner Many links to some good sites.
  71. National Impeach Clinton A.C.T.I.O.N. Committee Want to impeach and remove President Clinton.
  72. The Righter Constitutionalist site of Sarah Thompson, MD, from Utah.
  73. Libertarian Links Extensive collection.
  74. Barkayren's Site Numerous links on constitutional and reform issues.
  75. The Common Sense Collection, by Peter Hauer Attorney Hauer is also the point of contact for the Alameda County, California, Militia
  76. Brian's Progressive Pages (formerly Left Side of the Web) Has much anti-militia material.
  77. Progressive Directories Various directories to organizations and their literature.
  78. Progressive Web Sites
  79. Berkeley I.C. list
  80. The Ruckus Society Teach other groups how to engage in effective political change through such methods as public demonstrations.
  81. Anti-Fascist Web These folks tend to be leftists, but we can agree on opposition to fascism.
  82. The Counter-Terrorism Page Links to various terrorism related sites. Includes a few militia links. Tends to see militias as part of the problem, when in fact they are part of the solution.
  83. 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time Centered on book by same name by Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen. They take a seemingly flip approach to some serious subjects, but do a good job of raising a lot of questions.
  84. Reforming U.S. Military Secrecy The Cold War is over, but secrecy goes on. Are things being hidden from the public that they need to know? Is the Constitution being violated under the cover of "national security"?
  85. What I Think Collection of excellent essays by Lila Hoffman-Thorne, particularly "Law Enforcement is Not War".

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