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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:44:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell <>  | Block address
Subject: letter to Ann Lowe, InterNIC Registrar
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Ann Lowe
InterNIC Registrar

Dear Ann:

Please send me specific instructions for filing
formal complaints against 145 discrete Internet
Domains, whose owners and users are infringing
my exclusive copyrights in "The Federal Zone."

I would also ask that you forward a copy of this
letter to the legal advisors within your company,
because it discusses legal matters which will
require their careful executive attention.

Please proceed more carefully and deliberately,
before making any final decisions about our
website at

You are receiving messages from a group of people
who are implicated in a criminal conspiracy to
infringe my exclusive copyrights, and to retaliate
for my verified testimony in federal courts, and
for my judicial activism on behalf of numerous clients.

If you even HINT that the Supreme Law Library
will be destroyed if enough of them "complain,"
they will surely seize such an opportunity to
gang up and to retaliate further.  Such an outcome
could have very serious repercussions for your
entire organization.

Please also see the federal laws at Title 18, 
United States Code, sections 241 (conspiracy),
245 (candidate for federal office), 1513 
(federal witness), and 2319 (criminal copyright
infringement), and Title 17, U.S.C., section 506.
These statutes together impose severe sanctions
on such criminal conduct.

We were about two-thirds finished with emailing 
messages of our latest PUBLIC NOTICE AND DEMAND
FOR SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE, when your letter to
Dr. Dean Hines arrived yesterday (about 4:15 p.m.)

We allowed this interruption, primarily because
you appear to have reached premature conclusions
BEFORE hearing both sides.  I hope this is merely
an appearance, and not an accurate observation
on our part.

We will continue sending these email messages today
to the remaining third, because this step has,
at last, motivated several violators to delete the
stolen and modified files from their computer systems.
But, they STILL stubbornly refuse to pay the $25 fee 
for the electronic version of the book.  This fee
has ALWAYS been clearly stated in the book's Preface
(original versions).

Please also understand this essential fact:
when "The Federal Zone" was placed on the Internet,
our revenues from book sales dropped sharply
to zero, where they have remained ever since.
This is politely known as "unjust enrichment."

The other essential details are discussed in my
letter to Dr. Dean Hines, which you should have
already received, and hopefully read, by now.

I wish to request that you also share with us
ALL copies of any complaints you have already
received in this matter, and might possibly
continue to receive in the future.  Our reason
for this specific request should be made obvious
to you, if it is not already obvious:

There is a very real probability that the violators
in question are falsifying and/or withholding important
information from you, in a fraudulent manner.
Confer at "fraud" in Black's Law Dictionary:
"failure to disclose what should have been disclosed".
I need to see those messages, in order to confirm
whether or not additional fraud has occurred.

Please allow me to make a few simple suggestions,
to help you assess their veracity:  

You might want to test them, for example, by asking
them if they ever paid $25 for the copies identified
in the hypertext links we found in their web pages.
The stolen and modified versions have moved several
times, so it is highly likely that those links are
no longer valid.  But, once valid links are indirect,
or "contributory," infringements of my copyrights,
and also evidence of criminal intent.  My letter to
Dr. Dean Hines summarizes the steps which must happen
to install a valid hypertext link in a web page.

Ask them also if they ever bothered to request an
authorized version, to compare with the modified
versions which have been posted on the Internet,
in numerous places, without ever requesting or
obtaining my prior authorization for same.
We NEVER authorized any conversion of my book
to Hyper-Text Markup Language ("HTML").

I predict that these simple questions will result
in an immediate change in their attitudes, and in
the number of complaints you receive.

Lastly, as soon as we finish sending the remaining
notices, we plan to monitor compliance for the entire
month of August, and maintain a much lower profile
as an Internet user.  

I also predict that the number of complaints to you
should decline to zero, if you do follow these simple
and straightforward suggestions.

If you would like more information about our position
in this copyright enforcement matter, please see the
most recent posts on the subject, in the Supreme Law
Forum at URL:

I would not want your organization to be implicated
in this criminal conspiracy, simply because you failed
to demonstrate fairness by not hearing both sides.

Thank you very much for your courtesy and consideration.
If you do forward this letter to any other staff within
your organization, I would appreciate the courtesy of
learning who else has received it (name and title).

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Counselor at Law, qualified Federal Witness,
Private Attorney General, Candidate for the
United States House of Representatives, and
Author of "The Federal Zone" (under a pen name)

copies:  Dr. Dean Hines, Ninth Wave, Inc.
         Mr. Peter Beruk, Software Publishers Assoc.
         Mr. Rich Winter, McBride Baker & Coles
         (not presently retained)

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