Internal Revenue Service

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects something it cannot be." Thomas Jefferson

"The power of the United States to tax is limited to persons, property, and business within their jurisdiction, as much as that of a state is limited to the same subjects within its jurisdiction." - United States Supreme Court Justice Fields


IRS Special Agent Banister Proves William Cooper is RIGHT.


IRS Special Agent Challenges System
Agency illegitimate, tax law non-existent, he says.

IRS special agent is right, says CPA
'We need to take next step'

Exposing the IRS fraud

Three cheers for Joe Banister, the former special agent for the Internal Revenue Service, who actually went to the trouble to study the constitutionality of his employer, came to the conclusion it was illegal and had the nerve to confront his bosses.

Joseph R. Banister Report


$10,000 REWARD


HOT New Soviet Style IRS Headquarters = (Illuminati) Masonic Temple HOT

Abolish the IRS

Attorney Lawrence BeCraft's "Dixieland Law Journal"

Brushaber Vs Union Pacific Railroad

Citizens for an Alternative Tax System

Deceptive IRS Code Words

Federal Jurisdiction

Federal Zone / Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue

FOIA Help Center

History of the Sixteenth Amendment

How to get Tax Amnesty

Income Tax VOID - Administrative Powers Unconstitutional

Internal Revenue Code Title 26 Online (Searchable)

IRS Abuse Reports

IRS Fraud Exposed

IRS Home Page

IRS Research by Dan Meador

Irwin Schiff

Legislates Outside the Constitutional Limitations

Let's Halt IRS Taxpayer Abuse Now

Lloyd Long Trial Transcripts (IRS Lost)

James Madison's Notes

Meador's Public Notice of IRS Origin


National Organization for Non-Enumeration

Nerd World: TAXES

Public Judicial Notice #3

Pure Contractual Trust

Reasonable Action

State Citizen (sovereign citizen Vs U.S. citizen (Federal citizen)

Save A Patriot Fellowship

Social Security Number


Tax Basics 101

Tax Freedom

Tax Freedom 101

Tax Freedom Network

Tax Truth

They Told the Truth

Title 26 Internal Revenue Code

Transcripts Senate Hearings IRS

Unbridled Power: Inside the Secret Culture of the IRS

U.S. Vs Long (IRS Lost)

United States is still a British Colony

Victory Express

Walt Disney's Role in Propagandizing the Income Tax

What Can They Seize?


Subversive Organizations

United States of America

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