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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:40:06 -0700
To: Paul Andrew Mitchell <>
Subject: A Response From Yahoo! Mail Abuse
From: Yahoo Mail <>  | Add to Address Book
Reply-to: Yahoo Mail <>

This message is in response to the abuse report you sent with the

Thank you very much for reporting this incident to Yahoo!.  Mass
distribution of unsolicited email messages, or spamming, by our
registered users violates Yahoo!'s Terms of Service.  In this 
case, and based upon similar reports, we have identified the Yahoo!
address used in connection with the unwanted email message and have
taken the appropriate action as per our Terms of Service (TOS).

We take the operation of Yahoo! Mail very seriously and have taken a
number of measures to discourage our registered users from spamming,
such as limiting the number of messages that can be sent from a single 
account in one day, and limiting the number of recipients that can be
included in the cc and bcc fields.

In the future, if you receive an unwanted email message that appears to
originate from a Yahoo! Mail account, please forward the message
directly to us at

and include:

1) Original subject line.  Please forward the email with a subject
identical to the original subject.

2) Complete headers.  Email programs often display abbreviated headers.
To learn how to display the full headers in a Yahoo! Mail account,
please visit our Help Desk at:

If you are using a different client to read your email, please consult 
your email program's help system for more information on viewing full

3) Complete message body.  Please include the complete, unedited 
of the email message in question.  Please do not change or edit the
message in any way.

Thank you for working with us to keep Yahoo! a friendly email

Yahoo! Mail Support

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