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[IMAGE]Right, so I'm late with the update, so sue me it's the summer !! Let's see what's new ? The links have all been checked and updated, there's a couple of wee files added to the file pile and a new section, The Online Manual, every month I'll be providing the full text of some book or other for you to have a look at online or download for later. This of course is in addition to the continued and valued presence of Triple Ought, still no word yet on TEOTWAWKI, the follow up. Some interesting contacts this month, from Australia, Germany and the UK in addition to the usual crop from the US. Can anyone say "Global Networking? That's it for the latest update, type at you all again soon, watch yer six......GBWYA.


Nick P. Norwood, occasionally known (to some!) as NEMESIS


[IMAGE] by James Wesley, Rawles

[IMAGE]Click on the image left to read TRIPLE OUGHT online in HTML format


[IMAGE] Or on the arrow button to download the whole book in Word6 format (446K Zip File)

TRIPLE OUGHT and all associated images and files are copyright JAMES WESLEY, RAWLES




[IMAGE]                         The homepage of Frugal Squirrel, a fine page with lots of links and files.

[IMAGE]                         Online catalogue for SPRINGFIELDS, dealers in government surplus.

[IMAGE]             Crossbow Start, all you ever wanted to know about crossbow archery.

[IMAGE]                          Cybertek, Source of many files on a wide variety of subjects.

[IMAGE]                          The Homepage for Penrith Survival Equipment.

[IMAGE]                   The Grill, a web based chatroom frequented by survivalists.

[IMAGE]                  Another US based site, mostly deals with 2nd Amendment issues, but a few good links.

[IMAGE]                  Captain Dave's Survival Centre. Files found here!

[IMAGE]                    Mr. Saxon...... What can I say ?

[IMAGE]                      PGP a tool for the paranoid, or just the wise? An international edition.

[IMAGE]                  A U.K mirror to download the best IRC client.

[IMAGE]                      Knives UK - many good blade links and a full run down on UK knife law.

[IMAGE]                      My extended links page.

[IMAGE]                      The Gyre Chat.



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