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Legal theories have a way of being tested over time. While interesting in it's day The Federal Zone contains some problems you can read about and has evaporated from deoxy.


Everyone earns Gross Income, correct?
Let's take a second look...


  1. IRS Defensive Procedures
    "I absolutely have no 'legal duty' to waive my fundamental rights to speak or not to speak, as protected under the First amendment, my right to be secure in my personal home, papers and effects, as protected under the Fourth amendment, my right not to be compelled to be a witness against myself and my right to due process of law, as protected under the Fifth amendment, my right to an impartial judge and jury, as protected under the Sixth amendment or any other rights protected under the Ninth amendment."
    Fundamental Rights: A Rock Solid Position
  2. The United States Versus Loren C. Troescher
  3. Memoirs of a Tax Protester

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deoxyribonucleic intelligence agency

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