Appendix U: Revocation of Voter Registration

                                   c/o USPS P. O. Box 6189 
                                   San Rafael, California 
                                   Postal Code 94903-0189/TDC 
                                   March 10, 1992 
Registrar of Voters 
P. O. Box "E" 
San Rafael, California 
Postal Code 94913/TDC 
Dear Registrar: 
As instructed  by a  member of  your staff,  please  accept  this 
letter  as   formal  notice   that  I   hereby  revoke  my  voter 
registration with your office. 
It is  with enormous regret that I must take this step, because I 
consider voting  to be among the most important civic duties that 
we have  in America  today, particularly  during  a  presidential 
election year. 
Nevertheless, it  has come to my attention that your registration 
forms now  explicitly state,  in red  letters, that they are "For 
U.S. Citizens  Only".   Moreover, these  same forms  exhibit  the 
following affidavit,  which must  be signed  under  penalties  of 
     "I am a citizen of the United States and will be at least 18 
     years of  age at  the time  of the  next election.  I am not 
     imprisoned or  on parole  for the conviction of a felony.  I 
     certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State 
     of California that the information on this affidavit is true 
     and correct." 
This affidavit  is followed  by a  clear  WARNING,  also  in  red 
letters, that  "Perjury is  punishable by  imprisonment in  state 
prison for two, three or four years.  Section 126 Penal Code". 
My  chief  concern  with  this  affidavit  has  to  do  with  the 
definition of  "United States"  that is  implied by  the form.  I 
have recently authored a well  documented book, a major thesis of 
which relies upon the following ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court: 
     The term  "United States"  may be used in any one of several 
     senses.  It may be merely the name of a sovereign  occupying 
     the position  analogous to  that of  other sovereigns in the 
     family of  nations.   It may  designate the  territory  over 
     which the  sovereignty of  the United  States extends, or it 
     may be the collective name of the states which are united by 
     and under the Constitution. 
                    [Hooven & Allison Co. vs Evatt, 324 U.S. 652] 
                                                 [emphasis added] 
     From this  ruling by  the U.S.  Supreme Court, it is obvious 
that the  term "United States" can mean any one of three entirely 
different things.   I  draw your  attention specifically  to  the 
second of  these three different meanings of "United States":  it 
may designate  the territory  over which  the sovereignty  of the 
United States extends.  This territory includes only the District 
of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, 
Guam, American  Samoa, the  Northern Mariana  Islands, the  Trust 
Territory of  the Pacific  Islands, and  the  federal  "enclaves" 
which have  been ceded  to Congress  by  acts  of  the  50  State 
Legislatures.    The  authority  to  have  exclusive  legislative 
jurisdiction over  this  limited  area  of  land  is  granted  to 
Congress by  Article 1,  Section 8,  Clause  17  and  Article  4, 
Section 3, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. 
     It follows, then, that declaring oneself to be a "citizen of 
the United  States" could  be construed to mean that one has been 
either born  or naturalized  into this jurisdiction and, that one 
is therefore  subject to this jurisdiction (see 26 CFR 1.1-1(c)). 
This is  particularly true if the "c" in "citizen" is lower case, 
as is the case in the Code of Federal Regulations just cited, and 
also in  the so-called  14th Amendment  to the U.S. Constitution. 
Last but  not least, the word "of" is often interpreted by courts 
to mean  "belonging to".   Thus,  the term "citizen of the United 
States" can  and has  been interpreted  by the  courts to  mean a 
"subject" who "belongs to" the "Congress". 
     On the contrary, I have recently filed a notarized affidavit 
with the California Secretary of State, March Fong Eu, in which I 
declare my  status to  be that  of a  "natural born  Citizen"  as 
stated  in   Article  2,   Section  1,   Clause  5  of  the  U.S. 
Constitution.   Contrary to widespread public opinion, a "natural 
born Citizen"  is not  the same thing as a "citizen of the United 
States".  There are also numerous court authorities for these two 
different kinds  of citizenship.  As a natural born Citizen, I am 
a member  of the  Sovereignty;   I am subject only to my Creator, 
because my  fundamental, unalienable  rights are  endowed  by  my 
Creator (see  Declaration of  Independence, 1776).   Those rights 
are not granted to me by anyone or anything else.  If you request 
it in  writing, a  notarized copy of my affidavit can be provided 
to you. 
     Accordingly,  a  shrewd  and  constructive  fraud  has  been 
perpetrated upon  me, if  the presence  of my  name on your voter 
registration roster  can be  presumed by State and federal courts 
to mean  that I  am a "citizen of the United States", with all of 
the legislated  privileges, immunities  and liabilities  attached 
thereto.   I will  not allow  such a  presumption or  adhesion to 
exist, and  it is  primarily for this reason that I hereby revoke 
my registration  as a  voter in  the County  of Marin, California 
Republic.  This revocation is retroactive to my date of majority, 
which date  was June  21, 1969.   I  remind you  that there is no 
statute of limitations on fraud. 
     Please be  advised that  my use of the phrase "WITH EXPLICIT 
(UCCA 1207)"  above my signature on this document indicates: that 
I  explicitly   reject  any  and  all  benefits  of  the  Uniform 
Commercial Code,  absent a valid commercial agreement which is in 
force and  to which  I am a party, and cite its provisions herein 
only to  serve notice  upon ALL  agencies of  government, whether 
international, national,  state, or  local, that they, and not I, 
are subject  to, and  bound by,  all of  its provisions,  whether 
cited herein  or not;  that my explicit reservation of rights has 
served notice  upon ALL  agencies of  government of  the "Remedy" 
they must  provide for  me under  Article 1,  Section 207  of the 
Uniform Commercial  Code, whereby  I have  explicitly reserved my 
Common Law  right not  to  be  compelled  to  perform  under  any 
contract or  commercial agreement,  that I  have not entered into 
knowingly, voluntarily,  and intentionally;    that  my  explicit 
reservation of  rights has  served notice  upon ALL  agencies  of 
government that  they are  ALL limited  to proceeding  against me 
only in  harmony with  the Common Law and that I do not, and will 
not accept  the liability associated with the "compelled" benefit 
of any  unrevealed commercial  agreements;   and  that  my  valid 
reservation of  rights has  preserved all my rights and prevented 
the loss  of any  such rights  by application  of the concepts of 
waiver or estoppel. 
I presume  that you will make copies of this letter of revocation 
available to all interested County departments. 
Thank you very much for your consideration. 
John Q. Doe 
All Rights Reserved 
registered as: John Q. Doe 
               City, State 
copies:   County Board of Supervisors 
          Jury Commissioner, County of Marin 
          California Secretary of State 
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