Our Customers make Eclipse!

Eclipse Internet is the result of an idea mixed with years of toil in unrelated fields. Add to the recipe, some computer programing, a couple of business degrees, some staggering Compuserve bills, and in general, a great disenchantment with the fortune 500 way of doing things.

Eclipse went "on line" in early 1995. We knew from the onset, we had to do something that would separate us from the competition. That key is service. Our first paid employee was a customer service representative. We started with this philosophy in mind, and are committed to maintain our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Our second priority is to provide a fast, trouble free network. As evidenced by our competitors, this is not an easy task. The ranks of computerized America are swarming towards the 'Net. It's all too easy to become overwhelmed. Couple this with the rapidly changing face of Internet Services and the hardware used to access them. The system engineers at Eclipse planned a Network which amazes the big four. We know that zero downtime is unrealistic, but with proper planning it can be minimized.

For this reason, we are convinced small is better. Don't mis-understand me! We have one of the largest Internet Networks in the State. Soon, it will be the largest. We expect to provide statewide leased line and frame access in 1996, and dialup access during 1997. But each customer, whether, a dial-up, commercial web page account, or an ISP who gets a feed from us is equally important.

Our best advertising is done by our existing customers. Unfortunately www.thelist.com no longer displays customer comments, but at the time it was discontinued we had achieved the highest rating of any New Jersey ISP. While it is obvious that we are being forced to grow, the Eclipse Staff will maintain that commitment to our customers.

We welcome you to become part of our family.

Eclipse Internet Access

Erich (Rick) Reinecker

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