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The Think Tank has become privy to some startling information about the IRS...the Income Tax...and YOU!

What is this information?


What does the TRUTH cost?

How much do you pay in "Income Tax" each month?

Each year?

Is it biased in some a-political manner, such as "patriotism" or "constitutionalism"?

No! It is biased in the TRUTH of the Tax Laws themselves.

What does the TRUTH cost?

What is it worth to YOU?

What will I find out from YOU that other people aren't saying? And don't just say "the TRUTH".

Are you required to have an SSN to work in the United States.

When does the Income Tax apply to YOU.

When are you required to file a W-4.

When are you required to file a return.

How do you know if the amount on the 1099 or W-2 is "taxable".

How do you file a return.

Well it's up to you now?

Is it worth a years worth of Income Tax?

Some people charge that much for information that is "biased".

Is it worth a months worth of Income Tax?


Is it worth $20???

If it is...


Lyle Myhr Jr

1115 Delno St.

San Jose, California (95126)

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