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LUKE 12:2
Welcome to Freedom Domain
This Site is Dedicated To The Freedom Loving Citizens Of The World &
The Country Which Values It's Freedom Above All Else
(Note:This is NOT a Religious Site. I just like these two quotes.
That is about ALL the biblical stuff!)
Any attempt to construe anything on this site as legal advice will be "Accepted For Value"

Dedicated to the musical genius of Roger Waters 
(Who's music, lyrics and awareness have inspired me more than any other single individual)
Roger has a message for everyone, a new song, titled "Each Small Candle". The beginning lyrics were actually written by a man who was tortured as a prisoner and remaining lyrics reflect an incident of a Serbian soldier who stopped to help an Albanian woman lying wounded in a burned-out building.
Click Here to Read the Words of the Poem & Click Here to Listen to the Song

The "Key" to everything in the universe is "Consciousness" or "Awareness".
When "One" realizes the importance of Consciousness, the realization follows that "FREEDOM" to be "Conscious" is a "Natural RIGHT" of every human being. It is this "Natural RIGHT" that is slowly being taken away from us. "Mind Control" & "Propaganda" through T.V. & the controlled media have slowly turned us into a Nation of "Sleepwalking Consumer Zombies". It is time to wake Up ! The New World Order is upon us!  "Secret Societies" control ALL the major nations and multinational corporations & ehe media. The "Republic" given to us by our forefathers has become a "Communocracy".

This is NOT a "Hate Site" or an "Anti-Government" site.  On the contrary this site is about love and lawful government. No government means "Anarchy" & anarchy leads to "Bloodshed" & bloodshed is not about "Love". Communism is celebrated with "Bloodshed" worldwide on May 1st. On May 1st, 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded "The Order of the Illuminati" in Bavaria. The goal of the "Illuminati" was and still isWorld Domination through a consolidation of power into a "One-World Government" similar to the "Roman Empire" of the "Dark Ages", or even the New Order of Adolph Hitler.

However, this is not the "Sole" group responsible for the "Conspiracy" against humanity. Many groups work together to suppress "Consciousness" in order to maintain their own power. LIGHT (Awareness) and LOVE are the only solutions to dealing with an ever-growing "Black Hole of Ignorance" that clouds the minds of our once great nation. The "INTERNET" is the "Greatest Tool Available" to spread "Light" (Information) to others and to communicate our feelings to the world. This website is my personal attempt to do this.  I have been researching the "Power Structure" (New World Order) for 10 years & have come to one definite conclusion :  There is not "One" person out there that knows ALL of the story or who is willing to talk about it. We can never know the "Whole Truth" through the communication process we call "Language". We CAN, however, gain enormous insights into the "Truth" and observe many facets of it by looking into ALL of the diversifying opinions of the people who have something to say about what is going on.

The information contained here has the potential to "Shatter" all of your current "Belief Systems" so be prepared. Not ALL the information on this web site is "Absolutely True". The "Absolute Truth" is different to different people. It is up to you to do your own research and to "Stop Buying Into Belief Systems". All the information contained here does NOT necessarily reflect my personal "Belief Systems", although my own are made up of many of the "Truths" found here on this site.

With "Knowledge Comes Freedom" and with "Freedom Comes Responsibilities". We HAVE to take responsibilty for governing ourselves if we are to be "Free from Government".  It is NOT the government's "Job" to inform us And it is NOT the government's "Job" to teach our children, unless we want our children taught what the government wants them to think. It IS our responsibility to inform ourselves about the "Truth of what is going on" if we are to take our personal and national destiny into our own hands. We CANNOT continue to be "Free" at the expense of "Enslaving" the rest of the world. This will inevitably lead to our own enslavement, which is precisely what is happening. All of the "Technology" that we create
has the ability to "Free us" or "Enslave us". When a consolidation of power occurs with "World Leaders", ALL of  THAT  "Technology" can be used against us. This is humanity's greatest threat. (Next to a gigantic asteroid from space coming into our vacinity). A problem occurs when we don't "Realize" there IS A PROBLEM and we are "Intentionally" being kept from knowing there is a "Problem". THAT is the job of the "Mainstream Media". To KEEP YOU THINKING that there is "NO PROBLEM!!"

This Is A Censorship Free Site.
I Hope You Enjoy.   Please Let Me Know What You Think.   Peace And God Be With You.

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This Website is not Finished, Check Back Often for New Information & Updates
Latest Update 7-15-2000
My Host provider flew the coup, so I had to switch servers. I have made alot of changes. Appr. 300 Hours worth. Please feel free to send me your comments. Also, any broken links. I have decided to work with for several reasons. 1. They stock about 60% of the books in my catalog, and they have some of the best ones, as well. and 2. This will make it easier for me, since I am not a bookstore, although I can get many titles. This will also enable you to make purchases via credit card, if you please, and you will save money (from 20-30% sometimes). and 3. It is easier for those that do not trust sending a money order with the "Pay to" line left blank. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't carry everything, but there are numerous "rare" titles that I CAN provide personally.
I have made it easier to find Book and Video titles relating to the same topics that are on the mainpages. That way you don't have to look through a huge and confusing catalog. I have also arranged the catalog so as to have better access through topics posted at the top of the page, instead of "Books A-F", Books G-L", Etc. This should speed up navigation a bit. There are also pictures of many of the books now to look at to see if you might be familiar with the cover, since browsing titles can be mind-numbing at times. (Please let me know how fast or slow the catalog pages load now, and if it makes a huge difference. Feedback would be appreciated) Not all books are (In Stock) at Amazon, but if they had it once, you can do a search by following the provided link, and they will do a used-bookstore search and get back with you within a couple weeks. Anything Marked with a (@) is carried by Amazon, and all you have to do is click on the link provided. Anything not carried by them, where you see "(In Stock)", may be ordered directly through me only. There are also many new pages on "Redemption" and many more "WINS". That makes it one more point for the people, and it is New World Order "4" - People "5". It looks like the people are finally winning!!
I have also added a few more "Mainpages" : Drugs, Free-Energy, Weather Control, Education, Electronic Mind Control, assassinations a major update to the Banking and Federal Reserve page and there are also some minor updates on the Freemasonry page and the Illuminati page AND more coming soon.

I now accept E-Gold. My Account # will be posted here soon. Before you make a deposit, contact me by E-mail to verify that I have the Items you are looking for. Thank You

I have updated the links pages finally with the help of Mark Pits (whatever) at Militia Watchdog. Thank you, Mark, for saving me a hell of alot of time looking for things on the web.  Now, if only he would list me on his site as well. They don't have a category yet for "Jewish Liberal Conservative Neo Christian Non racist, America Lovin' Marijuana smokin' Sovereignty and Freedom activists", yet.  I said "yet".  The numbers are growing. You would be surprised.

It does surprise me how many of my visitors come from "Search Engines". Not many other "Patriotic" type sites are linking to me. Is it because they don't know about this site yet, which might be the case, or are they engaged in active "censorship" because I don't "tow anybody's line". I have the TRUTH about so-called Religion, and that, unfortunately, is a turn-off for most "Christians" who are only looking for the Truth so far as it will not bite them on the nose. So, here is my challenge to all websites that do not link back to me after I e-mail you.  I DARE YOU TO TELL THE TRUTH!!

DO You Think We Haven't Been "Dumbed Down" Intentionally?
Read this 8th Grade Test from 1895 and see if you can pass it. If you can't, then ask yourself why.

If you have ordered any books videos or products, please be patient. I have moved and have been very busy lately. I will be filling all orders within the next few days. If you have questions or comments please e-mail me at

The majority of information at this time can be found in the Catalog. The Catalog was put together and distributed in two forms. The 1st was a $3.00 little booklet that had the Original Introduction that I wrote, summerizing the problem and how we got here. This was several pages of concentrated info. on a variety of subjects like Religious Symbolism, The Illuminati, The Freemasons, Skull & Bones, The Wall Street Bankers, History of the Bush Family, Hemp / Marijuana Uses, Rockefeller Control of the American Medical Association, Huda Clark's Fluke Worm Cancer therapies, Flying Saucer / Free-Energy Technology and Alien Myth / Brainwashing and the James Shelby Downward's JFK / Freemason Connection.

Then there is the catalog portion. This includes Hundreds of Books, Dozens of Videos and Thousands of Articles that I had Written the Names of and was willing to make available for research purposes. The reason I did this whole project including summerizing all the books and videos and putting down the names of thousands of articles from various magazine sources, was to put together an IDEA in the minds of the readers of the ENORMOUS MAGNITUDE OF THE SITUATION. Well, this grew and grew and now it is a several hundred page catalog with a twenty something page introducion that has been expanded with the times. I have also included over a hundred pages of PURE DOCUMENTATION and twenty or thirty pages of NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS & Political / Conspiracy related Comics. I have been making these available through my HEMP / MARIJUANA & Political Conspiracy Information Booth on the Venice Boardwalk. I have been doing this work since 1991. I was recently set-up by the "LAPD Pacific Division" Venice Beach Nazi Patrol. To read all about it and what I am doing go here.
Soon to be updated on all recent events includings 6 Arrests in the year of 1999. Venice was just
the beginning....

If you would like to order any of the Books or Videos from the Catalog the
prices are listed. If you need articles for research purposes only, I will make them
available for .10 cents / per page + shipping and handling. Note : I am not in the
business of selling Magazine Articles, these are mostly here because of the Impact
they have on showing people how much is really going on. I was really affected
by reading a "Leading Edge" Back Issue Catalog when I was younger and realized
the value of this kind of concentrated information.

Shipping and handling for books is $3.00 for the first book and .75 cents each
thereafter. There is a Flat $2.00 charge if ordering Videos, audios or reprinted
literature. "Reprinted books" do not count as "Reprinted Literature".
Please Use Postal Money Orders ONLY and Leave the "Pay to" line blank.
Send all orders to :
484 Lake Park Ave #81, Oakland, California 94610

Freemen - Not Freemasons!!
Sovereignty - Not Slavery!!
Control government-Not Government Control!!
Overgrow the government - Not Overthrow!!


Conspiracy Theories Freemason Conspiracy Secret Societies New World Order Sovereign Citizenship
Conspiracy Theory Political Conspiracies Global Conspiracy Illuminati Conspiracy Skull and Bones