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SG-0010---THE PYTHAGORIAN SOURCEBOOK - Compiled and Translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie - 1991 -
                361 P. - List Price - $20.00 (Less 20%) =Your Price $16.00 -
                Pythagoras, the first man to call himself a philosopher, was both a brilliant mathematician and a spiritual teacher.
                This anthology, the largest collection of Pythagorian writings ever to appear in the English language, contains the
                four ancient biographies of Pythagoras and more than 25 Pythagorian and Neo-Pythagorian writings from the
                classical and Hellenistic periods. The Pythagorian ethical and political tractates are especially interesting, for they
                are based on the premise that the universal principles of Harmony, Proportion and Justice govern the physical
                cosmos and these writings show how individuals and societies alike attain their peak of excellence when informed
                by these same principles.

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SG-0020---THE MANUAL OF HARMONICS - Nichomachus the Pythagorian - Translated by Flora Levi - 1993 -
                200 P. - List Price - $18.00 (Less 20%) =Your Price $14.40 -
                In ancient Greek thought, the musical scale discovered by the philosopher Pythagoras was seen as the Utopian
                model of the harmonic order behind the structure of the cosmos and human existence. Through proportion and
                harmony, the musical scale bridges the gap between two extremes. It encapsulates the most fundamental pattern
                of harmonic symmetry and demonstrates how the phenomena of nature are inseperably related to one another
                through the principle of reciprocity and proportion, whereby each part of the whole receives its' just and proper

SG-0030---ROBERT FLUDD : Hermetic Philosopher and Surveyor of Two Worlds - Joscelyn Godwin - 1991 - 96 P. -
                List Price - $17.00 -
                Robert Fludd was an Elizabethan Alchemist who wrote voluminously on Rosicrucianism and Alchemical thought,
                applying their doctrines to a vast description of man and the universe. Far ahead of his time, he recognized the
                universality of truth, whether from Catholic or Protestant sources, from the Hebrew Bible, from Pythagoras, Plato,
                or Hermes Trismegistus. Fludd had a genius for expressing his philosophy and cosmology in graphic form, and his
                works were copiously illustrated by some of the best engravers of his day.

SG-0040--GENISIS : The First Book of Revelations - David Wood - 1986 - 300 P. -
                List Price - $29.95 -
                This is one of the most important books ever to be published. It opens a doorway into the unknown. It sheds light
                on the origin of our species. At last the age old mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau is solved. The solution is a temple
                layout of gigantic proportions covering over 40 square miles—the largest geometrical figure ever identified. Every
                part of it is marked by a church, mountaintop or outcrop of rock. The symbols and dimensions reveal the secrets
                of the rituals and legends associated with such ancient enigmas as : The Holy of Holies and the Treasure of the
                Temple of Solomon; The Ark of the Covenant and what it contained; The Holy Grail and it’s associated articles;
                The Round Table and the Arthurian Legends; The Rose Cross; The Atlantis Connection… and these revelations
                are incredible. It also gives positive proof that the originators of this Temple knew THE SPEED OF LIGHT,
                PYTHAGORIAN GEOMETRY and that they were the custodians of the means to elevate mankind to his
                appointed place with the gods. The Author has always believed in the possibility of a geometric solution existing to
                the mystery of the valley of Rennes-le-Chateau and that it would pinpoint the location of artifacts of religious
                significance in the area. This work demonstrates the proof of his conviction. What is surprising is that the
                geometry does so much more. It portrays in its' shapes deeper meaning to certain legends and could lead us to
                discoveries which will show that these legends may have been the records of actual events in our early history.
                Not only is the geometry an amazing extrapolation of the constructions and topographival features of the area but
                it is self-confirming in the numerical ciphers it exposes. Once the author was in possession of the secret numbers
                - they revealed in the geometry connections hitherto only suspected. We are now able to solve the meaning
                behind such long standing mysteries as the Ark of the Covenant, the Round Table of Arthurian legends, the
                Temple of Solomon, the Ark of Noah and other mysteries which have baffled mankind through the centuries.
                The secret doctrines so long preserved by occult societies and subsequently lost in repetitious ritual have now
                been discovered and presented here for all to see.

SG-0050---GENESET : Target Earth - The Solution to One of the Greatest Mysteries on Earth  - David Wood and Ian
                Campbell - 307 P. - List Price - $45.95 -
                This book confirms and proves the unbelievable claims of ‘Genisis - First Book of Revelations’. Current scientific
                theories confirm the cataclysmic history of Planet Earth. No longer can we dismiss the legends and mythology of
                the ancients ! The origin of man. The enigma of the mind. Who is God ? The mystery of mars. The codes of Jules
                Verne. The mystery of the Paris Meridian. Messengers of doom. Did the church know ? We are  not the first. Is
                the Earth safe ? Can man survive ? What is the secret of Rennes-le-Chateau ? In ‘Genisis - First Book of
                Revelations”, David Wood exposed a geometric pattern of immense proportions in the district of the Languedoc
                in the south of France. Unlike other arrangements of standing stones, this pattern was found to be constructed to
                strict mathematical formulae, suggestive of a society far more advanced than could be reasonably attributed to the
                time of it’s construction. Later, joined by co-author Ian Campbell, the work was subjected to computer analysis
                and it proved to be more sophisticated than even they had imagined. Further research showed that this
                information had been preserved in strict secrecy and passed down through the centuries by covert means to
                protect it from being destroyed by the church. Eventually, the authors not only established undeniable proof of the
                geometric and mathematical genius of the designers, but they also deciphered the hidden message contained
                within it. Only then did they realise that further confirming evidence of their discovery had been coded by the
                French author Jules Verne in certain of his works and that the most famous painting by Nicolas Poussin - “The
                Shepherds of Arcadia” actually spelled out the name of the greatest threat to mankind.

SG-0060---POUSSIN’S SECRET - David Wood and Ian Capmbell - $16.00
                Paintings recording secret knowledge decoded.


SS-0010---THE MURDERED MAGICIANS : The Templars and Their Myth - Peter Partner - Ph.D. - 209 P. - 1987 -
                (Price not Available) (Out of Print at time of Review) - You can still check, though. -
                Academic scholar examines the history of the Templars and the “Secret Society Magical Myth” that has grown up
                around them since their suppression in 1307. Valuable sourcebook for those seeking to confirm or debunk the
                Templar theory of the founding of the “Conspiracy”

SS-0020---THE SWORD AND THE GRAIL : Of The Grail And The Templars And A True Discovery Of America -
                Andrew Sinclair - 245 P. - 1992 - $25.00 -
                The true discovery of America 100 years before Columbus? Reveals secrets of the Grail, the Knights Templar
                and the origin of the Masons.

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SS-0030---THE HISTORY OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR : The Temple Church and the Temple - Charles G. Addison -
                1997 - 395 P. - $16.95 - (Less 20%) = Your Price $13.56 -
                The history of the mysterious Knights Templar as told in 1842 by  “a member of the inner temple.” Chapters on
                the origin of the Templars, their popularity in Europe and their rivalry with the Knights of St. John, later to be
                known as the Knights of Malta. Detailed information on the activities of the Templars in the holy land, the
                1312 A.D. suppression of the Templars in France and other countries, culminating in the execution of Jacques De
                Moley. Also contains information on the continuation of the Knights Templar in England and Scotland and the
                formation of the society of Knights Templar in London and the rebuilding of the temple in 1816.

SS-0040---A HISTORY OF MALTA KNIGHTHOOD : A Historic Review Of The Order Of The Knights
                Hospitallers Of St. John Of Jerusalem, Of Rhodes And Malta. With A Clear And Authoritative Account Of The
                Order’s Founding, It’s Marvelous Achievements Throughout Centuries, It’s Kinship and Cooperation With The
                Knights Of The Temple, Together With An Illuminating Survey Of The Movements Of Nations And Their
                Religious Impulses And Prejudices--Sir W. Henry Lannin - 1922 - 259 P. - (Check for Availability)

SS-0050---THE HISTORY OF THE ORDER OF ASSASSINS - Enno Franzius - 261 P. - 1969 - $40.00
                Amazing story of Hasan Sabbah, the “old man of the mountain”, and his mountain fortress
                in Persia from which his Hashish using terrorist cult manipulated middle east kingdoms for
                centuries thereafter. The Archtype of current terrorism ? Aga Khan’s current day
                Ismailis descend from the assassin cult with Islam.

SS-0060---THE NEW POST-CONCILIAR OR  MONTINIAN CHURCH - Rev. Joaquin Saennz Y. Arriaga Ph.D. -
                567 P. - 1972 - $33.00
               This very important book by a member of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem is an exhaustive presentative of the
                extreme traditionalist view that “Treason” in the Roman Catholic Church was rampant under the Pro-Masonic,
                Pro-Communist Papacy of Paul VI (Montini). The Order of St. John of Jerusalem is a right wing, traditionalist
                Catholic alternative to the Pope’s Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta. The OSJ is located in Pennsylvania,
                not Rome , like the SMOM.

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SS-0070---CIRCLE OF INTRIGUE : The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy Texe Marrs - 284 P. -
                1995 - List Price - $12.95 -
                Cloaked in mystery and shrouded in secrecy, ten ruthless men comprise the "Inner Cirle” of the Illuminati
                conspiracy. In this explosive book, based on over 9 years of intense investigative research, Texe Marrs exposes
                the diabolical plan which these evil men call their ‘Great Work’. He unmaskes their occult religion and discloses
                how this hidden group meets privately behind closed doors and issues strict orders to a network of agents and
                associates spread throughout the globe. The Inner Circle sets the agenda for such notorious organizations as the
                CFR, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, The Priory of Sion, the Order of Skull and Bones, and the Grand
                Lodges of Freemasonry. The CIA, KGB, and British Intelligence also work for the Inner Circle and enforce its'
                directives. Presidents, Prime ministers, and dictators alike bow to this hidden group and plot together for world
                government. Circle of Intrigue reveals the shocking truth about the world conspiracy and warns of the cosmic
                destiny of this murderous clique of super rich conspirators. Will their dispicable plot succeed ? Have they
                decreed bloodshed for America’s Future ? Will you end up one of their victims ?

SS-0080---THE PIED PIPERS OF HEAVEN : Who Calls The Tune - L.Kin - $30.00
                A German publisher dares to expose Scientology teachings encompassing gods and demons, extraterrestrials,
                secret societies, galactic confederations, conspiracies against planet earth and a cosmology beyond your wildest

SS-0090---SCIENTOLOGY : MORE THAN A CULT ? - From Crusade to Rip-off - Vol. 1 - L. Kin - $30.00

SS-0100---SCIENTOLOGY : A Handbook for Use, The Procedures, Professional Application - Vol. 2 - L. Kin -

SS-0110---SCIENTOLOGY, THE SOLO LEVELS, XENU’S GAME : An Account of the Track From the Solo
                Assists Towards Case Completion - Vol. 3 - L. Kin - $30.00

SS-0120---THE ILLUMINATI - Aric Z. Leavitt - 200 P. - Dec. 1994 - $30.00 (E-mail for availability)
                It is a strange coincidence that the BEST book to ever come out putting close to everything in perspective should
                come to simply be called "The Illuminati". This is a self published book and I have not seen it around very much.
                Includes information about earlier days of secret society corruption, the creation of world wars by the private
                banks, banking in general inc. of course, the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve system. Also discussed is Skull
                and Bones, the Super-Powerful secret society at Yale and their influence in areas of American and World politics.
                A lot of good resource material is used and everything is very well organized. Current information about mind
                and population control is discussed along with the idea that "Alien abductions" might be covert CIA mind control
                operations, and the possible propagation of a "New Age Religion". Includes in the Appendix, The "Regionalized
                & Adaptive Model of the Global World System": Strategy for Survival Project of  The "Club of Rome", Trilateral
                Commission and Council on Foreign Relations lists for George Bush and Bill Clinton's Cabinets and Media,
                Military, Banking and Education appointments. By far, one of the best all around informing books on American
                History, secret societies and the overall World plan.

SS-0130---SECRET SOCIETIES & PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE - Michael A. Hoffman - II - 115 P. - $12.00
                An unprecedented study of the Masonic cryptocracy, and the manipulation it wages with subliminal symbols, ritual
                and televised ceremonies all intended for the transformation of human beings into beasts, commensurate with the
                rise of a 'Wonder Working' beast system of modern technology, corresponding to the prophesy of revelation.
                From the Re-Building of the Temple of Herod to 'genetic engineering', satellite surveillance, the atom bomb blast,
                the killing of Kennedy, the moon flights, the videodrome & dozens of other esoteric phenomena, 'Secret Societies'
                offers a penetrating analysis of the world system which seeks to enslave us. It provides insights which can
                significantly assist anyone concerned about defending themselves & their family against the fraud and decay of the
                modern world.

SS-0140---AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT :  An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones - Antony C.
                Sutton - 280 P.-1986 - $19.95 -
                Antony Sutton was a Research Fellow at Stanford from 1968-73. He is a former economics professor at
                California State University-Los Angeles.  He was born in London in 1925 and educated at universities in England
                and America.  He has written 16 books, of which some titles include, "Gold Versus Paper", "Wall Street and the
                Rise of Hitler", "Energy, the Created Crisis", "Wars and Revolutions", and a massive three-volume compendium
                entitled "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917 - 1965".  Several years ago Sutton
                received an 8-inch batch of documents containing the membership lists of "Skull and Bones", from Yale
                University, probably the most powerful secret society in America, the equivalent of a modern branch of the
                Illuminati.  Sutton explains the Hegelian - Masonic motto, "order out of chaos", the act of creating wars to create a
                need for peace, detailing  WHY American bankers like George Bush's father, Prescott Sheldon Bush, and other
                big Wall Street businessmen  financed the build-up of communist Russia and Nazi Germany; Sutton also illustrates
                the establishing of the United Nations as a precedent to a one-world government known as the New World Order.

SS-0150---THE ILLUMINOIDS: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia - Neal Wilgus - 260 P. - 1978 - (Price Not
                Available) (Out of Print at time of Review) - You can still check, though. -
                Although "The Illuminoids" begins with an account of Adam Weishaupt's revolutionary Order of the Illuminati,
                founded May 1, 1776, the real purpose of this book is to trace the influence of secret societies throughout history -
                from their legendary roots in earliest times down to modern-day conspiracies behind the sensational  headlines.
                Contains lots of facts and dates and a lot of unknown historic information.

SS-0160---SECRET SOCIETIES AND SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS---Nesta H. Webster - 414 P. - 1924 -
                List Price - $13.95 -
                Quoting H.G. Wells--"The Common Sense of War and Peace": "In "The Fate of Homo Sapiens"' I drew attention
                to Mrs. Nesta Webster's  SECRET SOCIETIES and SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS.  It is a book that all
                serious people interested in the British situation ought to read and think about, and very few of them do... I believe
                her influence has spread far beyond the circle of her actual readers."  And from the New York Herald Tribune,
                "The idea of creating World Revolution can be traced back to a distant past, as Ms. Webster has clearly shown
                in her most important books, "World Revolution" and "SECRET SOCIETIES and SUBVERSIVE
                MOVEMENTS", the products of much laborious research.

SS-0170---SCARLET AND THE BEAST PT.1--A History of the War Between English & French Freemasonry -
                John Daniel - 788 P. - $43.00 -  **Order All 3 for $57.00 -
                John Daniel is the second of nine children of a conservative, evangelical Cristian family. In 1972, while attending
                college, John Daniel read his first book on the conspiratorial view of political history to unite the world in a global
                government. This book, and hundreds more that followed, was to alter the next twenty years of his life. Well
                educated in the conspiracies that plague the business world, John understood well the conspiracy to subvert
                governments. It made sense to him in understanding the cause behind the moral and religious decay of our nation.
                Chapter titles include: The conflict: The priory of Sion vs. the Knights Templar; The religious wars of France;
                Music and revolution; secular education, a Masonic blueprint; Masonic control of the media; Lucifer, god of
                Freemasonry; Freemasonry and the New Age movement; Yalta, post-war Masonry and the United Nations;
                Masonic oaths for the first three degrees of the Blue Lodge and the Shriner, Illuminati and Mafia oaths, the
                Cabala; Protestant churches that have denounced Freemasonry; President Bill Clinton. Notes: From a Christian
                perspective: Well researched.

SS-0180---SCARLET & THE BEAST PT.2 - English Freemasonry, Mother of Modern Cults, Mystery Babylon - John
                Daniel - 143P. - List Price - $14.00 - - **Order All 3 for $57.00 -
                The Religious Wars--The Divided God : Lucifer or Christ ; Homosexuality in Freemasonry; Ordo Ab Chao
                (Order out of Chaos); Sex and the male and female gods and the mystery of secrecy.

SS-0190---SCARLET & THE BEAST PT.3 - English Freemasonry, Banks, and the Illegal Drug Trade - John Daniel -
                176 P. - 1995 - List Price - $14.00 - - **Order All 3 for $57.00 -
                The Financial Wars--English Freemasonry's secret agenda for political control in America; Freemasonry and
                central banking; Gradualism: Gold, dollars, debt, and drugs; A Freemasonry of Terrorists; London's drug war
                against America; Vietnam and Drug Wars.

SS-0200---THE MYTHOLOGY OF SECRET SOCIETIES - J. M. Roberts - 359 P. 1972 - (Price not Available)
                (Out of Print at time of Review) - You can still check, though. -

SS-0210---THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR - Stephen Howarth - 319 P. - 1982 - (Price not Available)
                (Out of Print at Time of Review) - You can still check, though. -

SS-0220---SECRET SOCIETIES AND THE KINGSHIP OF CHRIST - Rev. Dennis Fahey - 106 P. - 1928 -
                (Check for Availability)

SS-0230---BEHIND WORLD REVOLUTION : The Strange Career of Nesta Webster - Richard Gilman - 111 P. -
                1982 - (Price not Available) (Out of Print at time of Review) - You can still check, though -

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SS-0240---A HISTORY OF SECRET SOCIETIES - Arkan Daraul - 1984 - 256 P. - (Price not Available)
                (Out of Print at time of Review) - You can still check, though. -

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SS-0250---THE OCCULT CONSPIRACY : Secret Societies & their Influence in the World Today  - Michael Howard -
                1997 - 198 P. - $6.98 -


SV-0010---THE SOVEREIGN AMERICAN’S HANDBOOK - Johnny Liberty - 261 P. - 1995 - $33.00
                “Regardless of your choice of Citizenship--a sovereign state Citizen and sui juris freeperson, or U.S. citizen a
                basic comprehension of law jurisdiction, due process and contracts is necessary to exercise your unalienable
                rights or your government grants, benefits and privileges. The Sovereign American’s Handbook is a well
                researched and extremely well laid out plan of attack to get duped U.S. citizens back the unalienable and
                common-law rights that make us all Freemen. Knowledge that builds upon itself is crucial every step of the way.
                To understand your rights you need to know where they came from and how they’ve been altered over the past
                200 years. The author outlines the process by which the founding fathers claimed freedom for us all, describes the
                government they instituted and discusses how the law can work to either free us or undermine us- it all depends
                on whether you exercise the power of unalienable rights or allow the Federal system of social ‘security’ to enslave
                you to the bureaucracy. Probably the best section of the handbook is the 83 pages of affidavits which cite
                applicable laws to demand recognition of all your rights as a sovereign, especially the right to pay absolutely no
                income taxes. Of course, sovereign Citizenship isn’t really accomplished by a book with a bunch of legal forms.
                It’s accomplished by knowing the law and using it to your benefit so that when the affidavits you send in are
                questioned. You have the ability to speak the language of the courts and exercise as  much power as any lawyer
                or judge, because in reality you have far, far, greater power.

                Equity and Merchant Law - Dale Pond, Howard Fisher, Richard Knutson, and the North American Freedom
                Council - $16.00
                Possibly the best selling Common Law book in existence, this short and easily read book tells it the way it is. We
                can see the deterioration of the democratic process in America and the misuse of power over the many by a few.
                This no-nonsense history is also a guide to show how “We the People” can restore ourselves as Masters of
                Congress and our Country where we instruct our government employees what to do instead of taking orders from
                them. “If Americans knew what was in this book, the country would be free overnight. Includes 16 sample court
                arguments and briefs including Rights of a Freeman, Common Law vs. civil law rights, Corpus Delicti, federal
                citizen or Sovereign Citizen of the Republic ?

                1992 - $50.00
                This is one of the few good books available on Sovereign or State Citizenship. Mitch takes you step by step
                through the legal definitions of citizenship; State Citizen or U.S. citizen, jurisdiction; where do you live ?, reside ?;
                How to get out of the system. Renouncing your contracts  with the federal government and all federal agencies.
                Includes case rulings, legal definitions, and necessary paperwork required.

                (American News Service) - 59 P. - $10.00
                This is the ultimate Freemen Info. Package. Transcribed from tapes of Leroy Sweitzer and Dan Peterson. This is
                different from the Video, although along the same lines. A Summary of the Table of Contents follows : Supreme
                Court in the County, Evidence in old law books, All the law starts at the Township, Original, Exclusive mode of
                the Judicial branch, Quorum Non Judicia, Difference between Venue and Jurisdiction, The Tithing, Conservators
                of Peace / Justices' of Peace, Praecipe, Supreme Court is the County Court, Magna Carta Essential for
                Understanding Bill of Rights, Constables, Jury of Peers, The Asylum State, The Posse, Habeus Corpus, Pro
                Cedendo, Selection of Justices', Notary Public, County Commissioners are fellow Justices', Common Law
                exclusive to the people, County affairs formerly managed by County Court of Justices, Quo Warrento, Courts of
                Record, Justice of Peace courts of limited / peculiar jurisdiction, Supreme Court must appoint Marshall,
                Procedures provided for Local government by legislature, Elisors recognized by codes, Seals of County Clerk
                and Recorder are Supreme Court Seals, Two sides to the court, The Republic State and the Democratic State,
                Refusal for Cause / Change of Venue, Books containing Laws presumed correct, Corporations can only hear
                matters of fact, everyone should become a Notary, Judicial Notice of Law, Self authenticated documents,
                Applicability of Common Law, Hearings / Rules of Evidence / cross-examination and judicial notice, The  rights
                of accused in all criminal prosecutions, Rule 67 / Deposit in Court, Safekeeping of Account by County Treasury,
                Judges who practice law in the Unites States guilty of High Misdemeanor, Determination of Foreign Law, Filing
                and status of Foreign judgements, Court of International trade, Jurisdiction of Supreme Courts, U.C.C. Forms
                used, IRS sale postponed, Recognition of non-standard forms by system, Tender in Equity, Proof of Service,
                Fidelity Bond, Bills of Exchange, Principles of Equity, Full assignment / Partial assignment, Publishing of Default
                Notice, File Affidavit of publication, Keep good records, Tender of Perfected Securities to Bank or Broker,
                Bonding the Action, Instruments converted to commercial lien, Assignee Appointed, Accounts receivable,
                Non-negotiability of Instruments, Attachments, "Country of Montana"-The organic State, Accomodation, Writ of
                Execution, Commercial paper affidavit, Banks are accountable for full face value of the instrument, Venue,
                Difference between contract and agreement, Presentment of Truth, Tenor of agreement, Method of enforcement,
                Simple contract / Secretary of the Treasury charged, Hostile takeover bid of the United States, Attestation,
                Supreme Court quiet title, Extradition, Protest must be made by Notary for the County, Etc.

SV-0050---ALLODIAL TITLES & LAND PATENTS - Johnny Liberty - 107 P. - $33.00
SV-0060---GENERAL AFFIDAVIT AND IDENTITY PACKAGE - Johnny Liberty - 148 P. -  $33.00
SV-0070---COURT DOCUMENTATION & PROCEDURES :TAXES - Johnny Liberty - 322 P. - $33.00
SV-0080---COMMON LAW TRUSTS - Tim Richardson & Johnny Liberty - $33.00
SV-0090---COMMON LAW & COMMERCIAL LIEN PROCESS - Johnny Liberty - $33.00
                93 P. - $33.00
SV-0110---AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE - Johnny Liberty -  Spring 1995 - $10.00
SV-0120---AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE - Johnny Liberty -  Summer 1995 - $10.00
SV-0130---AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE - Johnny Liberty - Fall 1995 - $10.00
SV-0140---AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE - Johnny Liberty - Winter 1995 - $10.00
SV-0150---AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE - Johnny Liberty - Spring 1996 - $10.00
SV-0160---AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE - Johnny Liberty - Summer 1996 - $10.00
                Jerry Henson - 316 P. - $35.00
SV-0180---SIGN HERE, IT’S THE LAW - VOL.1 - Rightway Law - 48 P. - $10.00
                52 P. - $7.50
                THEORY OF FEDERAL QUESTIONS - (REPRINT) - 24 P. - $5.00
                LIENS - 120 P. - $15.00
                Kilpatrick - 1957 - 177 P. - $20.00
SV-0230---THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES - AN ORATION - (REPRINT) - Walter Neale - July 21, 1910 -
                38 P. - $5.00
SV-0240---CITIZENSHIP / SOVEREIGNTY - (REPRINT) - J.S. Wright -1868 - 113 P. - $15.00
                1869 - 39 P - $7.00
SV-0260---STATES RIGHTS VS. THE SUPREME COURT - (REPRINT) - Thomas Wilcox - 123 P. - $15.00
                48 P. - $7.00
SV-0280---WHO SHOULD FILE A W-4 ? - Steve Hampfling - 23 P. - $5.00
                edition) - 13 P. - $3.00
SV-0310---THE ORIGINAL 13th AMENDMENT - VELMA GRIGGS - 209 P. - $30.00
                Jan.-Sept. 1996 - 27 P. - $5.00
                TRUSTS - 15 P. - $3.00
SV-0340---TITLE 42 U.S.C. 1983 : Civil Rights Legislation - Suits for violation of Civil Rights - On Point I - 210 P. -
SV-0350---TITLE 42 U.S.C. 1983 : Civil Rights Legislation - Suits for violation of Civil Rights - On Point II - 170 P. -
SV-0360---TITLE 42 U.S.C. 1983 : Civil Rights Legislation - Suits for violation of Civil Rights - On Point III - 223 P. -
SV-0370---THE CALIFORNIA CODE IS NOT LAW - An Investigative Look at the History of California Law and the
                Development of the Code Beginning at it's Origin in 1872. And A Detailed Look at the 1879 constitution and the
                Evidence That It Is Not Valid. - Thomas Marvin Maxwell - 1997 - $25.00
SV-0380---"FOR THE RECORD....HOW THE HECK ARE YAA ?... "Of Necessity, Constructive Notice, and to
                Establish for a Court of Record...YOUR Intent...I Require..." or "How to Speak pleasently, yet firmly, to a Public
                Servant !" - William Gary Young, with help from  Joe Allen and Thomas Marvin Maxwell - 100 P.- 1998 - $25.00

TECHNOLOGY : (Including Weather Control & Surveillance)

TS-0010---PROJECT L.U.C.I.D. : The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System—Texe
                Marrs—224 P.—1996--$17.00
                Project L.U.C.I.D. is here. The World Surveillance State begins. Now there’s no place to
                hide. It’s frightening and it’s real. In this stunning expose, noted author Texe Marrs
                unravels the secrets of Project L.U.C.I.D., the covert government operation destined to
                devour the whole world. Soon, every person on earth—even newborn babies—will be
                issued the new universal Biometrics I.D. Card. Resisters will have a mind control
                Bio-Chip surgically implanted in their brains. The ISO 9000 program requires that all
                manufactured goods be controlled with the universal 666 number. Project L.U.C.I.D.
                empowers America’s hidden SS establishment to use it’s massively powerful computer
                databases to control your bank accounts and purchases, and to monitor intimate details
                of your life. Spy satellites; hidden, miniature video cameras; and interactive T.V. sets will
                be watching your every move. Your telephone calls will be wiretapped and recorded by
                remote computers. All data on you is linked, networked and processed by a Central
                Gestapo, where faceless bureaucrats give orders to police, military and intelligence
                agencies. This is the new, Global Police State, made up of the FBI, KGB, CIA, DEA,
                WTO, Europol, Interpol, Mossad, and the MAB.

TS-0020---SECRETS OF COLD WAR TECHNOLOGY : Project HAARP and Beyond - Gerry Vassilatos - 2000 -
                250 P. - List Price - $15.95 - (Less 20%) = Your Price $12.76 -
                Tesla expert Gerry Vassilatos reveals that ‘Death Ray’ technology has been secretly researched and developed
                since the turn of the century. Vassilatos examines various claims for HAARP and other similar systems. Included
                in this unusual book are chapters on such little known inventors and their devices such as H.C. Vion, the
                developer of Auroral Energy Recievers; Dr. Selim Lemstrom’s pre-Tesla experiments; Sucessfully tested by the
                British during WWI, what became of the early beam weapons of Grindell-Mathews, Ulivi, Turpain and others?
                Who was John Hettnger and how were his early Beam Power systems modified through radar technology  ?
                Learn about Project Argus, Project Teak and Project Orange; EMP experiments in the 60’s; why the Air Force
                directed the construction of a huge Ionospheric “backscatter” Telemetry system across the Pacific just after
                WWII. ;Why has Raytheon collected every patent relevant to HAARP over the past few years?

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TS-0030---THE MARK OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER : Implantable Bio-chip Technology - Terry L. Cook -
                1996 - 400 P. - List Price - $12.99 -
                This is the long awaited, comprehensive investigative report on the technology of the anti-christ system of
                absolute human control ! Expert Terry Cook confirms the existence of the New World Order conspiracy as he
                takes you on a journey through over 400 Pages of undeniable evidence of a demonic system rising. Terry looks
                at the roles of several sinister communist / atheist / satanic New World Order groups such as the U.N.,
                Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones Society, and the Bilderbergers. Terry shows you the new technologies
                and reveals the ulterior motives of the sinister global power brokers.

TS-0040---GRAVITOBIOLOGY - Thomas Beardon - 1991 - List Price - $24.50 -
                Thomas Beardon exposes Soviet electromagnetic weapons designed to secretly disarm the individual.

                Price - $12.95 -
                Thomas Beardon discusses the Russian Woodpecker broadcast, microwaving of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow
                and the secret weaponry used in Afghanistan.

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TS-0060---ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP : Advances in Tesla Technology - Jeane Manning,
                Dr. Nick Begich - 233 P. - 1997 - $14.95 - (Less 20%) = Your Price $11.96 -
                Environmental Warfare ? The U.S. Government has a new ground based "Star Wars" weapon which is being
                tested in the remote bush country of Alaska. This new system manipulates the environment in a way which can :
                Disrupt human mental processes. Jam all global communications systems. Change weather patterns over large
                areas. Interfere with wildlife migration patterns. Negatively affect your health. Unnaturally impact the Earth's
                upper atmosphere. The U.S. military calls it's zapper HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research
                Program). But this skybuster is not about the Northern Lights. The device will turn on lights never intended to be
                artificially manipulated. Their first target is the ElectroJet. A river of electricity that flows thousands of miles
                through the sky and down into the polar icecap. The ElectroJet will become a vibrating artificial antenna for
                sending electromagnetic radiation raining down on the Earth. The U.S. military can then X-Ray the Earth and talk
                to submarines. But there is much more they can do with HAARP. This book reveals surprises from secret
                meetings. Project Censored - A prestigious panel of journalists, judged HAARP to be in the top ten
                underreported news stories of 1994. Popular Science - as a front cover story, HAARP began to be revealed in
                Sep. 1995. This book is the rest of the story.

TS-0070--SPACE ALIENS FROM THE PENTAGON: Flying Saucers are Man-Made Elictrical Machines - William
                Lyne - 1993 - 244 P. - (Price not Available) (Out of Print at time of Review) - You can still check, though. -
                The book which is first to expose a BIG LIE mind control hoax copied from the third Reich, and covertly
                implemented through "national-security" means, to perpetuate the coercive monopoly of a corporate state elite.
                By stealing, concealing or suppressing advanced technology, they insure our continued dependency on archaic
                petroleum and nuclear technology. Through the mass-media, we are brainwashed with scientific lies and
                misinformation, and "indoctrinated" with Nazi-created "parapsychology", designed to "stretch our credulity", so
                we will indiscriminately accept on faith, a "psychic" BIG LIE religion and platonist epistemology, which makes us
                easier to exploit as a slave people. To this end, flying saucer technology of relative simplicity and phenomenal
                potential, was stolen from Nikola Tesla, and has been concealed from us for over 50 years. In 1953, Lyne and
                at least 7 others saw a flying saucer at close range. Lyne studied it's behavior, discovered it's secrets, and
                presents this book, representing over 30 years of research, complete with a set of simplified plans to build your
                own saucer. The obvious BIG TRUTH--that flying saucers are real, man-made electrical machines, and that there
                are no aliens on earth, is being ground to pieces between two BIG LIES, both essentially one big lie, covertly
                disseminated through the media and various 'front' groups and publications, by teams of Ph.D.'s employed by the
                OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA). The secret government orchestrates both sides of the sham debate
                between covert agents, posing as "UFOlogists", and official government spokesmen. The UFOlogists (OSI)
                "alien" scenario conceals the man-made nature of flying saucers by depicting "UFOs" as alien craft, involved in
                visits to earth, abductions and collaboration with our government, which they allege is concealed by a
                "government cover-up conspiracy". Officials conveniently provide false credibility to these lies by their irrational
                denials, suspicious behavior or silence. Contains much never-before published information, including photos of a
                celestial guidance system from a WW II vintage Nazi "Kreisel Teller" (Gyrating Saucer). William Lyne was born
                in Big Spring, Texas, and raised in West Texas oil boom towns. He had a top secret clearance in Air Force
                Intelligence, earned a B.S. degree with a double major in Art and Industrial Technology from Sam Houston State
                University in Huntsville, Texas, acquired an M.F.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1969,
                and has lived in New Mexico for over 20 years. In 1975, he rejected a high-paying and prestigious executive
                CIA position offered by director George Bush, because he believes the "National Security Act of 1947" is an
                illegal betrayal of American sovereignty and liberty, and that the flying saucer, as man's greatest invention, should
                be enjoyed by all. He believes that the U.S. government should be prohibited from engaging in covert and illegal
                mind-control of the American people, because it fraudulently denies us our bill of (human) rights, by
                circumventing our right to fully informed consent or refusal. He began research leading to this book over 47 years
                ago, and recognized the "Roswell  Incident" as a bungled hoax when it was created in 1947 by military
                intelligence personnel at Holloman A.F.B. Alamogordo, New Mexico. Highly Recommended !!!

TS-0080---OCCULT ETHER PHYSICS : Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System & the Conspiracy to Conceal It" -
                Bill Lyne - 106 P. - 1998 - List Price - $8.00 (Less 20%) = Your Price $6.40 -
                Is there a "Secret Physics" with a different set of rules - hidden away from us earlier in this century, by a powerful
                elite who fear the technology based on it will strip away their power and wealth, and liberate us from their grip ?
                Dynamite comes in small packages, and this little stick of  'scientific dynamite', blows apart pseudo-scientific
                myths and instills the truth.

TS-0090---MAN-MADE UFO's - 1944-1994 - 50 YEARS OF SUPPRESSION - Renato Vesco & David Hatcher
                Childress - 1995 - 400 P. - List Price - $18.95 (Less 20%) = Your Price $15.16 -
                A comprehensive and in-depth look at the early "Flying Saucer technology" of Nazi Germany and the genesis of
                early man-made UFO's from the captured German scientists to escaped battalions of Germans to secret
                communities in South America and Antarctica to today's state of the art "Dreamland" flying machines. Heavily
                illustrated, this book blows the lid off the " Government UFO Conspiracy" and explains with technical diagrams
                the technology involved. Examined in detail are secret underground airfields and factories; German secret
                weapons;"suction" aircraft; the origin of NASA; Gyroscopic stabilizers and engines; and the secret Marconi
                aircraft factory in South America. The secret Marconi base in South America, and other secret societies, both
                ancient and modern, that have kept this craft a secret are also discussed. "Man-Made UFOs" is required reading
                for students of technology suppression, UFO's, Anti-gravity, Free-Energy conspiracy or W.W.II.

TS-0100---PYRAMID POWER : The Millenium Science - Dr. G. Pat Flanagan - 1997 (1st 1973)
                182 P. - $18.00
                Patrick Flanagan's 1st book "Pyramid Power", became a bestseller when it was released in
                1973 and his research has since inspired a thousand-and one offshoots. Just republished,
                this landmark work is a necessary part of any new millenium science researcher's library.
                If you're not already fimiliar with it, we recommend it because Patrick's theories and
                experiments concerning vortex energy, pyramid power and the mechanical ether still
                resonate strongly. Dr. Flanagan takes us back to basics, to the universal energy
                fundamentals that were so intregal to ancient cultures, such as in Egypt, India, Tibet, China
                and Hawaii. Each had or has it's own word for the essential life-energy--and practices for
                tapping into it. What he reveals in a later section on theories of energies is a new physics
                spin on age-old systems with the future of science being the integration of the two. Patrick
                Flanagan describes his findings on the Sacred Geometry and mathematics of the Great
                Pyramid and the science of Pyramid Power, but not before taking the reader on a side trip
                with his earlier Neurophone invention, revealing that it also makes telepathic communication
                possible. Dr. Flanagan's pyramid research subjects were wide-ranging, featuring razor
                blades, kirlian measurements, plant growth, Alpha Rythms effects on foods, energy plates,
                psychotronic devices--and are highly illustrative of the promise of science, for the next

TS-0110---THE POLTERGEIST MACHINE : The Hutchinson Effect--A Lift & Disruption
                System--Albert Budden--32 P.--1996--$12.00
                In 1981, Canadian physicist and inventor John Hutchinson first documented 'Ghost in the
                Machine' effects in his laboratory. With his device--a collection of electronic gadgetry
                whirling away in unison--he produced effects such as levitation of heavy objects,
                spontaneous fires, mirrors smashing from a distance, steel bars shredding, lights in the air
                and other high-jinks. Meantime, across the Atlantic in England, Albert Budden was
                conducting paranormal research which led him to look into haunted houses and the
                poltergeist phenomenon. In time, he proposed a theory that much of this 'supernatural'
                activity is electromagnetic in nature and possibly a function of environmental EM
                disturbances, natural and/or man-made. When he discovered John Hutchinson's research a
                few years ago, Budden saw obvious parallels between his own observations of the
                phenomena and Hutchinson's ability to reproduce classic poltergeist-type effects within a
                laboratory based apparatus. The result of their collaboration is this manual which includes
                Hutchinson's own description of his apparatus (which employs magnets, Tesla Coils and a
                Van de Graaf Generator, as well as specification notes and technical diagrams. Hutchinson
                continues his experiments today, despite past setbacks with sabatoge and harassment by
                authorities. Obviously his work is being taken seriously in certain quarters.

TS-0120---FER-DE-LANCE - A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons - Thomas Beardon - 1986
                List Price - $27.50 -
               Beardon contends that the Soviet Union deliberately destroyed the Challenger space shuttle, the Titan 34D
                Missile, and Delta Rocket in 1986, and tells exactly how.

TS-0130---LOOM OF THE FUTURE : Weather Engineering Work of Trevor James Constable - Thomas J.Brown -

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TS-0140---ENGINES OF CREATION : The Coming Era of Nanotechnology - Eric K. Drexler - 1987 -
                List Price - $12.95 -


UN-0010---FREEDOM ON THE ALTER : The U.N.’s Crusade Against God and Family - William Norman Grigg -
                Documents the U.N.’s vision of a New World Order, where children will be indoctrinated in socialist ‘values’
                which may include compulsory ‘volunteer labor’; where control will be exercised over all family life, including
                coercive population control, parental ‘Licensing’ and the seizure of children from parents deemed ‘incompetant’
                by U.N. approved officials; and where America’s culture, free institutions and biblically-derived values will be
                eradicated--in preparation for the official world religion.

UN-0020---PARENT POLICE : The United Nations Want Your Children - Ingrid J. Guzman - List Price - $6.34
                Not long ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a treaty that could put an end to parenting as we
                know it. If ratified, this treaty would turn the state into the co-parent, with authority to “assist” in child rearing. It
                would also give the state the power to enforce such so-called “children’s rights” as (1) :The right of the child to
                object to all religious teaching (Article 14); (2) : The right of the child to associate with anyone they chose,
                regardless of their parent’s wishes (Article 14); (3) : The right of the child to see, hear or read whatever they
                chose (Article 13). Don’t be misled or deceived by advocates of “Children’s Rights”. If ratified, this treaty will
                make parents subject to prosecution for trying to instill values that the U.N. decides are not in the best interest of
                their child.

UN-0030---GLOBAL BONDAGE : The U.N. Plan to Rule The World - Cliff Kincaid - 1995 - 203 P.
                List Price - $10.99 -
                Author and radio personality Cliff Kincaid blows the lid off the United Nations, documenting it’s strategy for
                gaining complete control of the world. The U.N. is now out in the open with its' plans to establish world
                government - and back it up with the punch of its' Global Army !! Cliff warns that the U.N. is rapidly gaining
                ground, and if we don't stop it now, we won't get a second chance! Kincaid exposes the U.N.’s plan for global
                taxation, an international criminal court, which could prosecute Americans, forced abortions and sterilizations,
                U.N. efforts to destroy the traditional family, U.S. - Soviet “Peacekeeping” cooperation, Soviet officers
                commanding U.S. troops, transformation of U.S. soldiers into “U.N. Fighting Persons” and worse.

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UN-0040---GLOBAL TAXES FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT - Cliff Kincaid - 1997 - 208 P. -
                List Price - $14.99 -
                An investigative journalist documents the United Nations' quest for trillions in International taxes from American
                taxpayers and American businesses. In researching U.N. global tax plans, he discovered that American taxpayers
                may soon be underwriting a disconcerting array of global programs. Who are the instigators in the U.N.
                bureaucracy who want to impose international taxes on the American people ? What effect will global taxes have
                on Americans who carry pension funds, IRA's and mutual funds ? Where will the money derived from global
                taxes go, and what will it fund ? How are monies already in federal agencies being looted for the U.N.'s radical
                agenda ? These questions are examined.


UF-0010---MATRIX I - VALDAMAR VALERIAN - Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction With Alien
                Culture, Technology, and Planetary Power Structure - 361 P.- 1988 - $45.00

UF-0020---MATRIX II - VALDAMAR VALERIAN - The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced
                Technology - 459 P. - 1990 - $65.00
                This book is probably one of the most influential books to appear on the planet. Matrix II is more than a book, it
                is a journey into both your awareness and the awareness of other species, no matter who they are or where they
                come from. The book, now in it's 3rd edition, updated in July 1991, encompasses an incredible range of data
                which includes precedental research on human abductions by both government and off-planet forces--material
                that other authors will not speak of and what publishers will not allow themselves to print. Val Valerian weaves a
                wide range of interrelated material into a literary experience that will rock you to the core of your very being- one
                that includes expansion of your consciousness as a side benefit. Included within the book is the now famous Wide
                Spectrum Chronological Database, data and updates on underground bases at Dulce and the Nevada Test Site,
                a large number of  illustrations, maps and charts detailing activity sites, underground installation and tunnel
                networks, commentary by John Lear, Robert Lazar and a host of other top-notch researchers. Valerian takes us
                through the whole gambit of how, why, and by whom humans are manipulated, info. about government
                connections to the abduction process, virtual-reality machines and Reichian programming, and mind control by
                human and alien manipulators. Perhaps for the first time, we get glimpses what Grey society is like, what group
                awareness is about, and what their attitudes and mind-sets mean to humans. There is additional data on the
                Reptilian species who are dominant over the Greys, and what they may have planned for humans in the coming
                years. Best of all, the book integrates the positive and spiritual aspects and illustrates how awareness can bring
                evolvement out of situations that people do not prefer.

UF-0030---MATRIX III-- VALDAMAR VALERIAN : The Psycho-social, Chemical, Biological and Electronic
                Manipulation of Human Consciousness - 1992 - 780 P. - $65.00
                This book goes into precise detail on how the consciousness of human beings is being modified by psychological
                and social institutions, specific chemicals added to the food, water and environment, and how the tactical aspects
                of chemical, biological, and electromagnetic warfare are being implemented in order to support the aims of the
                planetary power structure known as the New World Order. The book begins with a section familiarizing the
                reader with basic scientific information about resonance, oscillation, vibration and frequency, and moves rapidly
                into discussions about human auric band structures, frequencies, and telepathic interaction. Matrix III discusses all
                the aspects of the natural electro-magnetic fields of the earth, holographic aspects of the universe and
                consciousness, morphological fields, hard to find data on the brain and neurophysiology, brain structures and
                consciousness, and brain circuitry as applied to human consciousness and behavior. Psycho-social aspects of
                human society are discussed in detail, with emphasis on belief systems, perception, the triune functions of security,
                sensation, and power in human society, four separate levels of social manipulation, including detailed data on
                consciousness, genetics, manipulation of humans outside the physical realm and beyond. The elements of
                population control through the use of biological organisms is discussed, all the way from the very concept of
                disease to the covert production of biological weapons under the guise of various government programs. Much
                info. in this book comes from freedom of info requests. Sections on biological warfare, the immune system,
                immunizations, and vaccinations, neural fungi, zoonotic diseases and veterinary biology, viruses, and revealing
                data on who runs the major drug and chemical companies and how it is all connected. The section on electronic
                mind control in this book has no equal. Matrix III discusses the very groundwork of  electro-magnetic spectrum
                use, the deliberate suppression of data (which is revealed), that could have completely changed the planet, a host
                of data on advanced mind control applications that goes beyond anything you have ever seen before, in short
                everything you always wanted to know about what is going on, including the new electronic networks, use of the
                cellular telephone system and cancer, and manipulation of the earth grid-vortices of the earth itself. The 'final
                scenario' is discussed relative to the New World Order and the plans for total economic control, a one-world
                religion. Matrix III brings out in detail how various families in the U.S. and Europe are involved in a scenario
                which has as it's main tenet the suppression and control of human beings on many levels-a scenario which
                includes world-wide traffic in drugs, vast laundering of drug money by national banks of several countries, and
                assassination and murder. These are the people who arranged and supported all the wars. There is discussion of
                the Bush family, and how Prescott Bush assisted the finance and management of the Nazi empire- the so-called
                'Hitler Project'. Perhaps the greatest feature of the book is the material on consciousness which, when combined
                with the book in a holistic way, has the potential of assisting you toward conscious empowerment and
                understanding of the drama which is occurring on a vastly higher level.

UF-0040---MATRIX IV--VALDAMAR VALERIAN - The Equivideum -- Paradigms and Dimensions of Human
                Evolution and Consciousness -1100 P. - 1994 - $75.00
                Matrix IV presents a functional basis from which to evaluate everything you believe, think, read, who you are and
                where you think you and everyone else are going--not trying to convince you of anything, but presenting material
                that will profoundly affect your life. The book covers: mind, awareness, sacred geometry, the geometry of
                consciousness; perception and the brain; human history (past & future), spiritual thought & more. Matrix IV
                brings to light information that is so suppressed-that it is sure to be one of the most dangerous books ever written
                - dangerous in terms of it's freeing power over the human soul and its ability to assist the reader to explore life
                and move forward. For those of you who thought the previous Matrix works were great, Matrix IV outdoes
                them all. Through the vast knowledge in this book, the reader will be able to evaluate all other literature, self-help
                programs, and control paradigms with crystal-clear awareness. The book features the Flower of Life paradigm,
                with it's unique approach to consciousness and sacred geometry. It pays special attention to Terrance
                McKenna's theory of fractalization of history and the time-wave equations of Peter Meyer, with a wide range of
                time-wave graphs covering 1993-2012. Also featured, the work of mathematician / climatologist Iben Browning
                relative to earth's future; the interpretations of Lemesurier on the future of the human species based on the
                structure of the Pyramid of Giza; group studies (5000 + people) on future life projection into the next millennium
                (1990-2500 A.D.); the work of Robert Monroe and what he found relative to the period after 3000 A.D.,
                describing dimensional realities of entrapment, why it occurs, and how to avoid it; and a variety of charts and
                diagrams on : evaluation of literature, levels of consciousness and existence, levels of energy transfer;
                synchronicity and quantum relationships, and the physics behind non-causality. Also discussed : unified -field
                theory and Tachyon- Delton - Muon physics. The book discusses the paradigm of the Maya and even integrates
                McKenna's time-wave work into a series of graphs amplifying the Mayan linear paradigm, including historical
                descriptions and info. relative to Hopi and other American Indian tribes. Matrix IV covers dimensional shifting;
                polar shifting and dimensional interface; Includes material which essentially provides you the reader with the
                biological, psychological, and spiritual keys to the physical universe and beyond. Includes an anthology of
                Eastern and Western adeptship materials.

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UF-0050---THE GODS OF EDEN - William Bramley - 505 P. - 1993 Ed. - List Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) =
                Your Price $5.59 -
                "Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on an isolated planet in a small galaxy. As such, the human
                race was once a source of labor for an extra-terrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. To keep
                control over it's possession and maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilization has bred never-
                ending conflict between human beings, has promoted human spiritual decay, and has erected on earth conditions
                of unremitting physical hardship. This situation has existed for thousands of years and continues today." The above
                excerpt sets the tone for  a vast collection of astounding revelations and random events to come together in "The
                Gods of Eden." A result of his own quest to find the roots of war, author William Bramley leaves no stone
                unturned as he takes the reader down through history starting with ancient stone tablets from Sumeria and
                Mesopotamia that date back  tens  of thousands of years. He discusses the 'custodial gods' and their role in
                setting up early civilizations on Earth and causing them to war with each other. He cites numerous ancient texts
                and documents including the bible, that show that all through history when wars have occurred, there have been
                mass sightings of bright lights and thunderous sounds; but possibly even more important, he traces the lineage of
                the rulers of the earlier civilizations (the bloodline of the interbreeding between the sons of God and the daughters
                of man), and the secret societies that were set up to protect them and keep the true spiritual knowledge to
                themselves. He shows where the money came from (and names many names), for the secret societies to finance
                and create most of the different religions and wars throughout history. One of the best sources that traces the
                descent of secret societies in history from crusades and the backing by the Knights Templar, through the Illuminati
                and Rosicrucion orders of the ninth century and on to the Masons, the elite priesthood of businessmen.

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UF-0060---THE 12TH PLANET - Zacharia Sitchen - 384 P. - 1991 - List Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) = Your Price
                $5.59 -
                Weaving the story of humanity's origins by means of archaeology, mythology and ancient texts, the author
                documents extra-terrestrial involvement in Earth's history. Focusing primarily on ancient Sumeria, he reveals with
                awesome precision, a complete history of the solar- system as told by the visitors from another planet, called
                Nibiru in Sumerian, that orbits earth every 3600 years. This book is the critical sourcebook on the ancient
                astronauts--how they got here, when they came, and how their technology and culture have influenced humans.

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UF-0070---THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN - Zacharia Sitchen - 308 P. - 1980 (1999 Reprint) - List Price - $6.99
                (Less 20%) = Your Price $5.59 -
                Since earliest times, humanity has pondered the incomprehensible mysteries of the universe, life...and the afterlife.
                Was there somewhere on Earth, where after death, mortal man could join the immortal Gods ? Where was this
                place ? By whom was it established ? And does it still exist today ? After years of painstaking research -
                combining recent archeological discoveries with ancient texts and artifacts--noted scholar Zacharia Sitchen has
                identified the legendary land of the Gods, and provides astounding new revelations about the Great Pyramids, the
                Sphinx, and other mysterious monuments whose true meanings and purposes have been lost for aeons.

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UF-0080---THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN - Zacharia Sitchen - 377 P. - 1999 - List Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) =
                Your Price $5.59 -
                Eons ago, the Earth was a battlefield. Mighty armies clashed, led by giant warriors meticulously skilled in the art
                of combat. These wars would shape man's destiny and live on for centuries in legend, song and religious lore -
                brutal and terrible conflicts that began lifetimes earlier on another planet. In the astonishing third volume of
                Zacharia Sitchen's EARTH CHRONICLES, the internationally renowned scholar parts the mists of myth and
                time to return to the violent beginnings of humanity--employing ancient text, religious documents, and
                archeological findings to reconstruct epic events that support the existence of extraterrestrial 'Gods' who once set
                nation against nation, and man against man.

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UF-0090---THE LOST REALMS - Zacharia Sitchen - 304 P. - 1996 - List Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) = Your Price
                $5.59 -
                In the 16th century, the Spanish conquerors came to the New World in search of 'El Dorado', the fabled city of
                gold. Instead they encountered inexplicable phenomena that have puzzled scholars and historians for centuries :
                stone edifices of massive proportion constructed in the Earth's most inaccessible regions...great monuments
                formed with impossible skill and unknown tools, intricate carvings describing the events and topography of half a
                world away. In this book Zacharia Sitchen uncovers the long-hidden secrets of the lost civilizations of the
                pre-Colombian Americans and offers documentation of the giant Gods who spawned the greatness of the Incans,
                Mayans and Aztecs - the Anunnaki - "those who from heaven to Earth came".

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UF-0100---WHEN TIME BEGAN - Zacharia Sitchen - 410 P. - 1999 Ed. - List Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) =
                Your Price $5.59 -
                This book goes beyond traditional explanations that say that extraterrestrials have landed on Earth. Sitchen's most
                startling discovery suggests that extraterrestrials not only landed here, but created the human race! Under the
                guidance of these ancient visitors from the heavens, human civilization flourished--as revolutionary advances in art,
                science and thought swept through the inhabited world. And they left behind magnificent monuments - baffling
                monoliths and awesome, towering structures that stand to this day as testaments to their greatness.

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UF-0110---GENESIS REVISITED - Zacharia Sitchen - 343 P. - 1995 Ed. - List Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) =
                Your Price $5.59 -
                Is modern science catching up with ancient knowledge ? Space travel, genetic engineering, computer science;
                Astounding achievements as new as tomorrow. But stunning recent evidence proves that these ultra modern
                advances were known to our forefathers tens of thousands of years ago. In this book, Zacharia Sitchen
                reexamines the teachings of the ancients in the light of mankind's greatest scientific discoveries--and uncovers
                breathtaking, never before revealed facts that challenge long held, conventional beliefs about our planet and our

UF-0120---ALIEN IDENTITIES - Richard L. Thompson - 492 P. - 1993 - (Price not Available) - Item is Available
                Since 1947 researchers have exhaustively documented the reality of UFO's. But questions still remain about the
                origins of these strange craft and the intentions of the beings who pilot them. In "Alien Identities", Richard
                Thompson shows that the answers may lie in the records of an ancient civilization with thousands of years of
                contacts with extraterrestrials races. Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts and the ancient Sanskrit
                writings of India give fresh insights into the identity and purpose of UFO visitors. Richard Thompson is the author
                of 5 books and 4 videos on science and philosophy, he received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Cornell University.

UF-0130---EXTRATERRESTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY - David Hatcher Childress - 2000 - 320 P. - $19.95 -
                (Less 20%) = Your Price $15.56 -
                With hundreds of photos and illustrations, "Extraterrestrial Archeology" takes the reader to the strange and
                fascinating world of Mars, the Moon, Mercury, and other planets for a look at the alien structures that appear
                there. Whether skeptic or believer, this book allows you to view for yourself the amazing pyramids, domes,
                spaceports, obelisks, and other anomalies that are profiled in photo after photo. Using official NASA and Soviet
                photos, this book seeks to prove that many of the planets in our solar system are inhabited by intelligent life.

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UF-0140---THE MONUMENTS OF MARS - Richard C. Hoagland - 1996 Ed. - 335 P. - List Price - $25.00
                (Less 20%) = Your Price $20.00 -
                In 1976, NASA's Viking Explorer took a series of photographs of Mars in an area known as Cydonia. Several
                of the photos showed an eerie looking resemblance to a face. NASA dismissed it as an illusion created by
                shadows. Richard Hoagland proves this cannot be the case. He goes on to demonstrate how the face on Mars is
                made up of pyramids and monuments built with the same tetrahedral geometry as the pyramids on Earth.

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UF-0150---THE MAYAN FACTOR : Path Beyond Technology - Jose Arguelles - 220 P. - 1987 - List Price - $16.00
                (Less 20%) = Your Price $12.80 -
                In "The Mayan Factor : Path Beyond Technology", Jose Arguelles announces that human history has been
                shaped during the time framed by the Mayan Calendar Great Cycle--3113 B.C. to 2012 A.D. by a galactic
                beam through which the Earth and Sun have been passing. We are informed that the cycles of Earth cultures
                follow 'galactic seasons' which have been described mathematically and symbolically by the Mayans. And we
                learn that each person is empowered to connect directly--sensuously and electromagnetically-- with the energy -
                information of this beam emanating from the 'Galactic Core'. Since astrophysicists are currently describing density
                waves or beams that sweep through the galaxy and influence galactic evolution, Arguelles' synchronistic discovery
                of the Mayan Calendar beam is prophetic. This is a profound shift in consciousness which involves viewing time
                and evolution from a multidimensional perspective.

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UF-0160---BEHOLD A PALE HORSE - William Cooper - 500 P. - 1991 - List Price - $25.00
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                Bill Cooper, former Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member reveals information that remains hidden from the
                public eye. This info. has been has been kept in top secret government files since the 1940's. Bill writes about the
                assassination of JFK, the war on drugs, the secret gov't. (secret societies) and UFOs. Bill has spoken to many
                groups throughout the U.S. and has appeared regularly on Radio Talk shows and T.V. In 1988 Bill decided to
                talk, due to events taking place worldwide, events which he had seen plans for back in the 1970's. Since then he
                has correctly predicted the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the lowering of the Iron Curtain and the invasion of
                Panama. Amongst the secret documents Bill was responsible for viewing were documents pertaining to
                interactions between our government and advanced races of beings.

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UF-0170---The ROSWELL MESSAGE - Rene Coudris - 192 P. - 1997 - List Price - $19.95 -
                Controversy over the crash and recovery of an alleged alien spaceship near Roswell, N.M., exactly 50 years ago,
                continues to capture the public imagination. And along comes the Channeled information. This information comes
                from a series of para-contact sessions held in August 1995, where two-way telepathic communication was
                established, with supposedly, the very aliens involved in the Roswell crash, or at least with their mental bodies
                which survived and reincarnated in new host bodies. Austrian telepathic researcher Author Rene Coudris
                conducted these sessions with his wife, Mira, an experienced deep-trance medium. They knew few details of the
                Roswell incident before these sessions, but Rene has since become familiar with the available literature, which he
                presents in summarized form in the first part of his book, The Roswell Message. The revelations these entities
                make are indeed thought provoking. They cover their perspective on the Roswell crash and government cover-up
                as well as data about their home planet, technology, reproduction techniques and their ancient links with humanity.
                Claiming to have travelled back in time from millions of years in the future, these beings have given a stern warning
                that we should not tamper with our genetics--lest we end up like them ! Certainly Rene and Mira seem to be
                sincere in their approach, but whether this 'channeled' information is to be believed is ??

UF-0180---THE GOD HYPOTHESIS : Extraterrestrial Life and It's Implications for Science and Religion - Joe Lewels,
                Ph.D. - 295 P. - 1997 - List Price - $18.95 -
                A few years ago, author Joe Lewels, a Journalism Ph.D. and media professor at the University of Texas, El Paso,
                made a significant career move when he applied his skills on a freelance basis in pursuit of an abiding curiosity :
                The UFO mystery. He had held a private fascination for the subject since his first aerial sighting over Alabama in
                1968. Dr. Lewel's research revealed a much wider context to the UFO phenomenon than he'd imagined. His
                book 'The God Hypothesis' is a synthesis of the best of the available literature  as well as his own findings. He
                arrived at his perspective as a result of his interviews with people claiming to have had extra-terrestrial contact;
                his realization that coming to terms with the evidence requires a shift in the conventional scientific materialistic
                viewpoint; and his discovery  that many E.T. contact reports have parallels with certain biblical accounts and
                historical events. Lewel's reinterpretation of key events in the Old and New Testaments certainly challenges the
                prevailing religious doctrines. His suggestion that Moses "may have been the most famous contactee in history"
                may shatter some cherished belief systems, as may one concerning Christ's Ascention on a UFO hidden within a
                cloud, and another, that E.T's may have had a significant influence on the World's religions. Lewel argues that in
                the light of the evidence of Holographic layers of existence occupied by hierarchies of entities, we may have to
                re-evaluate our hypothesis about the nature of God and creation.

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UF-0190---THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL - Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.) William J. Birnes - 371 P. - 1998 - List
                Price - $6.99 - (Less 20%) = Your Price $5.59 -
                Colonel Philip Corso, who retired from the U.S. Army in 1963 after a distinguished career in military intelligence,
                is arguably the highest ranking officer to go public with his story about the crash of at least one UFO in the New
                Mexico desert in July, 1947, and the Army's retrieval of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE's) and artefacts
                from the crash site. Corso's book "The Day After Roswell", has already received media coverage as well as
                praise and some criticism amongst UFOlogists, but it should be read for it's insights into the Military / UFO
                cover-up and how the ET issue shaped the scenes behind the Cold War, to the frustration of the CIA and KGB.
                On duty at Fort Riley, Kansas on the night of July 6th, 1947, Corso glimpsed a strange cargo: An EBE floating in
                preservative. As fate would have it, in 1961, Corso was posted to the Army R&D Department's Foreign
                Technology desk at the Pentagon, inheriting a filing cabinet full of  top-secret Roswell files and artifacts. His task
                was to approach defense contractors to develop the "Goods" for military and commercial purposes. During this
                outstretch, Corso learned that some of the ET technology back-engineering was already underway in 1947,
                though some of his samples did help specific innovations in night vision, lasers, integrated circuits, fiber optics,
                "Star Wars" systems & more. His expose makes an important contribution to UFO research.

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UF-0200---CASEBOOK ON THE MEN IN BLACK - Jim Kieth - 224 P. - 1997 - List Price - $14.95 -
                The "Men in Black" (MIB) phenomenon has enough 'high-strangeness' aspects to deter all but the most
                dedicated UFOlogists. But now, a block-buster film has sparked the public's need to know more. Among new
                books bringing this mystery into the light of day is "Casebook on the Men in Black", by Jim Kieth, a well known
                name in conspiracy research ("Casebook on Alternative 3"; "Black Helicopters Over America"). Not surprisingly,
                kieth poses yet more questions that must be asked if this phenomena is ever to be explained satisfactorily. Kieth's
                "Basic Black" introduction sets the tone of the book, reminding us that black has been associated with magic, night
                and evil since ancient times, and that shadowy figures are part of many cultural mythologies. These "Darklings"
                were reported during the centuries of witchcraft trials and would often appear just prior to outbreaks of the
                plague. But since the flying saucer flaps of the late 1940's, they have "morphed" into entities, often linked with
                UFOs, who skulk around in their unfashionable black suits and matching vehicles, threatening innocent UFO
                witnesses. Using supporting case evidence, some of it quite recent, Kieth has identified six MIB-type scenarios
                that may all have valid "explanations", however far-fetched. He sees them as part of an "evolving reality", whose
                script includes Black Lodge magicians, government agency black-ops, hoaxers, aliens in human disguise,
                extradimensional entities and paranormal manifestations of the human mind.

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UF-0210---THE MYSTERY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS : Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present & Future -
                Chris Morton & Ceri Thomas - 400 P. - 1998 - List Price - $22.00 (Less 20%) =Your Price $17.60
                The independent producers of the U.K. documentary, "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls", have expanded their
                fact finding into an in-depth book. According to various native legends, there are 13 crystal skulls in existence,
                but not all of the skulls found so far are part of this esteemed group. There are more that are yet to be
                discovered--and they will be, according to transmissions from the most famous crystal skull of all, the Mitchell-
                Hedges skull, found in Belize in the mid-1920's. During channelled communication sessions, this crystal skull
                conveys messages from an extradimensional intelligence--on the existence of other skulls, their creation by
                thought, and their purpose as information storage and communication vehicles. Some of the skull's messages
                point to imminent discoveries of vestiges of their long-lost civilization in Australia, under the water near Bimini
                and in the Dead Sea. Others are warnings about the state of our scientific ignorance, our erratic weather,
                livestock dying in great numbers, the Earth's magnetic field shifting and the planet's axis tilting. And still, it is not
                yet time for all the skull collective's records to be revealed.

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UF-0220---THE SUPERGODS - Maurice M. Cotterell - 253 P. - 1997 - List Price - $26.95 -
                Author, scientist and engineer Maurice Cotterell unravels a little more of the mystery of the Maya of Central
                America in his latest book, "The Supergods". He reiterates the extraordinary knowledge possessed by the Maya,
                whose calender began in 3113 BC with the "birth of Venus"--a timing which suggests that a magnetic field
                reversal of the sun occured then, which was strong enough to cause Venus to shift on it's axis. Cotterel
                discovered that the sun's magnetic field reverses itself every 3740 years, and that the long-term sunspot cycle
                reflects the rise and fall of civilizations. He has decoded numbers relating to this from many artifacts, suggesting
                that the Maya had a clearer window on the universe than perhaps any other civilization that has existed on earth.
                Significantly, The Temple of Inscription at Palenque and it's treasures, the Tomb of Pacal Votan and Lid of
                Palenque (Dated to circa.743-783 A.D.) contains clues to the hidden mysteries of the Maya cosmos. The very
                structure of the Temple has correlations with the Golden Mean phi ratio of 1.618:1. By superimposing drawings
                from the Lid on top of each other and highlighting key sections in color, Cotterrell continues to find new images
                revealed which suggest the fulfilment of important prophecies in our times.

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UF-0230---JOURNEY INTO THE NEW MILLENNIUM : Transmissions From Sirius - Wendy Munro - 244 P. - 1997
                List Price - $16.95 -
                According to various channelled and esoteric sources, humanity, (Indeed, the entire planet) is undergoing an
                entire physical and spiritual transformation. One particular source, channelled from the Sirius system by Wendy
                Munro (Australian based Psychologist and Clairvoyant of 20 years experience) not only has messages in
                common with other channelled material, it has a great deal more to add. Munro has pain-stakingly gathered
                many years of Sirian transmissions for her book "Journeys Into the New Millenium". The Sirian Entities have a
                keen, compassionate interest in our development, and reveal details about alien influences in our past that have
                been detrimental to our progress. Indeed, they claim that the barriers placed on our genetic structure and
                Endocrine systems have now been removed and are being "re-calibrated" to accept the higher vibrational
                energies that have been coming in through a vortex from Sirius in the last few years. Our metamorphasis into
                multidimensional awareness should be complete by the year 2012 - when time as we know it will cease as the
                Maya have said. With an emphasis on Love, joy and freedom from fear, the Sirians are assisting us on our great
                Aquarian age adventure, providing information on the 'big picture' on interdimensional intelligences and cosmic
                energy, the nature of time, space and mind, Earth changes, new technologies and arts, health and longevity,
                alchemy, magic and more.