" Where the people are free there can be no great contrast or distinction among honest citizens in or out of office. In proportion as the people lose their freedom, every gradation of distinction, between the Governors and governed obtains, until the former become masters, and the latter become slaves."--A Farmer, Maryland Gazette and Baltimore Advertiser, March 7, 1788.

An American Exercising Freedom of Speech

Disclaimer: Enter carefully. Political viewpoints expressed here are definitely old-fashioned, intolerant of and antagonistic to the New World Order. You may find your worldview challenged.

The Patriot's Soapbox features the complete un-edited manuscript of "A Caveat Against Injustice, or an Inquiry into the Evils of a Fluctuating Medium of Exchange" by founding father Roger Sherman of Connecticut. At the other end of this link is my introduction to Roger Sherman's great document, then ultimately the text of probably the most obscure but most valuable writings of any of the founding fathers.

Hey Now! As a companion to Roger Sherman's legacy document, The Patriot's Soapbox is now privileged to feature the novel "No State ShallŠ". Published anonymously, much as "A Caveat Against Injustice" was in it's time, this wonderful novel illustrates the legacy, the power of Roger Sherman's magnificent gift to We, the People: Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution for the united States of America. The author has chosen to remain anonymous and donate the manuscript for the public good; as part of the body of knowledge, from Roger on out, on the money issue. If you appreciate the thought and life of Roger Sherman, if you are a Lover of Good Law, you should read this.

Hey Now! It seem only right to post the "comments" of the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania here as well.

Hey Now! Read the homecoming speech of Michael New and find out what it means to stand for something.

Hey Now! I recently received the following timely letters from friends of Yorie Von Kahl. These letters are a first hand indictment of the federalist "in-justice" sytem. I once thought only the commies treated political prisoners this way. Boy was I wrong! (Or, maybe I was right, and these are simply U.S. commies treating their political prisonor like soviet commies would). Take the time to read and circulate this important information for all Americans. Any of us could be next!

Hey Now! Read the National Common Law Grand Jury's Command to Show Cause why the War and Emergency Powers should not be terminated. Do you think that Americans should be under perpetual martial rule? I don't, and I think it is high time the "Emergencies" are ended.

Hey Now! Find out "where's the beef" between the Montana Freemen and the federalist gestapo! There is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Hey Now! Bill Medina's "Silver Bulletin" provides the "who, what, when and how" that is so often missing from intelligent dicussion of current affairs. A primer on how the constitution has been assaulted and violently overthrown by the federalists. The Patriot's Soapbox thanks Bill Medina for publishing this as an open paper. It is an honor to be able to circulate this cogent tract.

Hey Now! Congress apologizes for illegally overthrowing the peaceful and lawful government of Hawai`i. Since they have confessed to the illegality of their actions, Hawai`i should once again be considered a free and sovereign nation. Any illegal action must be null and void, right?

Hey Now! What is the purpose of so-called gun control? Is it supposed to make the streets safer? Guess again. See what is happening now in the land down under. Fear the government that fears your guns!

Hey Now! I wonder where F.D.R. is now?

In these times, when opinions are largely formed by the mass media (because people spend too much time being amused by the media), the views expressed on my pages are not politically correct (in ultra-liberal circles, for sure!). If you admire the political science of the founding fathers of the American republic, or of the leaders of the Confederate States of America, you should be comfortable here. If you are a statist, communist, socialist, globalist, liberal democrat, Rockefeller republican, moderate, fascist or are otherwise politically misguided and/or brainwashed, I hope your thinking will be challenged here. If you think you believe...

"that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,"

and also desire the force of central government to rule over your fellow man, then you are truly confused. Each of the above mentioned groups, believing that theft and other violations of individual unalienable God-given rights, when accomplished by force of government, are acceptable, practice political gang warfare against We the People. That is why I hope that your stronger belief is in those mighty words above, extracted from the second paragraph of "The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America," than in any of the ultra-liberal communistic hogwash that currently passes for "political correctness."

One brave American who has stood up for America recently is Michael G. New, who stood on his belief that service to the United States of America did not obligate him to be pressed into being under United Nations command. He stood his ground, and the slimy draft dodger prosecuted him and had him discharged from the service. Michael G. New stood toe-to-toe with a commander in chief who was issuing unlawful orders, and just said no. The namby-pamby military judge just couldn't allow justice to prevail in his court; for he would have had to pass judgement on the illegal actions of Bill "The Sleezebag" Clinton (no independent judiciary in the military). By his courage and action Michael G. New demonstrated the kind of moral courage that real men should have.

Don't be deceived by Sleezebag Willie into believing he is engaged in "public service," supporting and defending the constitution for the united States of America from all enemies domestic and foreign, and trying to do what is right for the American people. In my opinion, he and his cohorts in the District of Criminals (D.C.) are domestic and foreign enemies, and are engaged in insurrection, subversion of the constitution, treason against We the People, and serving their own selfish interests through an on-going act of warfare and fraud against the We, the American People. I encourage you to WAKE UP, read and digest the information here and elsewhere, and see how this country and We the People, including You, have been and continue to be had.

The most important political concept to grasp is that man is a created being. Without this basic concept being settled in your mind, I don't believe you can have a rational basis for political science; the best you will be able to come up with is "might makes right." A number of people have commented that they agree with a lot of what I am saying here, except that I lose them by mixing "religion" and "politics." And I been told many times that "You can't legislate morality." I would respond that what laws do is define the extremes of immorality that will be tolerated by those enacting the laws. What statutes do is provide a form of law for those that are incapable of abiding by God's Law. Civil government is the tool which some people use to compel other people to comply with various political, social and legal behavioral schemes which they have devised. Unfortunately, many people overlook two other forms of government: family government and ecclesiatical government. All three forms of government are necessary, but each has its own proper sphere of authority. All "compelled performance" should be by contract, not by civil law. Civil law should only prohibit actions, such as theft and murder. Law should not compel natural born People to performance (such as the payment of taxes or tithes), that is the antithesis of freedom.

All civil law has its basis in religious beliefs. America's first law book was the Holy Bible. As this nation becomes increasingly paganized, we find an increase in law which originates in the Code of Hammurabi, the Roman civil law, the Law Merchant, the Law of the Sea, the Law of Nations, and International Law. These jurisdictions being founded on the law of necessity ignore the fact that man, a created being, has God-given rights which are antecedent to and superior over any government franchise or "civil" liberty. Ask yourself, do your rights come from the unchanging true God, and are they unalienable rights, or do they come from your temporary masters, perhaps the false gods of civil government, alienable and subject to being changed over time?

Yes, there is One True God: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He created the world, He peopled the world, He created Adam, and delegated certain authority to him. He also made laws...for nature; and laws for man to follow, codified as the Law of Moses. Man chooses either to obey or disobey God's laws. By living in obedience, we can receive the blessings of the law.

Mostly, man disobeys God's laws (to put it mildly). This results in "living under the curse." Currently, it appears that every nation on earth is living under the curse. This is evidenced in the status of natural born people in these nations. Look, for example, at "the land of the free, and the home of the brave." Most people believe it is the freest country on earth. But maybe it is now more appropriate to call America "the land of the slave, and the home of the knave." Which is more correct? What are "freedom" and "slavery?"

Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt (slavery) to live in the promised land (freedom). There were certain key attributes of the Hebrew republic which was established that are always associated with freedom:

I trust that even you LDs (liberal democrats) out there are able to see that freedom did not grant the individual Hebrew, or the collective Hebrew republic, a license to disobey God's laws; to participate in homosexuality, theft, murder, or any other activity forbidden by the laws of God. Freedom comes with responsibility so closely attached as to be inseparable. It is sure that the early Americans knew the structure and forms of the Hebrew republic, and used it as a model when creating many our civil institutions. (Unfortunately, there have been other institutions incorporated which were modeled after Babylonian forms, such as the black robed "justices" of the supreme Court; black robes were worn by Babylonian priests as they offered human sacrifices, which is what the typical American is when he goes in front of a black robed judge.) In the Hebrew republic, there was no such thing as "limited liability." In a free state, natural born people are always accountable to God and God's laws for their actions. In the Hebrew republic, all forms of civil government that arose when families and tribes needed to act together for the common good were submitted to the scrutiny of the patriarchs, who were submitted to the will of God. The money system used gold and silver as a medium of exchange. Unlike modern times, the Hebrew man did not apply for permission to do anything that was lawful. In fact, until this century, neither did the American freeman. Check and see how many "License Commissioners" your county or parish has ever had. You might be surprised to see when and how licensing every little thing became big business in this country. Might appear to coincide with the New Deal....hmmm? Be aware that this "New Deal" represented a vast migration in the role of government, from the protector of the rights and liberties of the sovereignty, to that of an owner making commerce off of publicly owned chattels (aka "subjects," refer to the 14th amendment).

The civil law of God, i.e. the "Law of Moses", was not nailed on the cross with Jesus, to be replaced by unconditional grace and unlimited forgiveness for on-going violations of God's law. This is a heretical teaching of many modern government churches. Don't believe it for an instant. Study this out fully, and you will come to find that what was nailed on the cross was the ceremonial law, which had been fulfilled by Jesus. Also, be aware that many modern government churches twist Romans 13 to make it say what it does not. For understanding of Romans 13, I would recommend you read the marginal notes in the Geneva Bible, and see what the reformers had to say about it. Bear in mind that the King James Bible is a government-issued Bible, issued by edict of King James in order to supplant the Geneva Bible and it's marginal notes, which were highly unfavorable to the so-called doctrine of "the divine right of kings."

Slaves do have limited liability. The master is responsible for the actions of the slave, not the slave. This creates a need for the master limit his risk and control his property, therefore a slave is generally required to comply with many rules designed to protect the master:

I trust that you are able to see, from this abbreviated listing, that many things that are regarded as the modern way that things are done, are really just a reflection of the condition of slavery that the people are in (and all this in spite of the fact that we are told "This is freedom" by our government). Free men do not ask permission to do that which is lawful. Maybe you need to understand what a license is.

Are you able to see the modern slave society which has been gradually set up? Are you able to fathom that the 13th amendment, which while prohibiting "involuntary servitude" and private ownership of people, actually sanctions servitude by contract and public ownership of "persons"? Have you signed any contracts with the State and Federal governments as a "person"? Do you know what you signed? Were you fully informed that you were signing away your freeman status to become part of the security for the debt of the District of Columbia? If not, then there is fraud involved, and you can do something about it. Are you unwilling to "rock the boat" and anything about it? If so, you're not alone. Most modern American slaves are relatively comfortable, sitting in front of their cable or sattelite TV, drinking microbrewery beer and stuffing their faces with processed foods, growing ever fatter and lazier. If you are content to be bred, fed and led to slaughter, well, OK then, go back to sleep. Leave your children in bondage. The offspring of slaves will find it ever more difficult to perceive and claim freedom as their Birthright. But do remember, freedom is not, and has never been, free. It must be taken, often by bloodshed. The Hebrews were instructed to take the promised land, and to obliterate to the uttermost all the pagan people, even their livestock, that were already there. They didn't obey God, and there have been wars in the promised land ever since. We the People (for the most part) haven't obeyed God, are not obeying God, do not intend to even try to obey God, and we are being tranformed into slaves! History repeats itself.

Do you think it should be easy to be free? Do you expect someone else to give you your freedom? I don't think it has ever been easy to live with peace and liberty at the same time. Read Article 11, Section 2 of the Tennessee Constitution and see what our manly predecessors thought of submission to arbitrary authority. Wonder what they would think about the effeminate men of the 1990s?

Are you a pagan, as well as a slave? Too bad. Without God, you can never be a free man. The best you can hope for is that you can live someday in a community which adheres to biblical law. If you are opposed to biblical law, I would submit that you are a fool. Yes, a fool. Your lack of the true knowledge of God, combined with the belief in the lies and propaganda you have probably been fed by the government schools, is the reason the United States, Inc. has become the largest slaveowner in the hisory of the world. You deserve the rod across your backside. And, you have it. The rod of the IRS, for one. There is no place for an institution like that in a God-fearing republic, although it is necessary for the perpetuation of a God-less communistic democracy of the slaves, by the slaves and for the slaves.

If there is one thing I want to accomplish by publishing these thoughts on the internet, it is to stimulate you American slaves out there to WAKE UP and become sovereign Americans again. While you were slumbering, watching television, drinking beer, being amused, your "servants" captured and enslaved you, and became your "masters". You could be free, but you are entangled in a web of deceit: lies, fictions and frauds committed by your friendly public servants and their attorneys. Start studying now. Be aware: laws are not expressed in words, they are expressed in legal terms of precise meaning. Get one or more law dictionaries, and use it (them). Learn the meanings of legal terms. Learn what the war between the states was really about. Form law study groups. Organize Committees of Safety in your county or parish. Join your local militia. Re-establish a common law court in your county, and convene a common law grand jury, like the one in Wichita, Kansas. Get out of the government churches of Baal and study the true religion. Stock up on the "Four Bs", bullets, bandages, beans and bibles. Most of all, pray to God in Jesus' name that His kingdom come, His will be done...

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, nor is anything on any of my pages to be considered legal advice, nor do I recommend that any other political views be considered legal advice. The views expressed herein are non-commercial political views only.
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