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Patriot Movement on the Internet
WARNING: Below is a listing of sites on the World Wide Web of pages linked to the so-called "Patriot Movement." This movement is generally defined as opposed to the "New World Order" or advocates or adheres to extreme antigovernment doctrines. Since it is not a violation to have a viewpoint that differs from the mainstream, there is nothing illegal about the opinions stated on their sites. No judgements or opinions are expressed concerning these views. As free-thinking adults, these pages are listed so that individuals may read them if they so desire and form their own opinon. Most of the material presented on these sites are that of the sponsoring group or individual.
Citizens Militias

1st U.S. Militia, 1st Florida Regiment
2nd Cavalry 17th Division Kentucky State Militia

7th Missouri Militia

California Militia Home Page

Colorado 1st Light Infantry

Georgia Militia

Illinois Constutional Militia

Louisiana Unorganized Militia Home Page

Maine Militia - York Brigade

Michigan Militia Corps

Militia of Montana

Minnesota Minuteman Militia

Missouri Militia

Missouri 51st Militia

North Carolina Citizen Militia

North Carolina Militia Corps

North Carolina State Militia

South Carolina Militia Corps

Regiment of Dragoons

Santa Fe County Militia

Second American Revolutionary Army - California

South Carolina Militia Corps

S.O.D.F. an Ohio state militia

Southeastern States Alliance Militia Headquarters

Stark County Unit of Ohio Unorganized Militia

Tennessee Volunteer Militia

Third Continental Congress

United States Theater Command

Unorganized Militias

Virginia Citizens Militia

Sovereign - Common Law - Jural

Behold! Newsletter (Republic vs. Democracy Redress)
California Jural Society
Christian Jural Society (Palm Beach County, FL)
Common-Law Christian National Alliance
Duval County Jural Society
Freedom Point
Illinois Jural Society
Information Sources for Sovereignty
Kingdom of Hawai'l
Michigan Jural Society
Patgrick Henry Foundation for Common Law Studies
People of Christ county, Kingdom of God
Republic of Texas
Republic of Texas
Right Way L.A.W.
Sacred Covenant Resource Center
Sovereign Rights Forum
Sovereign's WWW Content Page
State Citizens Service Center Research Headquarters
Supreme Law Firm
Texas Guardians
Truth in Taxation
Washitaw Nation
Tax Protesters

Tax Truth 4 U

Tax Protest Bibliography

Curtis & Curtis

Rwo Minute Seminar

The Federal Zone

Patriots Information and Book Store

American Rights Litigators

Karl's Battle with the IRS

Why No One is Required to File Tax Returns

The Taxpayer Advocate

Making Stone Soup on the Internet

The American Resistance Movement

Save-a-Patriot Fellowship

IRS Defense

Irwin Schiff Web Site

Perfect Tax Knowledge

Tax Freedom Network

Harold Thomas Page

The Eleventh Hour

Tax Revolution Website

America in Distreess
American Patriot Network
Center for Action
Citizens Justice
Committee to Restore the Constitution
Common Man
Constitution Society
Dog House
E Pluribus Unum
Grunts Homepage for Survivalists
Independent Militiaman
Jeff's Favorite Links
Kay County Patriot's Home Page
Maximum Yield Homemafe Pyrotechnics Page
Minuteman Press
Official Homepage of Michael New
The Patriot
Patriot Links
Seventh Seal - Militia and Patriot Links
Sons of Liberty
Take Back Arkansas, Inc.
Take Back Tennessee
Texas Militia Directory
U.S. Militia
U.S. National Militia Directory
We the People
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