Sovereign Citizens Galore!

Sovereign Citizens!

Note: This listing of sovereign citizen links may be outdated. A more comprehensive
set of links can be found at the Militia Watchdog page.

The Mustard Seed

Tax Freedom Network

Patrick Henry Foundation for Common Law Studies

Traitor Within the Gates

The Federal Zone

Citizen's Forum

The Frog Farm FAQ

Perfect Tax Knowledge

ALR - Proper Tax Law Application

Sovereign's WWW Content Page

American Freedom Coalition

Constitutional Resources (Derk Adams)

Sanctuary Christian Resource Center (formerly the Sovereign Citizen Resource Center)

American Patriot Network ("Dr." Alexander Grey)

The Republic of Texas

Patriot's Page

White Paper of State Citizenship

Declaration of Belief Letter to the I.R.S.

What is Sovereign Citizenship?

U.S.A. The Republic - How You Lost It!

Patriot Information Mailing List

Go to the Tax Protester Hall of Fame