Patriots against the New World Order Totalitarianism

There was a misunderstanding between the Internet community and the Supreme Law Firm regarding the legality of The Federal Zone
text file. This archive is here for exactly that, archival purposes, so that research does not become lost to the sands of time. Unfortunately
the author of the Federal Zone is now demanding that this "Stolen" copy of his work be removed from the Internet. So now the Internet
community loses a piece of research, and the work shall go forgotten as the ages pass.

A detailed account of the incident is avialable for those that are interested.

Brian Oblivion

american_freedom.txt american freedom network info.
assault_on_const.txt constitutional convention.
authentic_spook.txt the authentic spook.
bankers_rob_you.txt technical information about how bankers rob you.
bank_beast.txt killing the banking beast.
barlow_on_nsa.txt decrypting the puzzle palace.
beastnet.txt introducing beastnet on the internet.
beat_the_irs.txt beating the irs in court.
bilderbergers.txt who's afraid of the bilderbergers? you decide.
bill_of_rights.txt the bill of rights (plus patriot commentary)
black_budget.txt black budget: a guide to secret national security spending.
black_budget_brochure.txt a brief guide to secret national security spending
book_list7.txt best books on cult and mind control.
book_list_1.txt the conspiracy book list.
book_list_2.txt emissary publications conspiracy book list.
book_list_3.txt extreme book list (much strange stuff).
book_list_4.txt occult book list (freemasonry, etc.).
book_list_5.txt beastnet conspiracy book list.
book_list_6.txt trax book and tape list (conspiracy, survivalism, etc.).
bo_gritz_on_disarming.txt america soon to be disarmed.
brady_ii.txt brady ii (proposed u.s. anti-gun law) faq.
bush_bcci.txt bush adviser's ties to bcci.
cable_tv_snooping.txt can your cable tv be used as snooping device?
cfr.txt who's behind the 'new world order'?
cia_and_drugs.txt cia sacrifices american pows for drug profits.
cia_doc_review.txt "a consumer's guide to intelligence" from the cia.
cia_psyops_handbook.txt cia psychological operations handbook.
citizen_handbook.txt citizens' rule book/jury handbook.
citizen_militia_1.txt what really is the citizen's militia?
citizen_militia_2.txt constitutional basis for militias/gun ownership.
civil_disobediance.txt henry david thoreau's essay on civil disobedience.
clinton.txt who is bill clinton really?
clinton_and_cfr_tlc.txt clinton admin connection to cfr-trilats.
code_names_list.txt u.s. military code-names for secret projects.
cointelpro.txt cointelpro revisited: domestic spying and disruption.
cold_warriors_and_gen_x.txt cold warriors woo generation x.
concentration_camps_1.txt concentration camps ready for u.s. citizens.
concentration_camps_2.txt secret concentration camps.
conspiracy_proof.txt proofs of conspiracy.
constitutional_convention.txt "nwo: ancient plan of secret societies."
constitution_party_info.txt info abou the new constitution party.
counterfeit.txt counterfeit conspiracy undermines your money.
cults.txt cults, anti-cultists, and the cult of intelligence.
cult_awareness_network.txt cult awareness network expose.
declaration_of_arms.txt from july 6, 1775. better than linda thompson's.
democracy_vs_republic.txt the differences, for those who don't know.
directives.txt national security directives.
disarm_everyone.txt the conspiracy to disarm all americans by the year 2000.
dod_suffixes.txt list of suffixes used in military budget documents.
don't_talk_to_cops.txt don't talk to cops or you may be sorry.
educational_mind_control.txt mind control in education.
ellsberg_on_secrecy.txt testimony on secrecy by daniel ellsberg to the us senate.
ending_the_cold_war_at_home.txt domestic spying big time.
eo_12333.txt eo that establishes the intelligence community.
evil_bertrand_russell.txt this guy was sick.
exon.txt the exon: the exempt elect.
fbi_and_bbs's.txt the fbi comes rapping, rapping at your bbs.
fbi_and_civil_liberties.txt civil liberties under threat.
fbi_computers.txt summary of fbi computer systems.
fbi_informer.txt interview with frank varelli, former fbi informer.
federalist_10_and_51.txt concerns by the founding fathers about personal liberty.
federal_reserve.txt what it does, how it screws everyone, who owns it.
fed_reserve_ownership.txt who owns the fed? charts and text.
fed_up_plan.txt fed up plan of action.
financial_enforcement_1.txt fincen: the financial crime enforcement network.
financial_enforcement_2.txt brother wants to look into your bank account.
frankfurt_school.txt the frankfurt school and "political correctness".
freedom's_last_stand.txt excellent guns and ammo article.
freedom.txt freedom is slavery these days.
freedom_essays.txt aclu freedom essays on various subjects.
freedom_from_war.txt program for disarmament.
freedom_of_info_kit.txt how to use the freedom of information act.
full_disclosure.txt best of full disclosure magazine; how to get it.
fy95_classified_programs.txt list of classified 1995 u.s. defense programs.
gemstone_files_key.txt a skeleton key to the gemstone file.
gestapo.txt americans are putting up with a spiraling gestapo state.
global_tyranny.txt - tyranny.txt global tyranny: step by step (first 5 chapters).
globocop.txt uncle sam, not uncle globocop.
goldsters_vs._godsters.txt the theory of the "owners" battle for world control.
golem.txt giant computer controls everything.
gordon_kahl.txt uncensored gordon kahl story.
guard_goals.txt national guard goals for the 90's.
guns:_the_stakes.txt what is at stake?
gun_control.txt gun control = despotism.
gun_education.txt incorrect gun information taught to school children.
gun_facts.txt gun owners action league: facts and positions.
gun_grabbers.txt gun grabbers' global gestapo.
gun_laws_and_nazis_1.txt 1968 gun control act mirrors the nazi gun laws of 1938.
gun_laws_and_nazis_2.txt nazi anti-gun propaganda being used now.
gun_quotes.txt pro-gun quotes from famous people.
gun_rights.txt are you willing to fight for your guns?
gun_usage.txt to bear arms for self-defense.
independence.txt the american independence ballot initiative.
jbs_books.txt western islands books, publishing arm of the jbs.
john_judge.txt assassination as a tool of fascism. john judge interview.
law.txt law enforcement growth industry.
lee_crites_keynote.txt state of the patriot movement, lee crite's keynote speech.
less_rights.txt the president's own words on taking away our rights.
lincoln_conspiracy.txt massive cover-up to prevent truth about assasination.
linda_thompson_dec.txt linda thompson's declaration of independence 1994.
linda_thompson_ult.txt linda thompson's ultimatum.
linda_tompson_on_fincen.txt linda thompson on fincen.
list:_tcl.txt membership roster of trilateral commission (10/92).
list:_tcl_and_cfr.txt membership roster of trilateral commission and cfr (1992).
media_virus.txt hidden agendas in popular culture. brainwashing.
military_moves.txt secret military maneuvers in the us summer 94.
military_orders.txt military deception program.
militia_q&a.txt what is the militia? this militia faq lays it all out.
mind_control.txt the controllers: cia and mind control.
mind_control_list.txt bibliographic references to mind control/brainwashing.
mind_control_references.txt bibliographic references to mind control books.
mind_control_techniques.txt persuasion & brainwashing techniques used on public.
missing_13th_amend.txt the missing 13th amendment, by david dodge.
mlk_and_x_assas.txt about the assassinations of mlk and malcom x.
money.txt about banking and money.
money_changes.txt ron paul reveals why our money is really changing.
national_emergency_01.txt national emergency declared and in place.
national_emergency_02.txt about fema (federal emergency management agency).
national_emergency_03.txt all us takeover executive orders for fema listed.
national_emergency_04.txt fema and the nsc: security state.
national_emergency_05.txt fema's structure for fascist rule.
national_emergency_06.txt about executive orders allowing takeover of the us.
national_emergency_07.txt concentration camps, suspended rights.
national_emergency_08.txt us preparations for martial law.
national_emergency_09.txt how they'll get clinton out during takeover.
national_emergency_10.txt america getting ready for martial law.
national_emergency_11.txt national emergency executive order from white house.
national_id_card_1.txt ever feel like you're being watched? you will.
national_id_card_2.txt new smart card.
national_id_card_3.txt usps,irs national identity cards, clinton to sign orders.
national_id_card_4.txt powerful, computerized "smart cards" are spreading.
national_id_card_5.txt bunch of articles about the card.
national_id_card_6.txt national id card "a ticket to tyranny", critics warn.
nation_of_cowards.txt a nation of cowards.
nazi_gun_control.txt anti-gun-ownership propaganda.
nazi_us_business.txt nazis working with us businessmen.
neon_azimuth.txt methods to learn about secret u.s.military programs.
neon_azimuth_1.txt methods to learn about secret u.s.military programs.
neon_azimuth_2.txt methods to learn about secret u.s.military programs.
newstates_constitution.txt the so-called "newstates" constitution.
new_bill_of_rights_1.txt new fascist bill of rights for the us.
new_bill_of_rights_2.txt rewritten bill of rights to fit new world order agenda.
new_weapons.txt non-lethal weapons being developed for us.
new_world_order.txt investigative report: a new look at the new world order.
new_world_order_1.txt noam chomsky on the new world order.
new_world_order_2.txt everything you want to know about the new world order.
new_world_order_3.txt how to get informative new world order video tapes.
north_and_constitution.txt unconstitutional actions of oliver north and friends.
north_and_drugs.txt new charges about north's drug running.
north_and_drugs_2.txt all north's pilots ran drugs, says former dea agent.
nra_info.txt nra access points on the internet.
nsa_handbook.txt nsa employee handbook. restricted information.
nwo_army_questionairre.txt would you fire on u.s. citizens? the form reprinted.
occult_tech_of_power.txt the occult technology of power. good insights.
offshore_banking.txt irs doesn't want you to know about offshore banking.
outcome_based_education.txt the british racists behind america's school reforms.
panama_invasion.txt the media goes to war: how tv sold the panama invasion.
patriot_list.txt the patriot's resource list (get this!).
pay_no_taxes.txt tennessee man freed on tax charges, not liable taxes.
police_state.txt marching toward a police state.
privacy_for_sale.txt here's where to buy info on people or yourself.
programming_americans.txt corporate tv & press: programming the robotic american.
reed_interview.txt excellent. author of "compromised: clinton, bush and the cia".
refounding_amendment.txt declaring a commitment to refound america.
resister.txt official publication of the special forces underground.
right_to_keep_and_bear_arms.txt us senate report on 2nd amendment.
safe_deposits.txt how safe are safe deposit boxes? not very.
sanity_and_insanity.txt all about sanity, insanity and who decides.
schlafly_report_1.txt phyllis schlafly report #1: electronic snooping.
schlafly_report_2.txt phyllis schlafly report #2: new world order.
sentencing.txt justice mocked: the farce of mandatory sentences.
shadow_government.txt about the "shadow government" (nwo, elite, whatever).
skolnick_interview.txt good info. veteran investigative reporter from chicago.
sovereign_1.txt information about becoming a sovereign citizen.
sovereign_2.txt more information about becoming a sovereign citizen.
sovereign_3.txt more information about becoming a sovereign citizen.
speeches.txt washington, jefferson, lincoln, kennedy, etc.
state_enemy.txt our enemy, the state.
state_of_emergency.txt fdr declared a state of emergency that's still in effect.
take_back_america.txt plea to help do something about this whole mess.
tavistock.txt eir releases study linking british psychiatry to assassination.
the_armed_citizen_1.txt the armed citizen i- people who defended themselves.
the_armed_citizen_2.txt the armed citizen ii - people who defended themselves
The Federal Zone the federal zone and how it relates to sovereignty. Censored by the author.
the_greening.txt the greening, environmental propaganda.
the_real_george_bush.txt the real george bush biography. pretty intense.
throwing_sand.txt a plan to have fun with paranoid people in the us government.
traffic_courts.txt the profit of traffic courts and auto insurance.
traveling.txt right to travel without state permits.
trilateral.txt about trilateralism.
turn_off_your_tv.txt turn off your television!
un_and_us.txt united nations to destroy us.
un_army.txt they're preparing for a un army.
us_concentration_camps.txt concentration camp plans for u.s. citizens.
us_constitution.txt constitution of the united states.
vampire_killer.txt operation vampire killer 2000; police on our side.
waco_1.txt feds tried to silence lone voice for freedom at waco.
waco_2.txt dress rehearsal at waco.
waco_3.txt many waco details for those who want the truth.
waco_aftermath.txt arizona republic: fbi ignored its own rules in waco raid.
war_and_money.txt the reality of money. good insight on why things happen.
war_on_cash.txt government war on cash.
what_they_really_mean.txt what they really mean. the code words explained.

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