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Common Law: The Key to Sovereignty!!

     With the continuing tyranny and illegal/unlawful activities from various governments around the world there is a growing concern for man's basic freedoms. Nowhere is this more evident than in America, and here in the Hawaiian Islands. Surfacing with the growing concern for Sovereignty here in Hawai'i, has been much confusion on just what "Sovereignty" is and what it means to the people.

     There are perhaps many causes of this confusion, however we would like to touch on only a few. Before we do, it must be understood that it is of equal importance to understand the EFFECTS this confusion is having on the constant battle for freedom within the present "movement" for "Sovereignty". It is for the dissemination of this important information that these Pages and Links are offered here.

Common Law = Remedy for a Common Problem

     When discussions turn to the "Sovereignty" issue in Hawai'i most people will eventually agree that nothing will ever happen or change because no two groups can ever get along. In fact, most people within each group cannot agree on just what "Sovereignty" should be, or what their own idea of "Sovereignty" is . . .

     The Common Law can provide an answer to this problem. The Common Law also represents the answer to a common problem that we ALL have now. Ignoring (for the time being) the powers and forces of evil *behind* "our" government, our immediate problem IS "our" government. We are domiciled within a De Facto "State", where most - if not all - of the governmental institutions that have been set up - whether they be at the City & County, State, or Federal levels - are without any Lawful authority to exist much less infringe on the rights of the people of Hawai'i. These government agencies and representatives are becoming increasingly more arrogant and outright unlawful with respect to the people. They repeatedly violate their Oath of Offices (if one even exists) and violate the Law themselves. What's worse is that they are all becoming less and less accountable for their crimes against the people as time goes on. THIS MUST STOP!!

     The best way to accomplish this - the ONLY Lawful, Non-violent way (the way that they fear the most) - is by and through the Common Law.

Why all the bickering between and even within the various "Sovereignty" groups?!

     One of the main reasons for much of the confusion and disparity within the so-called "Sovereignty groups" is the lack of knowledge of basic Law. When we use the terms "Law" or "Common Law" here, it refers to the Law of YHWH, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Common Law, Constitutional (Hawaiian and American) Law, and the Law of Nations. When we get into this a bit deeper we will also cover Commercial Law but for now, suffice it to say that most of the people here lack the basics... People here are not aware or knowledgeable of what the Lawful definition of Sovereignty is, therefore they can never know the Truth about what Sovereignty should be...

     Of possibly greater importance is the active roles that the so-called "sovereignty leaders" are playing in keeping the people in their various groups IGNORANT of these Truths. This is perhaps the most diabolical aspect of this entire issue. What price would it take for these "leaders" to actively sell out their own brethren? They and God only know for sure...but it is clearly evident that there's a lot more "fame, fortune, & glory" to be achieved by keeping the Truth from the masses. Clearly, it is in the best interests of the "New World Order crowd" that is firmly entrenched into the power positions within these Islands to keep the people ignorant of the Truth about Lawful Sovereignty. Thus the derisions between the various groups continue and accelerate the planned chaos. If they were to allow these Truths to reach the masses, their position would be seriously jeopardised. Whats the best way to keep this from happening? The age-old tactic of the Talmudic/Freemasonry crowd: Divide & Conquer. What to do?

     There is a way to IMMEDIATELY slow down this ever increasing tyranny... We need to combat the ignorance, apathy, and feelings of hopelessness of these otherwise precious people with EDUCATION. To date, NONE of the so-called "Sovereignty leaders" that have been enjoying media exposure have even acknowledged the Truth about Sovereignty. They all continue to ignore us and our correspondence, as if we don't even exist...interestingly, the same treatment we get from the corrupt controlled media that gives them a (deceitful) voice. Well, why should they listen to us? After all, we can't begin to supplement their income the way that the United Nation/NWO groups have been doing for them. In spite of the continued traitorous attitude of these sell-out "leaders", we can only pray that the Truths featured here and other more important linked Sites will help educate the masses. We can only pray that this information can stem the tide of their ignorance, and perhaps even seek to jump-start a great many potential "movers & shakers" out of their present apathy and despair. We can only pray that God will allow their eyes and their hearts to be opened to the Truth, and that they will take the appropriate and immediate action necessary to retain our God-given Rights.

May Yahweh God bless you for checking out and disseminating this information!!

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