"To Seek out that which was Lost..."


We have found that attempting to Live according to The Ten COMMANDMENTS is in Fact ILLEGAL in the United States...
(not to mention the Survival factor) it has been for some time!
If you attempt to REALLY Abide by IaHUeH's LAW...
and Follow IaHUShUA... be prepared to SUFFER the Consequences!

You will be Hated of ALL PEOPLE for His NAME's Sake.

They will come after you, Lock you up, and Kill you... and nobody will say anything about it... "because you were a trouble maker.. and had it coming for thinking you were any better than the rest of us Sinners." and... "If you don't like the world so much... why don't you leave it!"

The others "will probably mention something like "Oh honey look, another bunch of those wacko Waco people...getting all burned up...oh why can't they just be like the rest of us..." and then promptly turn the channel to the football game or the latest soap."
-- Gabriel

But there is nothing more TREACHEROUS..


Our Mission is to get the Truth of the GOOD NEWS of IaHUeH's Kingdom and of our Righteous King IaHUShUA.. out to the World... Before they destroy us!


Your Mission (if you decide to accept it) is to Read the Information.. (You may want to Download some files to view offline...) Verify the Truth of IaHUeH's Word..

and Live your Life Accordingly. But...

be ForWarned, they will come after you next!

If you Love the Truth more than your own Life... We need your Assistance!

Help us Publicize this Site! Link from your HomePage...

IaHUeH Will Bless you for it!

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"To Seek out that which was Lost..."


Be ye EXCELLENT.. One unto Another!!!

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Tell your friends and neighbors...

or sic your Pastor/Rabbi on us!

I realize that this all sounds pretty Extreme...
but if you don't believe us.. why don't you Try to *Really*


and see for your self! ...

Hint: The very simple and Straightforward Meaning of the COMMANDMENTS have been FORGOTTEN!!! (For some reason)... The FIRST WORD of which Being:

"Be ye Delivered out of Bondage!!!"

We would Rather Die FREE in IaHUShUA.. than live in Bondage to the World!
If you have perfected a Teleportation technique capable of transporting entire households...
"drop in" on us! (funny... but not a total joke!)

But Most of all READ THIS Vital INFORMATION!
Then Really Check it out..
and see if it *isn't* so!

NOTE: By "INFORMATION" I mean all that pertains to the Kingdom of IaHUeH.. of His LAW and IaHUShUA Ha-MaShIaCH...
(Our Righteous King)

Naturally we cannot Guarantee the accuracy of all of the Articles we include from other sources.. or other Pages linked to... particularly in the Conspiracy section..
These are included to help you see a fuller picture... the wider Scope of it... what others are saying. Some are here because of similarities... some for differences...

to help you DISCERN.


we are still in the Process of figuring out the details of what "went wrong" and do not claim to know all of the Details...
maybe you have knowledge of a piece we missed...

How about a Positive Solution?
Constitution of the Habitation of Shalom!


For some strange reason...

is BLOCKED by content category Violence/Hate in SurfWatch's most recent filters,
last updated Friday, August 08, 1997 02:28:43

Perhaps we quote too much Scripture for their liking..

Actually when questioned they replied that this site and Carl Klang's Patriot Songster Site
"..were submitted to us by HateWatch, an organization with whom we maintain an alliance."

Here we are listed under "Christian Identity and Christian Nationalists" no mention of hate or violence... except they did catch us investigating Secret Societies and the New World Order.... hmmmm... interesting!...

Here is their reply.. and our response.

- INFORMATION is THE KEY to Better CHOICES... Lets Keep it FREE!!!

Drop on by and Graze our Sight! "http://www.iahushua.com/ST-RP/begin.html"
*WHAT is TRUTH?* "http://www.iahushua.com/truth.html"
MIRROR SITE! "http://www.efn.org/~iahu/"
Note: this mirror contains only the bare essentials (we ran out of space!)
and Hosts the CGI scripts
But bookmark it in case the Main server is down.
From there we may be able to direct you to
where you can view the whole contents.

Countdown to

   Supreme Court

If you are here in response to the "Lecture" I just delivered at the 1997
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference...
then you will want to follow the next Link .. it has the links to more Information.


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