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All-in-One Search Page - Outstanding! [JPL Welcome to the Planets]
Excite Search
AltaVista Search
Lycos Search
WebCrawler Searching
The Point - Top 5% of the net...
EINet Galaxy
Internet Resources & Tools - Carter Center
Internet Search Tools - CSULB
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
The WWW Virtual Library: Library of Congress Classification
WWW Servers: Summary - Huge Worldwide List!
All the Gopher Servers in the World
THE LIST - of Internet Service Providers

News Resources

Wire Services - Reuters/AP
The Avion Online Newspaper
The BBC Online
CET Online (European Business News)
ClariNet e.News
CNN Newsroom
Commercial News Services on the Internet
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Environmental News Network
E-Zines On-Line Magazine Database
Il manifesto (Italian Newspaper)
InterLotto - On-Line Lottery Information
London Telegraph
Multimedia Newsstand
NewsPage - Individual, Inc.
New York Times
The Omnivore
PC Magazine on the Web
People Magazine
Planet Earth - News
San Diego Source
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle
San Jose Mercury News
Shani Business News (Israel)
St. Petersburg Times
TIME World Wide
TIME Daily
The Tech - MIT
Trib.com Home
Trib.com - National & International News [NASA Photo's!]
UnixWorld Online Magazine
USA Today
Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Voa/Worldnet TV-Global News US Perspective
Wall St. Journal
Washington Weekly
Yahoo! - News
Yahoo! - World Summary
Yahoo! - Government News


Security APL Quote Server
International Stock Markets/Currency Rates

Weather and Geographic Data

Clickable USA Weather Map - MIT
Weathernet via U. Michigan
Los Angeles (umn.edu)
Hawaii (umn.edu)
Weather Info on the Net
USA TODAY Weather Page
University of Hawaii Meteorology
COLA/IGES Weather & Climate Images
Earthquake Info from the U.S.G.S. in Menlo Park, CA
The Southern California Earthquake Center @ UCLA
Pacific El Niño Applications Center
Pacific Difax Charts (tiff format)
Pacific Region Headquarters
National Data Buoy Center
NOAA Homepage
UCAR - Weather
NCDC WWW service
University of Illinois Cloud Catalog
University Community Servers through UNIDATA

Music Links

Joe's Aerosmith tribute
Allman Brothers [The Stones...]
Capitol Records
Collective Soul
Concert Information - Metaverse
Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth Society
Thomas Dolby Artist-in-Residence Archive
Pink Floyd
Peter Gabriel Page
Geffen/DGC Home
Official Grateful Dead Home
The Grateful Dead
Guns N' Roses
Heavy Metal Horns
Internet Underground Music Archive
Michael Loehr's Music Page - Folk, Celts, Saxons
Metallica Compilation
New Power Network
Nirvana Page
Tom Petty - Wildflowers
RockWeb(TM) Interactive
The Rolling Stones Web Site
Sonic Youth Page
Sony Music WWW Server
Van Halen Internet Home
Warner Bros. Records - New Site
Worldwide Internet Music Resources
JAZZ Online
Windham Hill Records

Art & Museums on the Web...

[WebLouvre - Berkley, Calif.]
WebLouvre: Bienvenue! - Berkeley, California
Musée d'Orsay [Vincent's Page!]
Paintings of Vermeer
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
World of Escher
Smithsonian Institution
Dinosaur Exhibit
Vatican Exhibit
Soviet Archives Exhibit
1492 Exhibit
Dead Sea Scrolls
Museum of Paleontology
The Palace of Diocletian at Split
World Art Treasures
Architecture and Building

JPL, NASA, Space Telescope Science Institute

Virtual Spacewalk
Welcome to the Planets
Additional Resources - NASA Spacelink!
STScI/HST Public Information - Space Telescope Science Institute
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
Recent Observations


CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing
CU-SeeMe Event Guide
NASA Television on CU-SeeMe
Other CU-SeeMe Sites
Lycos Search: CU-SeeMe

Quicktime & MPEG Files

Rolling Stones Video Screening Room!
MPEG Archive
MPEG-2 Archive
QuickTime Continuum
Quicktime and MPEG Movies
Miscellaneous Movies
Computer Animations
MPEG Technical Info
Tools Archives
Cross-platform QuickTime

Other Great Uses of the Web...

Los Angeles Area Freeway Speeds
Southland Ski Server
Virtually Hawaii
The Hawaii InfoWeb
UH Hilo Physics & Astronomy
Maui High Performance Computing Center
Photo Tour of Hawaii
Other Web Pages
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
NASA Langley Research Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
Colorado State University Computer Science Dept

Other Cool Pages...

Digital Photography Exhibit
Welcome to Virtual World
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic
Academy Awards!
Paramount Pictures
Ric Manning's Gizmo Page
NetCom's Home Port
TurnPike Metropolis Civic Center
bsy's List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines
The Awesome Lists
Robs' Neat Links Page

History, Religion, and Philosophy...

Christian Resource List
Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
Guide to Early Church Documents
Chronology, Church History
Christian Resources On The Web
Christian American
Directory of Philosophy Related Resources on the Internet
Philosophy - Humanities
Philosophy on the Web

Federal Government

[The White House!]
The Federal Web Locator
The White House
The White House Virtual Library
White House Offices and Agencies
The President's Cabinet
Independent Federal Agencies and Commmisions
U.S. House Of Representatives WWW Service
The United States Senate
General Accounting Office
Government Printing Office
Library of Congress
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
The Legislative Branch
Congressional Quarterly's VoteWatch
Office of Technology Assessment
Supreme Court
Federal Courts'
Federal Courts Finder
Bureau of the Census
Director Of Central Intelligence
Defense Technical Information Web
DOD Governmental Departments and Agencies
Federal Information Exchange - Funding Opportunities
Federally-Funded Research
NASA Langley Research Center - Other Government Labs
Professional Organizations and Government Labs for Electrical Engineers
Federal Government
Federal Government Information

State of California

State of California
California WWW Servers
CA License Handbook
CA State Gov Web, Gopher, Bulletin Boards
City.Net Southern California
California State Government Information
Virtual Tourist - California
City of Santa Monica Home
PEN -- Public Electronic Network

[U.S. Code @ Cornel.edu]

The Law...

American Bar Association
Emory Law Library Reference Desk
Law Journals
Law Town
Legal dot Net
Legal Information Institute
Library of Congress
MacMillan Lytle Fisher's General Legal Research
RefLaw Virtual Law Library
Rutgers University - Ackerson Law Library
United States Code
USC Law School & Library
USC Law Library Locators, and Web Searching Tools
Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy
West's Legal Directory
WWW Virtual Library: Law


The English Server at CMU
Gutenberg EText World Wide Web Home
The World Factbook 1995
World FactBook - United States
City.Net United States
Yahoo! - Reference
CMU On-line Reference Works
UCSD Reference
UCSC Reference Shelf
NOVA Reference Shelf
Purdue Virtual Reference Desk
The Libraries of The University of Missouri-St. Louis
Boston Public Library Gopher
Other Massachusetts Gopher Servers
The World Bank Public Information Center

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