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The Largest African Art Collection Ever offered For sale!!
It contains some of the Worlds Best African Art by the Best Artist's, from: Masks, dolls, statues, pottery, collectibles, candles & much more. Each piece is individually crafted (not from factories).
Books and Reports:
The 1599 Geneva Bible Home Page:
"The 1599 Geneva Bible" is a controversial earlier Bible containing disturbing new facts about the sanity and morality of King James I, the cruel homosexual / child molesting author of the King James Version of the Holy Bible.
The Citizen's Book Store
The Citizen's Book Store was created to help provide the information and education that Thomas Jefferson knew was so important for the preservation of our freedoms and for the preservation of the most unique government on earth.
Lawfully Stop Paying Income Taxes
"Vultures In Eagle's Clothing" by Lynn Meredith is an impeccably researched book based upon truth and law. It is a poignant expose of the Internal Revenue Service's most closely guarded secrets.
The most Spiritually Uplifting book ever printed!!
Conversations With God a Bestseller two Years Straight. A Book unlike anything you will ever read, over three hundred reported conversations between mankind and God...

Business Opportunities
Financial Independent Network Limited
This program gives you a plan to be completely out of debt using only your existing salary.

Computer Software:
Play Keno At Home
Dogs - Championship:
The Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds Home Page
Imported German Shepherd breeder discusses his philosophy in breeding quality, magnificently handsome puppies with high bonding excellent instincts and temperaments. They have very high intelligence training. FREE SHIPPING within North America.

Day Trading Newsletter
Subscribe to our service and receive a variety of information for tomorrow's day in trading or investing. Quite Simply, what we do is present you with trading suggestions from various market timers and major brokerage houses.

The CHEESE-L Mailing List
An E-Mail discussion list about, the making & marketing of Cheese. This list id mainly devoted to Goat Cheese, however any other type of Cheese discussion is also welcome .
The Blackjack Advisor
Provides Hit, Stand, Split and Double-Down Strategy based on the cards in your hand and the dealer's up-card. Both Single-Deck and Multiple-Deck Games are discussed.
Video Poker-The Best Game in the House
Video Poker can be the best paying game in the casino. By playing the right machine and playing perfectly you can actually have an edge on the house.
Play Keno on The Internet


Drug Testing
Drug and alcohol abuse is the single most costly and preventable medical and social disorder facing our world today. It tears apart the very fabric of our society, destroying families, businesses and lives. Our goal at FirstLab is to help identify and stop this process through education, training, treatment and professionally managed drug and alcohol testing program.

Health Foods:

For thousands of years, the Chinese have trusted ginseng to increase their energy and vitality. Our ginseng extract will help you feel better and live a more active life!

Great Sex In A Bottle

A 100 percent NATURAL herbal aphrodisiac which contains no drugs and has no side effects. The active ingredient is Avena Sativa, a biologically standardized extract of Green Oats, manufactured in compliance with FDA regulations. The women's formula also contains Sabal Serrulata (Saw Palmetto). Avena Sativa has been proven to be a powerful, natural aphrodisiac and has been used for this purpose for 200 years.


Medical-Plastic Surgery:
Pre-Operative Imaging

lets face it...making PERMANENT changes to your face is scary stuff. No matter HOW articulate, explicit and detailed a surgeon's explanations of your hoped for results, it is not just comforting, but wise indeed, to have a GOOD VISUAL IDEA . That means risk free, pain free, cheap, and totally reversible. computer imaging!  

Betarecs, home of Malaysia's Hottest sounds.
We have over 15 years of sound recording experience!

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