Pennsylvania Legal Reform

This web page is dedicated to the ongoing work and the people who are involved in restoring rule of law as a way of life.


Was FDR a Traitor? Did he include Americans in the "Trading with the Enemies Act" and then declare war on Us? You decide, Federal Reserve Bank Working Paper 9405 (Where it all began)

"The Beginning of the END" PRESIDENT FRANKLIN PIERCE -- Quoted in the Dissenting Opinion of Steward Machine Co. v. Davis -- The Supreme Court Decision that clearly shows the division between Constitutional Law and that other stuff.

Are you required to pay income tax? Check out the facts. My IRS Correspondence

Stupid Legislation of the Week Truth is stranger than fiction. No one but a politician can make this stuff up.

Justiciability of Laws not properly enacted Selected Court Cases

The Federal Zone and others... Great links.. Best Legal Reform Links

Thomas Jefferson on...

White Papers

Great Idea for Inner City Revitalization Dayton, Ohio's defensible space plan worked. Why not in Philadelphia? The politicians are busy doing Stupid Legislation

Philadelphia Statistics

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