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Knowledge is Power
    > Phone Phreaking Discussion
        > Re: Hybrid
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Posts: 11
(8/2/01 7:20:21 pm)
Re: Hybrid
Yes very good point my friend. Phreaking extends way far beyond hardware and electronics. What your talking about is basically field phreaking type activity where you go outside and physically "phreak" for lack of a better word. Phreaking extends to voice mail hacking, switch manipulation and hacking, trunk ownage aka blue boxing, hacking pbx's, social engineering, conferencing, etc etc the list goes on. Phreaking as a matter of fact is basically hacking in that sense. Also wardialing is an essential activity to a phreak, just like religious people turn to prayer, phreaks turn to the good ol wardialer.,,,, good sites for you if you havent already been to them.

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