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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:42:22 -0400 (EDT)
From:  | Block address
Subject: Re: ??????????????????
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Dear Daniel W. McCoon:

In reply to your message below,
we refer you to Internet URL:

If you don't understand plain English,
then get some help -- somewhere else.

All copies of "The Federal Zone" now extant
on the Internet were stolen, and then modified
without the author's prior permission.

We are therefore now demanding that ALL copies,
in whole or in part, and ALL links, whether
in web pages or in search indexes, be removed

I am sure that Webster's Dictionary has most
of the above words well defined, for your
reading enjoyment.

If you don't understand the legal implications,
then hire someone who can explain it all to you.

There are criminal penalties in the federal
copyright laws, in case you are ignorant of
these laws.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

 ---- you wrote: 
> Mr. Mitchell;
>                  I have no idea as to what you are implying or
> Website Restoring America was given to me two weeks ago....I did not
> know the link in question even exsisted untill aprox. 20 min.
ago....Do I
> understand you , that the owners of the site
> <>
> are publishing an illegal copy of the book "The Federal Zone" ???? 
>                  Please without all this A points to B and all that
> legal crap what would you like me to do.?? I am usually quite
> as long as I am asked in a nice tone of voice and the word PLEASE is
> forgot.....If you will explain to me in words a normal person can
> understand and not in lawyer mumbo jumbo I will do my best to comply
> your wishes as long as they are within my power to do..
>                   Seems to me if these other people are publishing a
> illegal copy of this book you should be going after them not me .... 
Can I
> get your permission to link to this book in a manner that would be
> acceptable to you ????? I have never read it and most probobally
never will
> but I guess the readers of my site Restoring America must be
interested in
> it.. 
>                 Please respond to Badger @  
>                                        Thank you for your time;
>                                                    Daniel McCoon  II
>                                                    (Sorry I dont have
> fancy 
>                                                      letters after my
> ...... )
>                     If your happy and you know it , clank your chains

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