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The contents of the following collection of Treatises, Briefs, and Opinions represents the fine works of American Patriots.

Most of the Patriots are not Attorneys and their works should not be construed as giving legal advice.

The enclosed works of the Patriots are presented as a sharing of knowledge.  PLEASE USE THEIR WORKS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Several of the Treatises, Briefs, and Opinions are very lengthy.  I would like to encourage you to "bookmark" this Page, "save" the files to your disk (just in case they disappear), and print a "hard copy" to study.  Please share the works of the Patriots with your friends and neighbors.

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The United States Constitution

cube The Constitution for the United States

Index Of The Constitution For The United States, Its Sources And Applications [outside page link]

"Barefoot" Bob of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho has done a marvelous job of research and indexing the Constitution for the United States.  This is a "must read" Web Page for those who are serious students of the Constitution.

cube The 13th Amendment

The Missing Amendment

For several years before the Civil War, a "Title of Nobility" Amendment was published in several Codes of the States and Territories.  Suddenly, it disappeared ---

The Missing Amendment [outside page link]

Richard C. Green, with the editing and research assistance of David Dodge, Brian March and Bob Hardison, brings to us a detailed essay on the missing "Title of Nobility" Amendment.  Whenever possible, quotations are used, taken directly from the people who were living the history.  Key comments are set off in "block of text" or "highlighted" in color.

cube The 14th Amendment and You

U.S.A. The Republic, Is The House That Nobody Lives In

A detailed study as to how Congress used the 14th Amendment to replace our Republican form of government with a Democracy.  This Treatise also details how the 14th Amendment was used to make everyone "property" of the United States that Congress can regulate under U.S. Const., IV:3:2.  This is a must read Treatise.

The 14th Amendment - Law or Contract

How did we move from the "Common Law" where we are innocent until proven guilty and into the "Roman Civil Law" where we must prove our innocence before government agencies?  This Treatise shows us how the 14th Amendment was used (as a Contract) to move the people out from under the Common Law and into the Roman Civil Law.

cube The Non-Existent 14th Amendment

The Petition Challenging Ratification

A "Petition" has been filed with the United States Archivist on June 9th, 1997 requesting an investigation into the ratification of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  As the Archivist for the United States has taken the position that he has no authority to make investigations, a "Petition for an Order in the Nature of Mandamus" has been submitted to the U.S. District Court.

The Legal Brief on the 14th Amendment

The 14th Amendment was "briefed" by Judge Perez of Louisiana and the Amendment was found to be a "fraud" in fact and in law.  Judge Perez's "Brief" was amended by Gordon Epperly of Alaska to clarify the fraudulent details of the Amendment.

Dyett v. Turner, 439 P2d 266, 269

The Supreme Court for the State of Utah rules that the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is a "fraud" in fact and in law.

The Congressional Record [outside page link]

U.S. Senator Rarick, for the State of Louisiana, records into the Congressional Record the "14th Amendment" is a "fraud" to the Constitution of the United States.

cube The Emergency Powers Of The United States

CRS Report for Congress

The President of the United States has available certain powers that may be exercised in the event that the Nation is threatened by crisis, exigency emergency circumstances (other than natural disasters, war, or near-war situations).  Such powers may be stated explicitly or implied by the Constitution, assumed by the Chief Executive to be constitutionally permissible, or inferred from or specified by statute.  Through legislation, Congress has made a great many delegations of authority in this regard over the past 200 years.  This "Congressional Research Service Report" shows how these emergency powers have been used to nullify provisions and protections of the U.S. Constitution.

The Story Of The "Buck Act"

Under the declared "National Emergency" of March 9th, 1933; the Congress passed many emergency powers statutes.  Among those statutes was the "Buck Act" of 1940 (4 U.S.C. Sec. 105-113) wherein Congress substituted the commonwealth states of the united States of America with "federal areas."  This paper explains how this happened and what constitutes a "federal area."

The Lieber Code

Abraham Lincoln commissioned the "Lieber Instructions" to govern his un-lawful Executive Orders under martial law.  The "Lieber Instructions" extended the Laws of War and International Law beyond the borders of Washington, D.C., and for the first time brought foreign law onto American soil.

The United States government became the conqueror and all states in the Union were re-formed as Franchisees of the Federal Corporation.  Later, the "Lieber Code" put the U.S. into the 1874 Brussels Conference (two years after Washington D.C., became a corporation), and the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907.  The American people are today arrested (falsely mustered), hauled into military tribunals, tried, convicted, sentenced, put in jail, have all their property seized, and put to death, without ever knowing the trials were in fact, military proceedings in court martial against civilians.

The United States under National Emergency

The United States of America went into bankruptcy on March 9th, 1933 and since that date, the Nation of the united States of America has been operating under a declared state of "National Emergency".  The Constitution for the United States has been suspended and the People are now under "martial rule".  Gene Schroder and his Associates have provided us with three Treatises explaining the "National Emergency" and its effects upon you.


Banks and Banking

cube The Federal Reserve Banking System

Federal Reserve Bank Notes Declared UnConstitutional

Justice of the Peace, Martin V. Mahoney, on an "Order to Show Cause," declares the "Notes" of the Federal Reserve Bank to be Un-Constitutional.  Justice Mahoney shows us that the "Notes" of the Federal Reserve Bank doesn't meet the international standards of a "Bank Note" nor does the "Notes" of the Federal Reserve Bank meet the Common Law standards of a "Note."

Creating Money Is A Taxing Operation

An Attorney writes a Treatise examining the history of money in the United States, as well as its origin and purpose.  It is his contention, that Federal Reserve Notes are not "Dollars," but dishonored promises to pay dollars.


Secret Societies

cube The Illuminati and the Council On Foreign Relations

Myron Fagon on the Illuminati

A lot has been said about conspiracy.  Myron Fagon is an expert on the "Illuminati" and the "Council on Foreign Relations."  He has detailed the events and the players who have played a role in setting up the "New World Order."  Myron Fagon also details as to how the "United Nations" and the "Council on Foreign Relations" came into being and their role in the order of things.  This exposť of Myron Fagon is brought to you in "Audio" and "Transcription" formats.

U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater

U.S. Senator Berry Goldwater is a member of the "Council on Foreign Relations" (CFR).  In a lecture; the Senator tries to justify the staffing of all U.S. Departments with U.S. Secretaries, Commissioners and Department Heads that are members of the CFR.  A partial list of CFR members is attached and an updated membership list may be obtained from the CFR.

The New World Odor [outside page link]

The New World Odor can be described as the plan by the Washington D.C. and global elite to create a world government, a global government where individual rights, liberties, and freedoms are not protected by the Constitution of the United States, but granted by the Charter of the United Nations.


Internal Revenue

cube The Non-Taxable Wages and Salaries

Tax Cases [outside page link]

Here is a good Home Page that list several tax cases with Court Opinions.

An IRS Attorney's Opinion

An Attorney, representing employees of an IRS Regional Office, writes a Treatise regarding the taxing of wages, salaries, and first time commissions.  This attorney provides you with defenses, law origin and authorities, how to handle a jury trial, how to handle your own defense, discussion of law, unacceptable defenses, tax evasion and willful failure to file issues.  This is a must read Treatise.

The Beginning of the Internal Revenue Service [outside page link]

The Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury, has very ominous beginnings.  Who created it?  What was its purpose? - - -

IRS Liens and Levies

Have you ever had your Bank Accounts, Salary/Wages, or other Property levied/lien by the Internal Revenue Service?  Did you know that most of those levies/liens were illegal? Read on - -

The Fedzone [outside page link]

Mr. Modeleski analyzes the Title 26 IRS tax code (among others) to elucidate the subtleties of our complex Republic and it's modern distortions.  This is not a simple "tax protest," this treatise is about much more than taxes.  Also, there are certain notations used throughout the text which are absolutely essential to understanding the concepts presented.


Other Items Of Interest

cube The Goals and Objectives of Zionism

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion

The "Protocols of Zion" were referred to in the late 1700s.  The first copy available to public scrutiny surfaced in the early 1800s. Every aspect of this plan to subjugate the world has since become reality, validating the authenticity of conspiracy. This is an exact reprint of the original text.

A Chronology of the Illuminati [outside page links]

The Impropaganda Home Page brings to us a Chronology of the Illuminati in five parts.  As you read the Chronicles, you will discover History as it never was told before.

International Education Services [outside page link]

International Education Services introduces us to "Talmudic Judaism," "Protocols of Zion" "Revisionism," and "Conspiracy Links."

cube Law and Procedure

The Jefferson Party of Alaska [outside page link]

Here is an excellent Home Page with lots of information.  The Jefferson Party of Alaska concentrates research on the irregularities of the state, irregularities that may be found in almost every state of the Union.


Many people have had their private property classified as "Wetlands" by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency.  Under such a classification, you cannot develop your property without going through years of permit applications and concessions.  Enclosed is a "legal brief" challenging the government's authority to regulate private property within the State of Alaska as "Wetlands".

A Legal Brief On The Right To Travel

Can the state require you to obtain a drivers' license or insurance to operate a vehicle on the public right-of-ways?  The answer may be found in two "Legal Briefs' on your right to travel.

Nazi Firearm Law in the United States

Do you own a gun?  Did you register it?  Are the Gun Registration Laws in the United States patterned after the Nazi Gun Laws of the 1930's?  Enclosed are two Articles on Nazi Gun Control Laws as they apply to the United States.

Welcome to the New World Order

Over the years, Congress has usurped the Constitution of the United States by making unlawful Treaties with the United Nations.  Judge J. J. Boesel gives us a paper that reveals four such Treaties.

cube The Church and the Holy Bible

The Author of the Holy Bible

The Bible isn't like any other book that has been written.  The claims of the Bible are unlike any other book - it's not a human book!  Unless you have a rock-solid commitment to the truth, it will not change your life - it will only be so many words in a sea of words.  God called His Word "living."  You can't mess with it, it's too heavy!  In an attempt to disprove the Bible, Ivan Panin (via mathematics) proves that the Holy Bible was authored by God.

The Tax Exempt Church

To the best of knowledge; almost every Church in the United States has applied for corporate status and have applied for an Internal Revenue tax exemption.  How does the government of the United States look upon such status and exemptions?  This paper explains that when a Church incorporates and applies for tax exemptions, the government looks upon the Church as a corporate body of the state that is doing business for profit.  There is no such thing as a "Tax Exempt Church."

God's Order Affirmed in Love [outside page link]

"God's Order Affirmed in Love" is a "REFERENCE LIBRARY" for Reconstructing a National Identity for Christian Whites.

Oh Come, Let Us Adore Who??

Christmas carols, colored lights, decorated trees.  Everyone knows that Santa's on his way.  Everyone loves Christmas, including most Christians.  But, do you know where Cristmas began?

We Are Not Anti-Semitic

In an answer to a letter of a concern reader, editor Art Hollowell, of the CBA Bulletin, addresses what some believe to be anti-Semitic statements as they relate to "Jews."  Art Hollowell states that to the best of his knowledge, his paper has not allowed any "anti-Semitic comments," and the truth is, only true anti-Semites on the face of this earth are the Jews since they are not even a Semitic-people in the first place.  The Jews are a religious body, not a race of people, as they are converts to Judaism (a religion) from all the other races (which includes Caucasians).

cubeGeorge Washington

The Vision of George Washington

Did you know that George Washington was visited by an Angel and was given a vision about the future of the United States of America?  George saw three separate Wars that were to be fought on the soil of the United States.  Two of the three Wars have come to past; one is yet to come.  The vision of George Washington is catalogued in the Library of Congress.

cube Information Resources

Avalon Project at Yale Law School [outside page link]

Statement of Purpose - The "Avalon Project" will mount digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government.  We do not intend to mount only static text but rather to add value to the text by linking to supporting documents expressly referred to in the body of the text.  We also intend to use hypertext means of annotating and indexing the texts.

The "Avalon Project" will no doubt contain controversial documents.  Their inclusion does not indicate endorsement of their contents nor sympathy with the ideology, doctrines, or means employed by their authors.  They are included for balance and because in some cases they are by our definition a supporting document.

Free Research Files [outside page link]

Ken Adler has over 100 research files on many subjects.  The files are in "zip" format and they are "free" of charge.

You will need a program that will "unpack" the "zip" files.  If you do not have such a program, I suggest you download "WinZip".

The Becraft Briefs [outside page link]

The briefs and other legal materials which you find here are those which cover subjects which Attorney Larry Becraft believe are of interest to the concerned American.  In reference to the "federal jurisdiction" materials, Mr. Becraft first read tons of cases dealing with the issue and then compiled summaries of them; from that, Mr. Becraft composed the brief utilizing only a small number of the researched cases.  The money issue is one of his favorites, and he drafted the brief which appears here back in the early 80s.  The brief regarding Fifth Amendment protection for personal financial records has its origins back in the early 80s and over time, whenever he ran across a case which should be included, he simply inserted the cite.  Such a procedure often results in a work which needs substantial "clean-up" to make it worthy of reading.  The remaining briefs cover several different topics; Mr. Becraft has also thrown in some of his working files which are nothing more than summaries of cases on a particular point of law.  All of this material was originally created only for his own use and hence they are written in ordinary, everyday, working lawyer language, with no thought being given at the time of drafting that anybody would ever be reading them other than himself.

My Favorite Page Links

Here is a "Bookmark" page of my favorite page links.  The "links" include Patriot Home Pages and HTML coding tools.


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