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If there's any link (such as your own) that you think should be on here, add it to the mutating list of www sites and see how long it lasts. If there's any topic on my home page that appeals to you, feel free to add a link to it on your page.

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The mutating list of cool www sites

The motivation for doing this is to see how Darwinism works on the www. The idea being that URLs with a lot of information content are "more fit" than URLs which contain nothing but links to other places (and there are too many of these---yet another reason for me to do this) and thus they will be selected for. Given changing environments and competition, URLs will have to continuously evolve in order to be selected constantly.


Information services



Sites I show my middle finger to!

This is a collection of sites on subjects and issues I think are inane, banal, insipid, trite, and simply dumb.

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