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Congress is trying to restrict your right to privacy! Act now!

RainDrop Laboratories is an organization whose goal is to help people get connected and communicate electronically. It is owned and operated by Alan Batie in Portland, Oregon.

Agora, the primary service of RainDrop Laboratories, has been serving the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area since 1985. Currently, Agora offers dial-up Internet access, web hosting, USENET news and Unix shell services.

For those who need a full time permanent connection, you can connect via RAINet, Inc. or FreeRAIN.

I also work with Marc Frajola and David Greenman to bring you FreeRTR, a single floppy, SLIP based router solution for low-cost dedicated Internet access.

Current Affairs

Regarding Unsolicited Email Advertisements

By US Code Title 47, Sec.227(a)(2)(B), a computer/modem/printer meets the definition of a telephone fax machine. By Sec.227(b)(1)(C), it is unlawful to send any unsolicited advertisement to such equipment, punishable by action to recover actual monetary loss, or $500, whichever is greater, for each violation.

In addition, here's RAINet's policy on spam, which I fully support, not only in email, but in USENET as well.

Interesting Places

Here are some places to start browsing the web:

[Pentium Processor based web server] [Best Viewed With Any Browser] [] [Powered by FreeBSD]

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