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List of Christian Identity Ministry Sites

and other related and interesting sites.

Some of these sites are very controversial and may offend some, but you may learn some interesting facts that you never knew before.

We pray that these pages will help you in your search for truth, for even when you find something that you disagree with, it will make you more determined to search out the real truth.


WEB PAGES that we have provided for your convenience do not necessarily indicate positions embraced by The Lighthouse or Christian Soldiers.

Some of these sites even tell lies about the Identity People [The Lost Sheep] but we wanted The Lost Sheep to actually see the HATRED that others have for them.

American Knights

American Patriot Network



Aryan Nations

Bewise As Serpents

Bible Studies & Discussions

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Christian Identity Movement


Freedom Site

Pastor Bob Hallstrom--

Gospel Ministries Online

Guide to Early Church Documents

Jefferson Party

Jewish Ritual Murder

The Official Home Site of the Khazars!--

Khazar Heritage

Pastor Mike Halimore--

Kingdom Identity Ministries

Links to Conservative & Independent Pages of Interest.

Minuteman Ministries

Music -- Carl Klang

National Alliance

NEWS -- The Drudge Report

News -- PointCast

Northwest Kinsmen

Need some info on the Jews?

Over 300 Jewish Links

Origin of Free-Masonry

Realm of Delaware

Pastor Pete Peters--

Scriptures for America

World Wide

Patriots for a Constitutional America

Perfect Tax Avoidance For Citizens

Police against the New World Order

Starting Point

Stormfront White Nationalist Resource Page

The Crusades

The Federal Zone

The Mustard Seed

Traitor WITHIN The Gates

United States Codes

Warning -- Iahushua

Wizard Killer's Home in Cyberspace

Zundelsite --"Did 6 million Really Die?"


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