The Internet is the fastest growing communication medium on the planet. The number of users is increasing by an astounding 10 percent a month and the number of commercial sites has doubled over the past year. A business with an Internet presence now can reach a potential market of over 50 million people.

Skagit On-Line Services is announcing a new account type specifically designed to help you place your business on the Internet. The new "Business Web Account" will allow a company to place up to 20 megabytes of information on the World Wide Web complete with text, graphics, video clips, sound clips and interactive forms. The Web pages can be designed and maintained by the client or by Skagit On-Line Services.

Activation of an Business Web Account also includes the registration of a domain and activation of Email services so that you can receive Email at "". Fees for the Enhanced Graphical Account are as follows:

Activation: $ 75.00
Domain Setup: $100.00 (Setup payable to the "Internic")
Domain Maint: $ 50.00 (Yearly, Payable to the "Internic")
Monthly: $ 39.00 (Up to 100mb transferred per month)

$ 59.00 (Up to 500mb transferred per month)

$ 79.00 (Up to 1000mb transferred per month)

* Graphical Internet Access Included *
Development: Email or call (360) 428-0442 for
a consultation and quote.

Activation fee includes registration of a domain, setup of client Internet access, and placement of pages on the web.

Skagit On-Line offers full web page development services including page design, graphics scanning, video and sound capture, original artwork, and CGI script programming. For further information contact Skagit On-Line Services at 1-360-428-0442 or via Email at

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