Skagit On-Line Services provides complete Internet access through three different connection options.

Email - Email accounts offer one e-mail address using the UNIX based Pine program.
Interactive - Interactive accounts provide complete access through a text only interface. All you need for access is your favorite communications program.
Graphical SLIP/PPP - Graphical accounts provide complete access to the Internet with an intuitive graphical interface by making your computer a temporary Internet node. This account type requires special software and has minumum hardware requirements. Downloadable shareware SLIP/PPP tools for PCs are available. For Macintosh we recommend that customers purchase the "Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh" by Adam Engst, Second Edition.
Business Web Account - The Business Web Account is designed to help you place your business on the Internet. More Information.
Access is billed at $.75 per hour over the default for each account type. Specialized accounts, including dedicated and digital line access are also available. Please contact Skagit On-Line Services via Email or phone for further details. Phone: 428-0442. Email:
     *   Prices subject to change without notice.

Skagit On-Line Services
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