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Interesting Links that Everyone should see:
My PGP key. If you use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) -- and I encourage you to do so -- snag my public key to prevent prying eyes from viewing your possibly 'lewd and lascivious' letters. (Special thanks to Senator Exon for the 'L&L' description.)
A Quick & Dirty explanation on How Shit Happens
ANARCHY: The American Way. Updated, spell-checked, and otherwise Jim-ified. This is an excellent piece, IMHO. Something to offend most non-thinkers, add fuel to a patriots fire, and hopefully make you stand up and shout 'Hey! Wait a minute!'
The Shortings of Democracy:  A Jim-Rant on the flaws of democracy as we practice it. (Never mind that we're supposed to be living in a Republic (or 50 of 'em as the case may be)
The Jim Page. So, you really want to enter the realm of the dementoid who wrote ATAW?
The Republic of Texas home page. These folks claim that Texas was never lawfully admitted into the Union; that it is still a Soveriegn nation. They claim to have documented proof, and they are serious. They have received a judgement from the World Court at The Haague and apparently have received financing. Want to return to a Common Law nation? This is it. They are always welcoming new citiznes and their numbers are growing. Truth be told, I'm seriously considering this myself. (Here's a mirror site.)
The Americans Bulletin. Just found it. Looks interesting. Check it out.

Some of my favourite places on the web:

US Government Printing Office: You'll never know what you'll find until you look.
THOMAS: The Official US House of Representatives web site. Very informative; recent actions in the House; full text search of recent bills, etc. Keep track of those rat-bastards we've elected!
The Library of Congress... Another site chock full of interesting factoids and other info about the 'gubmint' Has decent pointers to other government web sites.
Check out Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne.
More Interesting Stuff about the way things really are.
Patriot, Government, and Anti-Government links:

Below are various sites I've stumbled across (literally) in my search for political truth. Have I found said truth? Well, I dunno, but I'll toss these links here for you to check out for youself. Some of it is legit, some of it is highly suspect, some completely wrong, and others are just plain out there somewhere. You be the judge. However, don't dismiss these folks as complete and total nutcases. After a few calls to a senator and a few trips to a law library, it turns out some of this stuff isn't all that far out after all. You've been warned. (BTW, I'm always on the lookout for similar links. Send 'em if you got 'em!)
Karl Kleinpaste. This gentleman is presently engaged in a little battle with the IRS. He has been good enough to detail his accounts and correspondence with said agency and also has some interesting views on government as well as some links to other information. I ripped the Bill Clinton quotes at the top of this page from his 'Views on Government' article. Check it out.
The AntiShyster. Self-proclaimed 'Critical Examination of the American Legal System'. This guy is PISSED and he means business.
The United States Code online. Courtesy of the Cornell Law Schools 'Legal Information Institute'. This is truly amazing (and many times difficult) reading material. If you've ever wondered what exactly the laws are, here ya go.ff
The Uniform Commercial Code. Again, courtesy of the LII. Most states adopt the UCC as their state equity law. Also useful information for the pro-se or the curious average Joe.
USFlag The Political Corrections page. Chock full of somewhat interesting if not bizarre stuff. Most importantly, a rather nifty essay/book titled 'The Federal Zone'. If you're REALLY into conspiracy and US Government fraud, this is a must read.
Bankrupt America? All sorts of rants & raaves on our 'fiat' money, a.k.a Federal Reserve Notes and related issues.
The American Patriot Network. Information on taxes, state citizenship, etc.
The American Freedom Coalition. More on Constitutionalism, a report on the Emergency War Powers and other interesting links.
The Freedom Server. Home of Sleaze Magazine.
Lo and behold! Even MORE stuff on the unconstitutionality of our present government. USA The Republic.
I'm really not sure what the heck this is, but it was in one of my web subdirectories. If you have a clue, lemme know.
Gee. I had some drug related links that I wanted to put here, but it seems that the sites have disappeared! Hmm....

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