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Appendix A
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Here are some links related to survival, militia, patriotic, and sovereignty topics that you might find useful. I have also included some manufacturer's links for some of the products that I mentioned in the novel:

Miscellaneous Links

The Contrarian's View
Omni Instruments
Community ConneXion
American Hydrogen Association
rec.guns FAQ Home Page
Home Power Magazine, the hands-on journal of home-made power.
Sax Motorized Bicycles
Nifty things that go.....
Directory of /pub/newswatcher
NewsWatcher ReadMe
Barefoot's World
The Conservative Link!
rec.guns FAQ Home Page
Omni Instruments
Laron Aviation Ultralights
McMillan Brothers .50 cal. rifles
Christian Survival Intelligence Network
J. Orlin Grabbe/Fifth Column
Waco Museum
Earth sheltered homes
VocalTec's Internet Phone software
Woody's MRE FAQ


TimeVault Home Page
Passports by Mail Page 1 (2pp1.
Bugging Frequencies
AAA Source of interna
Popular Cryptography
MacPGP and AppleScript FAQ
Remailer list
CDT - Privacy Tools

Patriot/Militia/Legal Research

Christian Survival Intelligence Network
Barefoot's World
Gonzo Links--Conspiracies
Constitutional Loyalists
Waco After Action Report (Feds)
The The Missing 13th Amendment
World Internet News Distributory Source - Article Archive
Constitution: Fact or Fiction
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Constitution Society Home Page
Bouvier Law Dictionary
U.S. v. Lopez - Syllabus
The Massacre of the Branch Davidians
United States Code
14th Am. citizenship - w/detailed cites
ZIP Code use implications
U.S. Banknotes and "Lawful Money"
TFIC Survival/Militia
rec.backcountry Home Page
Welcome to Real Goods
Federal Government Web Sites
State Citizenship Article Index
Historical Documents
The Contrarian's View
Bob Grenert's Patriot Links
Dulocracy In America
Patriot's Corner (with Links)
Sub Rosa Home Page
The Two United States and the Law
Boston Tea Party - Next Generation
Rule of Law Committee Home Page
BEHOLD! Expatriation
Freedom Point
The Phoenix Days - Country Living
Kurt Saxon's Survivalist Homepage
Sovereign Christian Resource Center
Millennial Links
The Federal Zone
Save Our Sovereignty
Freemen - Federal Control by War & Emergency Powers
Freemen: A Waco Survivor's Perspective
Patriotic Information Web Sites (120)
Buck Act
Sovereign's WWW Content Page
Parascope News Home Page
Freemen/Schweitzer Court Documents
Abuses of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Social Security Number
Anti Militia Article
Leading Edge Research Blacks L
CIA Publications
Caston Illuminati Research
Nautilus Secure Phone Homepage
Truth Seeker 121
The Federal Zone
Subpart A - Nonresident Alien I
Sec. 871. Tax on nonresident al
Itz The Law
Essays Against Invervention Re
Chapter 9 The Law of Presumpti
Black's Law Dictionary Definiti
9.55 Nonresident Alien Forms
26 USC Sec. 7701 (01/24/94)
26 USC Sec. 3121 (01/24/94)
Metro Features | Right Wingers
Common Law Courts
ATS-L Archives: Arm The Spirit Info Bulletin #4 - June/July 1995 (Huge file!)

Note: Many thanks to the owners of the web pages that have links to Triple Ought!

Here are some useful newsletter phone numbers and addresses:

Note 1: If an address is listed, I didn't have a phone # available

Note 2: Some of these are old listings, and may be obsolete...

McAlvany Intelligence Report (303) 758-8536
Money Strategy Letter (503) 826-9279
The Ruff Times (415) 463-2200
Remnant Review P.O. Box 84906, Phoenix, Arizona, 85071
Fighting Chance P.O. Box 1279, Cave Junction, Oregon, 97523
Ron Paul Investment Letter (800) 766-7285
Dow Theory Letters P.O. Box 1759 La Jolla, Calif. 92038

Note 3: These last three are free subcription psuedo-newsletters sponsored by folks who have things that they want to sell. (They contain some good info, however.)
The Viking Report (free subscriptions) 1 (800) 451-4452
Real Money Perspectives (free subsciptions) (800) 289-2646
Flashpoint (free subscriptions) 1 (800) 234-9673

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