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  • Madison's home page Madison's Nook (or the fully qualified link)
  • The official Success Hotline (On-Line) archives.

  • Some of my extended family are on the net, too-- check out the list so far here! (Other family members-- if you find me before I find you, send me some mail and let me know where you are!

  • Resume (growing by leaps and bounds!)
  • Other information (there isn't one yet)
  • all of my personal pix in a directory (warning -- some of these are big).

  • Some humor in a directory (including the S.H.I.T. and C.R.A.P. memos).
  • A REALLY cute gif
  • Marcy's HTML Samples Page
  • Sample Bookmarks Page (my real one keeps growing :-) Check it out! Enter your email address in the box below, click on the 'Register' button, and you'll get a note every time this bookmarks file is updated!
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  • How about the stats for my tree and all of BAE? It would seem that I get a few visitors!
  • Quick logins to dimension and ice (not of much value except to me!)

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