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Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 13:45:14 -0400
To: Paul Andrew Mitchell <>
From: UGA Abuse Response <>  | Block Address | Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: CONFIDENTIAL [Response]
Reply-to: UGA Abuse Response <>

Thank you for your message to the University of Georgia computer
security team (  Please pardon this form letter -- we
wanted to give you an immediate acknowledgment.

Your message will be forwarded to our incident handling team, and if
we determine that the incident is within our jurisdiction we will
handle it quickly.  If not, we will try to forward it to other
appropriate authorities.

If you have not already done so, please give us your name, location,
and telephone number.  (Your email address alone is not sufficient.)
If you must remain anonymous, please explain why, with the
understanding that we are often unable to act on anonymous complaints.
This is not necessary if you are only reporting a SPAM, and do not
wish us to contact you for additional information.

To avoid receiving more copies of this automatic reply, please send
your further correspondence about this incident, if any, to

If this is an emergency and you need to contact someone immediately,
please call Campus Police at 706-542-2200 and ask them to contact a
member of the Computer Security Incident Handling Team.

The University of Georgia does not tolerate abuse of the Internet.
Our complete policies are posted at: 

However, we often receive complaints about matters over which we have
no control or jurisdiction.  Please note that:

* The University of Georgia does not, and in general cannot, intercept
  or censor any e-mail messages.   While we do not examine the content
  of messages passing through our servers, at the same time we do not
  allow unauthorized relaying of messages from one off-campus address
  to another.

* The University does not prohibit individuals from saying things that
  are controversial, foolish, or in bad taste, as long as the rules of 
  electronic discussion forums are not broken, and as long as no 
  deception, or deliberate harassment is involved.

* A University is a complex political organization, with many 
  units.  At University Computing, we do not have direct control of the
  mail servers operated by these units.  We are working with their 
  administrators to ensure that these servers are closed to relaying, 
  it's not easily done.  SPAM reported against one of these servers 
  be forwarded to the appropriate administrator.

* Contrary to what you may have been told, it is not clear that 47 USC 
  prohibits junk email.  (Many of us very much wish it did; if you know 
  a court that has ruled that it does, please let us know.)  
  we do not permit mass mailings or chain letters from our computers.

* Complaints sent to us sometimes contain form letters threatening 
  action or arguing points of law.  Please be aware that we do have 
  lawyers on our team and are well aware of the relevant legal issues.

Yours sincerely,
The University of Georgia

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