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"What has commonly been called rebellion has more often been nothing but a manly and glorious struggle in opposition to the lawless power of rebellious kings and princes." - Samuel Adams

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No matter if you are merely a concerned citizen exploring the problems that the United States of America is facing, or if you are an informed patriot trying to make your effort count. Ploughman's sponsors the Liberty-At-Work website in restoring, perfecting, and preserving the natural rights of the individual.

For the activist who would like to be in the thick of things, the L@W staff suggests becoming a FREEDOM POINT. The Freedom Point Network is a partial solution to the broad organizational needs of the patriot movement. The idea behind Freedom Points is the establishment of a general organizational network to be in place to counter the adversary in landmark situations. The idea is to thwart and expose unlawful activities of those who work to destroy the constitutional Republic in cases of high media attention. The role of the Freedom Point is to provide organizational assistance to groups that can have impact when the need arises.

For the concerned citizen just trying to get a handle on the problems the United States of America faces, the L@W Website carries a manuscript entitled, "THE TRUE AMERICAN WAY". This manuscript will touch most of the pertinent bases to show you where the patriot movement is coming from. The L@W staff believes that after reading this manuscript you'll be able to comprehend what the patriot movement is all about. Contrary to what the "mainstream media" will tell you, it has nothing to do with rascism, or hate. Indeed, it's all about love, and the anger that is natural when someone attacks a loved one.

For the courageous advocate of the constitutional Republic, the L@W Website carries in theCOUNSELLOR'S LIBRARY law briefs, complaints, pleadings, and motions from various sources around the patriot movement for your research to use in the established courts. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Many counsellors will agree that the established court system is corrupt. There is no guarantee of success even if you have all your ducks in a row. Further, not all counsellors agree or subscribe to the same ideas, so you will have to draw your own conclusions. The L@W staff endeavors to make the Library equally useful to the novice, journeyman, and master counsellors.

For those that have simply had it with the established system, the L@W Website carries in the PATRIOT ASSEMBLY information on how to establish your own jural society, township, or other patriot organization. Again, the adversary is not going to make these efforts a cakewalk for your group. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Convention is an effort to get patriots to effectively organize on a local scale. There are many worthwhile and national organizations to belong to, but the staff here feels that activists need to organize with local patriots as a measure of security. The Convention attempts to provide information on ways for patriots to organize locally.

Liberty-At-Work pays for the fine Web and FTP services of Ultimate Solutions. We highly recommend that if you are in need of Internet Services that you check out what Ulitmate can do for you. If you are a "Friend of the Republic" consider doing business with the Constitutionalists at Ultimate Solutions. Why enrich the adversary?

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