Funds tagged "CROWDFUND" will have an OPTION TO CONVERT

to convertible bonds in 12 months (or less)



Dear Friends, Clients, Subscribers, and Future Participants:


We are finally going PUBLIC with some of the financing details I developed

while I was illegally detained during most of 2014 (1/28/2014 to 12/19/2014).


Some of you have already received copies of the following "Parametric Analysis".


Here is that preliminary "Parametric Analysis" which I prepared on a typewriter

at U.S. BOP's facility in Springfield, Missouri:


Here's one of the main Accounts Receivable (“A/R”) from

both successors in the interests of AOL Time Warner, Inc.:

(this debt is earning 7% simple interest APR, no compounding)


There are 20 more "majors" -- all now ripe for 20 more



Here is the list of Accounts Receivable by the Estate of Paul Andrew Mitchell:


In the spirit of forgiveness, the essence of our "monetizing" proposal is

to FORGIVE major portions of all such debts, in exchange for an equivalent

amount of "convertible bonds" also known as the "private bond portfolio".


At some future date, hopefully within 12 months, each convertible bond

will come with a contract right to convert each bond to publicly traded stock,

at some pre-defined conversion ratio (e.g. the above Parametric Analysis asumes

a 1-to-1 conversion ratio).  That ratio may be larger e.g. 1-to-2 (bond-to-stock),

1-to-3, etc. depending on what investment banking experts recommend, and approve.


Here are more of the proposal details which I wrote up this morning (4/12/2015)

for 2 other current SupremeLaw subscribers.  Please maintain a spirit of flexibility,

because some of these details will probably change:

(1)  supporters, contributors and participants should TAG their funds
with this KEYWORD:  "CROWDFUND";

(2)  we will maintain a LOG of all such TAGGED funds, for audit purposes,

and archive same in a secure section of the Supreme Law Library;

(3)  all TAGGED funds will be classified as ZERO INTEREST LOANS
initially, with a formal OPTION TO CONVERT to convertible bonds

during the following 12 months, or BE REPAID in no less than 12 months;


(4)  we can't say today exactly when those convertible bonds can be
converted to stock shares, but the OPTION TO CONVERT loan amounts
will be available at any time during the 12 months after each LOAN date.

The INVOICE “template” is here in the Supreme Law Library:

(5)  the speed with which we implement convertible bonds
will depend upon the rate at which funds are received,

because financial experts will need to be hired, and paid

e.g. BRICS / Bank of China in Hong Kong (they still speak

English in Hong Kong :)


(6)  we'll also utilize the SupremeLaw discussion list
to report regular progress with this convertible bond program,
so participants are encouraged to subscribe to SupremeLaw, ideally

with a separate email address which they dedicate to that discussion list:


(7)  last time we looked, we won't need SEC registration as long as
the quantity of Crowd Funds stays below $1 Million per year;

there may be some SEC "Form" we need to fill out (more on that later);


(8)  IMMEDIATE GOAL is a NET BALANCE of $24,000
(12 months of living expenses at $2,000 per month):
that will cover a modern 1BR or 2BR apartment in Seattle,

plus all extras (Internet, electricity, small food budget etc.)


Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
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