"The Federal Zone"

                    Copyright Amnesty Program

TO:      All Readers and Users of "The Federal Zone:
         Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue"

FROM:    Paul Andrew Mitchell, Author (all editions)

DATE:    July 11, 1999

SUBJECT: Copyright Amnesty Program

Dear Neighbors,

     We have completed our initial complaint against 500+ parties
for direct  and indirect infringements of my exclusive copyrights
in the  book entitled  "The Federal  Zone: Cracking  the Code  of
Internal Revenue,"  all editions,  both printed  and  electronic.
See  Title 17,  United States Code ("U.S.C."),  and  the  related
criminal penalties in Title 18, U.S.C., e.g. Section 2319(c)(1):


     Our written complaint fully documents numerous violations of
the Copyright  Act of 1976, for widespread Internet dissemination
of this  work, and  of the  Lanham Act,  for making  unauthorized
modifications, and for falsely  representing their  true origins.
The Lanham  Act permits  triple damages  to  be  awarded  to  the
damaged party.   We  now estimate  that two  million+ copies were
obtained  without paying the $25 fee for each (2,371,324 x $25.00
= $59,283,100.00 in actual damages).

     We have  reviewed the professional literature available from
the  Software Publishers Association,  and are  now  prepared  to
convince a  qualified jury that hypertext links to all stolen and
modified versions  of "The  Federal Zone"  likewise  infringe  my
exclusive copyrights  in this  work, even  if those  links are no
longer valid  (because pages  have been  removed, or moved).  All
links that  were once  valid still  point to stolen property, and
provide a chain of evidence leading to other existing violations.

     Because  many  Internet  users  throughout  the  world  were
completely unaware  that all  copies of "The Federal Zone" extant
on the  Internet were  stolen and  then  modified,  without  this
author's prior permission,  those  users ran Internet browsers to
download all,  or part, of these modified versions without paying
anything for this proprietary content, in 42 component files.

     Many other  Internet users  received several  email messages
from us  during the  past year,  demanding that  they remove  all
copies and  all links  from all  websites to  which they  had any
write access.  Some of these users complied with our demands, and
others  did  not.   Those  who  refused  to  honor  my  exclusive
copyrights will not be eligible for the Amnesty Program described
immediately below.

     If you  did obtain  all or  part of  "The Federal Zone" from
anywhere on  the Internet,  and you  were unaware  that all these
versions were  stolen and  modified, we  hereby offer to hold you
harmless of  any indirect  copyright infringements, provided that
you do all of the following:

     (1)  on or before July 31, 1999, send us a prepaid order for
          one printed  ninth edition  by using the Internet order
          form at URL:


     (2)  on or  before July  31, 1999,  delete all copies of any
          component files  from all  computers to  which you have
          any write access whatsoever;  and,

     (3)  accompany your  order form  with an affidavit verifying
          that you have deleted all copies of any component files
          from all computers to which you have write access.

     Please be  advised that  all electronic editions of the book
"The Federal Zone" are hereby recalled, whether authentic or not,
due  to   the  widespread  criminal  abuses  which  we  have  now
thoroughly documented in evidentiary form.  The sole exception to
this recall  are the  official versions  of the book's Appendices
which are now available,  for free,  from the Supreme Law Library
at Internet URL:


     In closing, we must inform you that we expressly reserve our
Right to refuse amnesty to anyone, for any reason.  Nevertheless,
amnesty will  not be  refused for arbitrary reasons, particularly
if we  are convinced  that the party requesting amnesty has acted
in good faith and continues to act in good faith.

     Thank you  very much,  in advance,  for your cooperation and
your participation in this Copyright Amnesty Program.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
Private Attorney General and Author
(early editions under a pen name)

copy:  The Internet

See also:  http://www.spa.org/piracy/programs/legal.htm
           (and related messages: see SPA.ORG updates above)

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